Epic Games Exclusives Discussion Thread


…Not only Outer Wilds but Now Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint joins the store.
Oops @M00 saw your comment…

No Matter…Here’s another article:


Now that i’m at home


Uplay sales growing a lot due to putting games on Epic iso Steam




lol i swear i saw this exact article couple of months, describing the same (obvious) effect :rofl:


Add another to the list:


I think it was on their web page too. Hopefully it comes to steam, since Flower (made by the same company) is on Steam right now.


Yeah we’ve waited 7 years for this game, I think I can wait a couple more for it to be a freely traded title.


Looks like Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered is going to be an Epic Games exclusive on PC.




Glad Xbox decided to do this finally, we saw hints of this when they would put a game or two up every now and then on steam but i’m glad that they are now fully committed to putting there games on other stores and not be wishy washy about it.


sorta makes sense with TWD/Skybound “signing” with epic, but might be a foreboding tale of what’s to come “more” of



That’s super lame and fucked. FUck Psyonix. Just another bunch of greedy ■■■■ devs/publishers I see.


61 million monthly users, 13 million concurrent users…

I think they often have more concurrent players on GTA V than on Fortnite actually, at least from what i see on their most popular games ranking.


the thing I love about EPIC games and his recent publishers is that they allow to play GTA V, ARC, World War Z and KINGDOM COME DELIVERANCE through cloud gaming mainly GEFORCE NOW.
So I can play some FREE games I couldnt run otherwise.


Ah, if only GeForce Now liked me. sigh

I’ll be wishlisting Rocket League when it’s in the store for sure.



This is the coupon you get, same as their previous $10 coupon restrictions. Expires on November 1, 2020.



So wait, they removed the game from Steam?


Yes, but previous Steam owners can still play it normally. It’s free on Epic anyways, so no big deal IMO