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Explain Your Icon!


You like Huey Lewis and the News?


I liked the anime (Yuru Yuri), so I take a dumb face from a character who’s stupid cause why not dood.


I had a post on Reddit that got over 4k upvotes on an account with the same name as this one. About 24 hours after I made the post, someone pm’ed me with this picture they drew. It’s so cool, how could I not use it as my icon?

did you dye your hair or something?


:thinking:You must mean my new hat, stylish eh?


I actually searched for a nice square gif that would fit nicely in the circle. So I stumbled upon this, and I liked it. :smiley:

As for the name, it’s a German play on words. I guess an English version would be something along the lines of likealot (as in “likes a lot”).


It’s really mesmerising, I likealot


Mine is from a piece of art called “Transition”, by Kelly Freas. I originally found the avatar itself on a different forum, and I liked it so much I swiped it. I’d been using it for years and hunting for the original source intermittently when I happened upon the full piece of art. I’d love to have a print of it to hang in my place, but I haven’t been able to find one for sale that’s in the size I want (at a price I’m willing to pay).


wow mine is of me at work. rip i’m the lamest :frowning:


lol same :frowning:


cherry because i love to eat cherry :stuck_out_tongue:


I just changed mine, to reflect the game that is really fun and frustrating, simple but well executed, (unfortunately still buggy), but so addictive!


What’s that game?

Sounds like life :joy: :joy:

And since we life in the Matrix and your other avatar kinda suggested that… This change is… suspicious…

Can we even trust you anymore?? Where is Kirito!? Answer for your crimes Cube of cheese!!



You will always be this guy to me


I hate when people change their icons :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’m still having a hard time adjusting to @Gnuffi being a bunny.


It’s called Velocibox:

Please be forewarned that if you try the game, you might want to throw/smash your controller/keyboard…


Sorry @DanosaurJr, I thought I would change it from time to time, I usually keep the same icon for a long time. But I am around here often enough, so perhaps you would get used to it? :smile:

I guess that does look like a block of cheddar… mmm…


One of my favorite game series is Culdept- specifically the Xbox360 version. One of my favorite cards in my green deck was Blynx. I loved him because:
Hes a cute lil spirit cat , he can move around the board taking valuable territory that was open and he can’t be targeted by spells on the board.

He got a makeover after Xbox 360 verision and I just fell in love with him all over again.





-gnome at heart, forever :relaxed:
(the bunny still stays tho :smile: , on my background thingy)


Mine is Jecht from Final Fantasy.
Been using for a very long time; stumbled upon this picture and had no idea of who he was but was impressed by the resemblance of our faces. Not just an impression of mine, it was confirmed by friends too :+1:

…well, that was years ago, now I have shorter hair and longer beard but I still stick to it :sweat_smile:


Oh shit, I never looked at it properly I thought all this time it was the Kung Fury guy, whoops!