Epic Games Exclusives Discussion Thread


Just no longer able to be purchased, the store page is still there, doesn’t show up in searches though:



worth to note steam users’ rocket league was “changed” to now require epic account login anyway before this removal from the store


It is a deal for people who don’t want to deal with Epic. xD but oh well.



Jim Sterling called it. And was right.


I just can’t believe gamers are at a stage that they will not say something against these sorts of practices. Is is laziness, or just that they don’t see how damaging it is? :sweat_smile:


How “damaging” is it? No more than having console exclusives for certain. I don’t like Epic or EGS, but certainly the insane amount of hate to them from Steam fanboys (mostly) is just stupid (compared to the lack of hate for, let’s say, Sony)


what epic is doing is somewhat unrelated to console exclusives, because PC is an open platform - and Epic is taking either already “open” games, or future “open” games and making them exclusive purely out of building up a dominance - on an open platform
that’s what many steam fanbois take umbrage with (and ofc the other annoyance of not being able to smoothly have a unified library, which matters to some) - they are literally behaving monopolistic, refusing to compete on the merits of their platform, and forcing you to their platform. Steam didn’t force you to their platform, they let devs sell and use whatever platform the wished (ex GoG and what was that other place that closed down?) and whas entirely up to publishers whether they wanted to encorporate Steam as “mandatory” with purchase, ex Empire Total War i think was one of the earlier that straight up wouldn’t let you install from disk because Sega decided to tie it with Steam and Steam DRM. Steam didn’t remove options from you (again games being allowed to be on multiple platforms of choice) Epic does - and some steam “fanbois” just don’t like such mandatory practices - kinda how some didn’t like MS trying to force games/devs onto Microsoft store and cramming UWP down their throats - but steam was voluntary (except for Valve games ofc)


Exclusivity is damaging to consumers because it is meant to tow you into line and buy exclusively off or for one walled garden where they control absolutely everything, and how much it costs because they control it. Not only this, but it divides player bases so they can’t share experiences or the like, unless they also cave in a buy that same platform. There’s absolutely no benefit to the consumer to have exclusive content, it is solely for those who created it. Epic itself is trying to control an open platform by buying out games and publishers, so that they can be the only one to offer you that content. Imagine if Epic became the sole game distributor on PC. Because there is no competition, they could set whatever they want for prices, for policies etc etc. Your choice then is to give in, or give it up altogether.



Rocket League is their game now, of course they were going to do this. But if you had the game on Steam you can still play it, so I can’t see any problem in this case.


Problem is that you now need Epic Account. So thanks,but no thanks.


Microsoft does the same thing and I don’t see people complaining


they did, a lot. and then they cheered when MS stopped and put their games on steam again
-and there are plenty (newer) MS games on steam that also dont force an xbox live account on you (haven’t checked all/how many - kinda assuming the ones that do are MP related?)


still waiting for forza though…


Forza :grin:


They did. I absolutely hated that I needed one of their accounts for GTA. Actually returned it the first time because of it. xD


pretty surprised by that given Odyssey came out on Steam at launch


I don’t think more active players means more sales. In the article it says that they didn’t give firm numbers for sales

Also, the game isn’t exclusive to EGS, it’s in Uplay and Uplay+. And on Uplay+ you can pay like $14.99 for one month and play it, in which case you don’t even buy the game.


hm, okay, was odyssey on Uplay+ at launch?


No, because Odyssey released on 2018 and Uplay+ was announced during e3 2019.