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Explain Your Icon!


Must be that red headband’s fault.
I also thought they were kind of similar when I first saw that movie :slight_smile:


All is right with the world again :smile:


Don’t feel bad, I thought it was Rambo :joy:


My profile pic is a really neat piece of fanart of Demi from Cloudbuilt.

I also have a certain amount of responsibility to at least give a link to the artist


And here I was, thinking it was Ryu


you mean it’s not raphael?


Do you mean Culcept Saga? that game was so disappointing to me, the art was nice thou, nice choice.


I thought it was yet another @Gnuffi - alt


Funny how you misspelled “Brand from The Goonies” there.


Yup! I loved Culdcept Saga. Revolt for the 3ds is worlds better, but I felt like it was a lot more balanced than Culdcept for PS2. I played a lot with my boyfriend at the time and it was fun just making wacky decks that SOMETIMES would work or just blow up in your face. I wish I had more time to play Revolt but I’m so behind on games for the 3DS its not even funny. I still haven’t opened my Breath of the Wild for my Nintendo Switch. What’s worse, my father got me the Switch for XMAS and I lie about playing it.

Dang it the guilt is so strong now… I will play it tomorrow! Thanks @Inferry for making me a better daughter lol.


I can help you with the playing part, just send it to me, don’t expect me to return it thou.


Just changed mine to the New York Red Bulls since the CONCACAF Champions League have already started and the regular MLS season is about to kick off. #RBNY


Care to explain that for those of us not fluent in acronym?


:joy: Thanks for the laughs!


CONCACAF (The Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football)
MLS (Major League Soccer which is the USA top professional league)


holy crap, that has got to be one of the most stupid acronyms in the world.


I would rather say the long version than try to say the acronym but I feel like there other names for it


Well you say it as Con-C-ah-Caf or (Kon-ka-kaf).


Guess I’ll finally join in on the bandwagon.

So I wanted a .gif for a profile picture ever since I saw @PeteMcc’s icon. That was a couple of weeks after I joined Chrono in December.

I found this wonderful artist and her tumblr: by complete accident, when I was looking for a simple and yet cute gif to use.

Here it is.

I find her art mesmerizing.


Even then, it doesn’t just roll off the tongue. No matter how you spin it, it’s a terrible acronym.

Considering the names of the other FIFA confederations (UEFA, AFC, OFC, etc.), one has to wonder why they couldn’t just name it something like NAFA (North American Football Association) or NAFC (North American Football Confederation). The same for Conmebol, which is almost as bad.