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Explain Your Icon!


Oh also if you didn’t know you can also make your profile banner background an animated gif. Again I can’t remember who has it, but I saw someone with one


Gasp! That can be animated too? Now to go find a gif to place there…I want everything moving! Mwahahaha!


Neat. Gone back to my original avatar now. Fits better with the new user card.


Yay, now profile banner and user card are both gifs as well! Thanks for the info on that being a possibility. @PeteMcc

Honestly, I like that avatar for you better and it does fit with the user card. Plus it’s less mesmerizing. @Fraggles


@Elocin30 is your profile banner flirting with me?


Lol, could be…or it could just be trying to lure you closer so it can pounce to make you dinner. :joy_cat:


I think I was staring at a tank of fish one day, and on the same day I made my Steam account and named it Fishy, so it’s a picture of a fish I saw.


No Problems Mate.


Oh shit, hadn’t seen this thread before! Fun!

My original icon was a blurry sillouette negative, designed based on an image of Mr. X from the boardgame Scotland Yard. The idea came from an alternate alias I use called ‘insignificant figure’. I found the rainbow effect when playing around with an image’s lighting, and I liked it so I used it :smile:


@PeteMcc I saw the new one and I think it’s awesome.


Now I want to change mine to something cool. I will come up with an animated thing…


That gif is literally…AWESOME!


@nebula7 It might’ve been the first, not sure.
@Fraggles Yup it always was, I just didn’t want it too flashy when no one else was using gifs.:smile:


Always? I could have sworn you had a static image for a long time and I only noticed this one was a gif because the image was different. :confused:


Ah no I haven’t always had this specific image, but I have had this one for months and it was always animated (does 2 frames even count as animation?:thinking:).


Thanks mate, I think I’ll keep it for a little while at least


Meibe I don’t wanna.



it’s an Atari 2600 joystick which was my first experience with video games, with a gold skull button which is too small to make out 99% of the time, in reference to my name.


Mine is a little strange. I was browsing YouTube one day and came across this amazing LP. It is called An Empty Bliss Beyond This World by The Caretaker. I will post a link to the video. But, I essentially found the art-work and photoshopped a cigarette instead of a match. I believe it is supposed to be a ball of clay. It gets a little repetitive (and that is how it is supposed to be), but I highly recommend giving it a listen. It is great for long car rides or whenever you are playing a chill game and can zone out.