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Fine Art from Creative Chronies!



Dark is really well done and coat is hilariously accurate, hee hee.


So nice to see other’s works.
I royally screwed this up, not my fault mind you, but still.

I did, however, a little something as a make up piece.

took me longer than I thought I would.


Awwwww. Thank you for the kind words @Danacscott, @delenn13, @coralinecastell. You are all so kind.

I will go back to appreciating artists make art and might try this again next Inktober. :smile:

And I appreciate everyone that also participated too.:ghost:


I drew myself cause I’m bored


Another Self portrait

And some Richter Belmont fanart (my Smash main and fav Belmont) with some Ace Attorney flair (yes the file name is Richard lol, it’s an inside joke)


I made this because somebody asked me to. I think this is a fortnite character?