Epic Games Exclusives Discussion Thread




It’s started already folks:



Oh God no…They will massacre my boy! :worried:


this is honestly brilliantly epic
take a game that has garnered massive success, and had everything done for them already, incl marketing, ports, been frontloaded on steam, and just swoop in and garner the drip feed rewards.
only thing more sly than this, would be if they did it with PUBG :stuck_out_tongue:

tbh, not only is this the first time i’ve even begun to “consider” rocket league a game to buy, but might consider to grab it on steam just to make sure i have it in case… tho it’s totally not my game type :rofl:, -kinda makes me regret i didn’t swipe it for pennies in the humble bundle, but maybe a sale will happen in the meantime that will push my “waste XXbucks” decision over the edge on this. So even just as a marketing boost this move has already worked bringing attention to it there too :smile:

epic move :clap:, stay classy consolePC wars :kissing_heart:


those ascii reviews are even better :joy:


Ok, gloves are off from now on.


Giggles… I wonder how many days this is going to go on for…



(sad?) thing is, with steam’s new review policy it wont matter at all, wont be long before all the negative stats are wiped and the reviews “hidden” unless looked for
not that i really think this warrants review bombing anyway, not like they are torpedoing the game or anything (I presume), just the possibility of new users wont be added via steam. With RocketLeague cross play already existing i can’t see why epic users shouldn’t co-mingle with steam/provide an influx in playerbase there just the same as if bought from steam, so existing users are not really likely to be “hurt” by this move, making the bombing a bit more weird than stuff like Metro o.0


Yeah, the whole thing about “I will no longer be able to enjoy this game any more” or complaints about the Epic launcher is totally funny, because they can keep playing, keep getting updates, etc. They can keep doing everything the same, just the game won’t be sold in the Steam store any longer.

Totally baseless claims, all in the massive hate toward Epic.


Since it won’t be sold on steam after they acquire it, won’t it not matter anyways??


that too lol,
but some places do aggregate steam review scores as rating in their marketing, Itad being one i think. So not like steam scores are completely unavailable to people outside of steam, but ofc require people to at least be looking there anyway :sweat_smile:

i don’t like epic buying up “pre-exclusives”, or removing games from steam etc.
But imo it’s stuff like Metro and Anno that are the “egregious” parts. Games that’s been part of steam, then yanked moments before release, (potentially)affecting “all” users
This will “only” effect new users, not existing -the ones able to leave reviews, thus i can see why this instance could “rightfully” be called “off topic” reviews… doesn’t really help their outrage much i suppose (srs doubt review bombs that are going to be wiped are gonna make psionix alter anything in their deal negotiations with epic lol)


So you bought the game on steam and enjoy playing it with friends, imagine having to buy it again on epic store if you want “the next dlc” or whatever. I honestly dont know how this helps the players in general, straight up a step backwards.


straight up assumption: i’m guessing this is very, veeery unlikely to happen… for obvious reasons
not just because both epic and psyonix has said support will continue for rocket league on steam, but because i seriously doubt they expect luring players to pay 20$ for a game again, in order to get a 2-3$ dlc… easier to just release that dlc on steam too for the players that own it (same stuff that happened with other yanked games)


one thing will matter though, once it leaves the Steam store you’ll also not be able to buy dlc on Steam, and as we know, some ppl dont have any other way of buying stuff online except from Steam through the Steam market

even gifting for example, does the Epic thing allow you to gift games, dlc etc.?

I honestly don’t know.

i dont think so dude, do u rly think now that Epic owns the rights to everything and take it away they’re going to keep selling dlc through Steam? And we know how bad Steam actually is regarding dlc rights, it’s the only reason Origin exists in the first place.

support will continue means access to servers and updates imo, not access to paid dlc

so yeah, u want dlc, go buy it on Epic, i guess


AFAIK, the Epic launcher is completely featureless, just a base program that contains your games that is required to play them. No discussions, no forums, no additional features. So gifting? Haha… good luck!

This is a totally valid issue, I hope that they make the DLCs available, is that not even possible? I wonder if they put the DLC forth on Steam, would Steam object to it even? :thinking:


there has been 0 statement on this yet, so until they do, aaanything else is straight up speculation

nope, partially it was because EA wanted ingame mtx routed ouside steam, among other -which steam has apparently somewhat modified their stance on or some games would not be able to have their non steam mtx/cash shops at all, specially for games that have non-steam store versions of their game, RIFT, Eve, etc (not sure how steam tallies those acc purchases up that are not made through steam for a game that is on steam)

and like i said, i seriously doubt, they expect, want, or even plan to somehow get players to buy rocketleague again, just to be able to get a 3$ dlc… it has so little sensibility i can’t spin that even from Epic’s head, so until they say otherwise, i’m gonna assume they obviously want the cash from the existing steam userbase
-and are banking on their fortnite/"epic client"base to provide their desired “own” wallet influx there


Quote from the article.

“This will, however, mean some changes for the Steam version of the game. On PC, Rocket League will come to the Epic Games Store in “late 2019.” Until then, it will remain on sale on Steam, and after that point, it’ll still be supported on Steam. However, it will no longer be available for purchase there once it’s transitioned over to the Epic Store.”

So once it transitioned to the epic store the game will no longer be available for purchase but the dlc will?
Surely the developers wouldnt do that… well epic bought the developers :l why would they help steam whatsoever?


the game, no, they don’t want that competition
but since dlc is only available to already existing owners (this is not a first time thing for steam games) then it would make sense for them to make the future dlc available on steam
-question being if steam will “allow” this (hard for me to see why not since it’s still money)
unless they offer some weird “free migration” to epic, there is just no business sense in trying to “force” your existing player base to pay to move(by buying the game again) for XX nickles and dimes, compared to just straight up releasing the dlc there
not saying it will or will not happen, but it just doesn’t make sense not to, and would likely hinge more on steam permitting it, than epic
metro got removed too, yet those owning it will be able to buy future dlc too (right now annoys me i can’t remember the other game that did this too, before the whole epic store nonsense)
-because “suffering” 30% from steam, is still 70% vs “nothing” they would get otherwise trying to make those owning it, rebuy game and then dlc, another place


here is a blog post from Psyonix, it sounds like it will still get updates and maybe dlc.
here is a FAQ they posted (in the blog post).

“No, really. What does this mean for Rocket League?”

In the short term, nothing will change at all! We’re still committed to providing Rocket League with frequent updates that have new features, new content, and new ways to play the game for as long as you’ll have us.

In the long-term, we expect to bring Rocket League to the Epic Games store and to leverage our new relationship to grow the game in ways we couldn’t do on our own before. We believe that bringing Rocket League to new audiences with more support is a win for everybody.


So since they said that they will still support the steam version. I’m guessing Rocket League will be removed from the game store, but you can still play it if it is in your game library.

I’m sure the goal is to move players to download and use the epic launcher. So I wonder how they will do that…

DLC exclusive only from the epic store?
If you own the game on steam, free to download on epic store?
Free on epic store for 2 weeks (like the other games that come up)?

Whatever happens. When it comes to the epic store, they will definitely avoid doing anything controversial for a few months. Just so that players let their guard down. Then the “new direction” and “fun alternative” talk starts when they try to spin going back on whatever their promises were.
Mictrotransactions? Clown cars? Monster trucks? King of the hill with a giant hill in the center? Fireworks firing out of your exhaust? Mario-cart version? The possibilities are endless when you have money.