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Fine Art from Creative Chronies!



Dark is really well done and coat is hilariously accurate, hee hee.


So nice to see other’s works.
I royally screwed this up, not my fault mind you, but still.

I did, however, a little something as a make up piece.

took me longer than I thought I would.


Awwwww. Thank you for the kind words @Danacscott, @delenn13, @coralinecastell. You are all so kind.

I will go back to appreciating artists make art and might try this again next Inktober. :smile:

And I appreciate everyone that also participated too.:ghost:


I drew myself cause I’m bored


Another Self portrait

And some Richter Belmont fanart (my Smash main and fav Belmont) with some Ace Attorney flair (yes the file name is Richard lol, it’s an inside joke)


I made this because somebody asked me to. I think this is a fortnite character?


10:30 PM, my daily reminder to go to sleep rings.
“Just gotta finish coloring, I’m almost done!”
2:30 AM, I am done.
Welp, concentrating on work is gonna be a bit harder tomorrow.

I would never go as far as calling my stuff “fine art” as the thread title suggests, but this is the first thing I ever drew digitally with my Wacom, and maybe someone here likes it and gets the dumb wordplay it’s based on.


It’s like a distant cousin of Shiftry


It looks like an Yokai to me, and I love the design. Great work. :+1:


I dunno. Somehow the guy looks like a C or G to me, but not seeing the pun.


I Like :heart_eyes::sunglasses::star_struck:


It’s based on Shiftry like @Enki suggested , which’s design in turn is in fact based on a yokai, more specifically the Tengu, which even got its own emoji :japanese_goblin:

I mixed Shiftry with a certain cartoon character you might recognize from the portal gun, to create this little abomination here.
I call him Schwiftry


Yeah, it seems very similar, heh. Like I said, it looks really good, and it’s nice you have mixed two existing things to create something new out of it, that’s great to see. :smile:


I can see Rick there :slight_smile: i guess some Morty should be there as well but i fail to notice anything related to him.


For funsies, I designed my own minimalist tarot deck. Cards are full tarot size (2.75 x 4.75"), font is also my own custom design, and the images are constructed from the font itself.


Pretty cool and minimalist. I have a Tarot Deck, also for funsies, lovely art on them.


How do you like to do readings? I’m not a tarot enthusiast at all, I just did it as an artistic exercise. When I want to use them as a thought-provoker, I usually just do a simple three card, “past, present, future” draw from the major arcana.


It was originally my Bunny’s deck and we only did a couple of reading. It was a 5-card pull or 7-cards and then you use the book that came with the cards to interpret things. Results could be spookily accurate.


I do the same thing! I found this website that explains some readings quite nicely:

I also just enjoy doing a reading every now and then - its pretty fun :sunflower:

This is my deck - I love the art style of it: