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Explain Your Icon!


That’s adorable!

@Madway Shhh…


Google Image Search did me a favor. :smirk:


That’s how I found baby Enki, while searching ‘ridiculously photogenic lizard’ looking for this guy

(there are many things in that search that are not lizards)


White R on orange background, truly the best avatar ever /s


Oh no! Team Rocket has infiltrated this site!


I have a cat name Moxie. She, like all cats [big] ( and small, likes boxes. This box was 3 inches by 3 inches. The old adage that cats are liquid is true. She weighs about 14 lbs.


It’s the album cover for Parc En Ciel - Rom Com on Soundcloud. I like the song, the aesthetic, that it’s black and white and especially cause it says the end. Also skreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


shamelessly bumping this thread in hopes of more weird icon explanations
(was totally, absolutely not at all to re-click pup foodie pics link)



Well I recently changed mine, temporarily.
Mostly because I saw @PeteMcc new one move a little while ago and realised animated gifs worked. At first this annoyed me because having things moving in my field of vision while I try to read things is highly distracting and makes reading posts on a forum slow and painful. But then I started pondering what one could do with a round presentation of a gif and something spinning around was the obvious choice so here we are. I’ll likely go back to my usual icon soon though.


I really like tigers, so my original icon was a tiger I use on my other accounts, my new bouncing tiger cub is because @Fraggles hypnotized me with that gif avatar into getting one myself. No regrets! :heart_eyes_cat:

As for my name…well it’s my name backward and the 30 is how old I was when I first started using elocin…since I’ve been changing my username everywhere I can though…I kinda wish that I can replace 30 with Tygr for obvious reasons here as well, but haven’t checked if I can.

Explain Your Username!

An octopus bartender who is serving paint to two of his partners (I do not think I can give a better explanation than this :joy::joy::joy:)


Glad I am distracting you @Fraggles, mission accomplished. I saw someone else had it as well, hence my change.


yea i quite enjoy the “live” version of your icon too now Pete,
but i must admit, the brightness is a tad high.
The dark and contrasting colours of the old icon was pretty nice.
Can barely make out what’s trying to kill me now, “are you still there?” :smile:


I must agree with you and I could probably fix it, but that sounds like work… so I am not


So @Elocin30 was influenced by me who got it from @PeteMcc who was infected by someone else, who got to you?
We have to trace where this plague originated, we got to find patient 0!


@Fraggles what about cropping your gif like this and then using it for your icon
also while looking for a turret gun gif I had this as my icon for about 30 mins


I feel like the first gif icon I saw was @Truly


I was thinking about cropping it to fit better, but found the forum’s own crop to the circle was good enough also:

@nebula7 huh,look at that. Never noticed @Truly’s icon was animated before, was it always?


True, forget I said anything


Not always but it was before @PeteMcc so maybe they are patient 0