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Explain Your Icon!


I’m a cat

one saying “HHHURCH”


The greatest tv series ever produced!


Having played an insane amount of time in Magicka, I was overly excited when Magicka: Wizard Wars got made.
It’s Magicka, but almost entirely pvp.

Not only could you kill enemy players, you could also heal them. Even better, you could heal or “accidentally” kill team mates :smiley:

Alas, paradix shut down the servers. Although there’s a couple of groups that have remade the game, the population just isn’t there any more.

15/10/2013 - 27/07/2016 R.I.P. Magicka: Wizard Wars.

Hence, my icon is my M:WW avatar, with tears.


My new theme(avatar/banner) is Yuuri from Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou, the name sounds generic but the show is probably the best of the season.


the slow blinking is sooo eerie
it’s like she’s looking at me :worried:


I didn’t want it faster so you’re gonna have to be spooked for a few months.


I like raccoons, even though I never seen one in real. I tend to watch cute raccoon videos on YouTube for ages on end. :smiley:


Well, it’s uh… me…

I don’t feel very creative here :thinking::laughing:


Mine is a screenshot i edited of Dark souls 3 during my first playthrough.


Red bull because i like the drink and the MLS soccer team New York Red Bulls.


I am against rabbits, who are the real power in the shadow government, and have controlled our world for centuries.




You only think that because you don’t know about the stealth foxes.


now im an old lady.

gimme yo money bitch.


I only have coins =(



das koin

its still money



I updated my icon. Don’t worry, I’m still a happy lil shit. :smiley::poop:


It’s Jab from Street sharks!!

A 90’s cartoon I used to watch with my neighbours, we live in like houses so yeah all the kids in one house while adults hang out next door.

Jab was the Donatello of the group (The best Ninja Turtle, I know) but he’d also mildly lose his shit and growled when excited (He was more animal than the rest, duh) really cool werewolvy vibes.

In short: Like Ninja Turtles but with burgers instead of pizza and kinda worst. I re-watched It recently in a spanish version and they have a southern accent that I can’t breathe It’s so funny. (Hard to find my version :cry: mwe)

Also a couple of dogs high five at some point and I have a screenshot.

We watched a DVD over and over and then “played tag” with a catch: At any given moment you could scream “¡Al suelo!” (Dive!) and nobody could tag you bc you were underground.

This :point_up: They did this and It worked.

Basically we were screaming and running trough a house, everybody was Diving all the time so dunno why we setted up the tag part, I remember playing The Land Before Time too like wtf… (I was Petrie btw).

Here is Vin Diesel playing with the toys and giving them names I’m not familiar with… also rlly Jab my attack It’s launching my head?

I had Ripster (The blue one) a metal-head one and an Orca that appears later in the series :joy::joy: so fun recalling all of this.


Such memories, I remember those where bundle together with a bunch of other weir cartoons right after Sailor Moon or Saint Seiya (can’t remember which one).