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Explain Your Username!


I just klicked on random numbers after I entered “qwert” (because that name was already taken) so i can make an account fast to get keys


My username is just a mashup of Cyanide and Idealist, while also getting the word Cyan in. The significance is that a few of my other usernames across the interwebs include IridiumCyanide, and I’m known as Cyan in some places for a whole different reason.


like hydrogen cyanide?


haha, yeah. I also have an explanation for the username IridiumCyanide. Basically, it’s just what I named my computer when I first got it. I wanted a chemical-related or metal-related name. It was silly, but it stuck. Now I use it as my username every so often.


Just for that. No heart. :wink:


Well, I figured out what EMCL means. It means “Elemental Mastery Chain Lightning” from World of Warcraft. More info on the history of Chrono here as well as the source for his name in da linky.

Sacks’ user name on the website is EMCL, Elemental Mastery Chain Lightning. It gives a nod to his character’s signature move in the game World of WarCraft, the first game he ever played professionally.


Why u play hard to get Mister man?
Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve read this article before as well…


My username is just my initials and then I add 234 at the end on some of my accounts either because I want to add more letters to the username or if “Acb” is taken.




just a heads up make sure you keep things PG around here.


So sorry guys, thought that this was kinda like reddit forums xd.
Sorry for my lack of knowledge. :<


It’s ok it wasn’t to bad but now you know, and FYI if you want to change your name try contacting support


sure man!
ty for the support <3


what’s wrong with his name though?


ok so in the late 90’s my dad worked for a company with a similar name. I was sitting there at the desk trying to come up with a name for my first MMO character in Everquest and saw his work hat sitting there. Thought it sounded good and couldn’t think of anything else lol. Now it is about 20 years later and I still use the same name for many usernames and character names in most games.


well you would understand what it meant if he didnt deleted his post but it seems he did it more as a joke but it might be to inappropriate for chrono. but if he wants to keep it its up to him or unless a chrono employee says otherwise.


k well without the post there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it rly, so who cares? anyone can intend anything they want, if that is not clear it doesn’t harm at all rly


The post was inappropriate and was removed, that’s all.


My username is whitewolfe because I started using that in games years ago and I add cats to the end as I like cats.


And a Wolfecat just sounds cool, I think. :slight_smile:

A Google search for Wolf Cat yields the Lykoi:


That is cool!