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Fine Art from Creative Chronies!



Thank you guys :sunflower:


The barcode is for salt and vinegar chips… because I’m salty xD

Yes! Huge improvement man, well done! :sunflower:

:laughing: Vampires beware!


LMAO I love your sense of humor. Have you ever tried scanning the barcode off of your neck? LOL

And I keep forgetting you’re from South Africa. So many things I’d like to ask you about your cultural upbringing and daily life! I’d love to see some pictures of yours on The World through your eyes thread if you ever feel like sharing (:


29th of Paintober: Injured



30th of Paintober: Catch


Didn’t see that one coming now did you?


[15th edit] oh, i get it now, lol again

lol, i guess the car’s in the lake?


lol thank. I love yours!!!

Well it’s supposed to be a barcode of Simba salt and vinegar chips :eyes: but when it’s healed more I’m going to try lolol xD

Even me with yours!! We should dm if you don’t mind me taking forever to reply… I still have replies to get to and I feel like I’m neglecting it

I will try to share more :slight_smile: I have a habit of getting into a mindset that no one would find what I have to say/share interesting, so why do it anyway. I love your posts :smiley:


@Fraggles your art keeps getting better and better. let me know when you’re open for commissions, my dude. and congratulations for sticking to it!

@AcornAvenger I’ll DM you for sure, feel free to ask me whatever either here (in public threads) or privately. I’m always eager and open to talk about Brazil, from samba to soccer, from politics to food.

First off: my dog loves you too, so rest assured. I have thus summoned the wrath of @Vandem

Second off: I relate to your mindset and I’m sure plenty of other people do too. It’s quite sad but perfectly human to feel this way. Sharing a little bit when you feel comfortable and among people who care for you can help. Give it a shot here on Chrono whenever you feel like it and make sure to tag me, ok?! :blush:


Don’t ever think that. I enjoy talking to people from all over…You learn so much…:hugs: :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

Congrats to @Fraggles for sticking to the plan and making it through the entire month of Inktober. EVERY DAY he posted!!! :+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:


October has 31 days.


Yea…yea…tell that to the neighbour hood kids here…They are already hitting houses…the day before…But it’s for charity.

So Brain Fart


Tomorrow is THE day.

insert someone’s whose spooky laugh is much better than mine


That’s house abuse!

I’m SO tempted to record my evil laugh but we have guests atm :joy:


Thank goodness for small favours. :joy:


31st of Paintober: Ripe

Which is what the time is to stop all this nonsense.

Well there we have it, a full month of weird and stupid paint doodles. Really didn’t think I’d go through with it, made that first ring mostly as a joke then read through the guide for the next week and a half and the first arc popped into my head, just had to make a few days worth of unconnected little bits first and then I found myself committed.

Thought I’d post a couple of bonus things that didn’t get fully featured on their own, for anyone interested.

First up is my 2nd take on day 2, it was linked and I did mention it later, but I like it enough I want it to be featured here in plain view too. Mindless.

I think day 4 is when I actually started trying properly. First sketch compared with final image:
Yeah, that’s awful.
Since no one asked how this image is possibly related to the subject of the day “freeze”. This character is Cirno from the Touhou series of games who’s signature spell card is called “perfect freeze” in which she throws out a random jumble of colourful orbs across the screen which freezes in plance for a few seconds before falling down. However since I was not going to be recreating the full in game sprite with any competence I decided instead to go for the “Yukkuri” variant creature, which spawned out of just this kind of terrible drawing of another character from these games. I think I managed to recreate that style rather spot on if I do say so myself. So there’s a lot of info no one asked for, you’re welcome.

This is the template “countryside” I created to be used for the Trogdor/WoT arc.
This is based off the very brief countryside scene in the old Trogdor flash animation. It’s not exactly great, but it worked well as a base for the other versions, some of which I rather enjoyed.

I ended up experimenting a lot with the tools paint has on offer doing this arc. My most common mistake was that I kept drawing the foreground or primary objects first and then trying to draw the background/filler noise behind them. Paint doesn’t have layers so you need to do the background first, something I didn’t really do properly until the 30th.

Finally I just want to refeature the Team Chrono Opel Kadette because it’s the one thing here I’m actually proud of and I am quite pleased with it and the damage modeling I made for it.

Well thanks for enduring this month with me and for not even once breaking down begging me to stop insulting the concept of graphical arts as a whole.


@Fraggles - well fecking done on sticking with everyday my dude! It was so interesting seeing your art grow :smiley: And that car is brilliant dude. I didn’t believe you drew it at first xD

Lol I love that you corrected this. Yes, yes I do. Who wouldn’t xD But also the scenery in the pictures of your dog is lovely :blush:

I am glad I’m not the only one :slight_smile: And Chrono is one of the places I feel safe to share small bits :smile: Only because the community here is so great

So true! :heart: and faith in humanity is restored with yall xD

If you don’t want them around anymore, I recommend you do the evil laugh :laughing:


Here I go! I got it all done. I’ll include short commentary.


I tried to draw an environment. Took too long and looked worse and worse. Definitely aimed too high.


Yay! Drawing hair makes less work for proportioning the face and skipping the mouth.


Tried environment again but simpler. Ew too simple.


Drawing a box from front perspective is hard.


I need a ruler.


I tried to draw a Siberian husky but it turned into a wolfman’s head.


Keep it simple. Can I at least draw a dress? And suddenly muscles.


Ooops. I forgot to count ribs and now too many.


Not bad!


Referenced the internet and lines still confused me.


Lines looking straighter!


Maybe my calling is to make butt tattoos.


My ashtray and cigar became a frying pan. And forgot number 13.


Trying to imagine the simplest version of words now.


When Stickman Arthur has straighter lines than the sword.


I hope nobody looks like this.


Admit that if you saw this you would know its an ornament.


Sporks are so useful.


I got to try drawing a body again.


This took too long for what it became.


When that fish with the lure + treasure mimic combine!


Nobody wants Pigpen.


Idea seemed fast. Dots made things sloooooow.


This face is so manly. So obviously I had to cross his eyes.


Doughnuts yum. It took so long that I didn’t even want to try the head, just the face. Proportions are hard and at least it looks ok.


We all know this fun shading exercise!




I realized that my reference was for those upside down roller coasters. Ooops, I just wanted a normal one. Oh well, just put stickmen.


This made me smile and I don’t know why.


The best way to play baseball is with a football. You would think its a bad idea, but throwing it is crazy. Hitting it makes it go anywhere. Catching it with a glove is hilarious. Then trying to chase it down when it hits the ground makes people so mad. 10/10 would make children do it again.


I gave up at this point. But I least I made it. High 5


@GDBringer You did awesome though! A lot of these made me smile, like Injured. I think the “ow” instead of rampant cussing is what got me, lol


WTG, @GDBringer. :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

Some of them made me almost spit my coffee out. :joy:


I especially love the “coat” one :sheep:

Well done! Was lovely reading your commentary as well.