Epic Games Exclusives Discussion Thread


Sooooo Epic is now going after game studios and developers it seems as well :open_mouth:

I wonder what this will mean for the future of Rocket Leage on steam.


discussion been going on for a while now here:

that link takes you to the discussion regarding RL


merger requested @PeteMcc and @delenn13


Convergence is complete.


It’ll be most likely like Deadpool and Grid. Playable and downloadable, but no store page and no reviews. Just checked Grid and all of the community items are still there though.

Approximately 8 weeks until the next big steam sale (late June).


aeh… achievements don’t usually get removed just because a game does o.0


That would mean Grid doesn’t have any. Check Deadpool and you are correct.


the 2008 game??, then the age probably is the reason why it didn’t have achievements, not many did back then.


The First one, yes. AKA Race Driver: Grid


No I can certainly see how something you’ve hitherto enjoyed becomes as ash in your mouth and your previous joyful experiences turn sour based on the actions of a creator. Sure the game play wont change, it’ll still be the same game but how you experience a thing is a very subjective thing.

There’s, for good reason, strong feelings about epic and their behavior which taints everything they touch for some people. This could very well mean for a lot of people that a game they previously enjoyed immensely is now associated in their minds with all the negatives of epic thus ruining that enjoyment.

Kind of like trying to enjoy a chocolate bar when your little brother claims he shoved that bar up a dog’s arse earlier. Even if you really know for a fact he’s lying it’s still going to negatively impact your appetite for it, wont it?


I was thinking maybe like finding mold on your cheese block. It doesn’t really harm it and you just cut the moldy part off, but you may be more wary and concerned about eating the good part.

Which reminds me of finding some type of fungus on portobello mushroom stalks… Fungus on a Fungus. Funny if you think about it.


I agree with you here, in that some people will feel that because the game is now associated with Epic that the negativity around it also will move there as well. It does make sense that the sense of enjoyment can turn to a negative emotion because of this. I wasn’t really thinking about this when I mentioned the above.

Though the claim about the launcher is still more or less baseless. Unless all of a sudden even the Steam version will force the player to launch the Epic launcher before Rocket League will run. I doubt that will be the case.


Don’t worry folks epic is on the phone with tencent right now to get enough money to start buying operating systems. So the wonderful epic store can be pre-installed for future generations to enjoy.:rofl:


Genuine question…what are Epic supposed to do to gain a marketshare in digital distribution, and realistically isn’t this what they are doing?


We’ve already been over that.
We can recognize that this might be the fastest and possibly most viable way to do it, doesn’t mean we have to like it, accept it or even think it’s reasonable.

A business that treats it’s competition in an underhanded way leaves no guarantees they wont treat their customers the same way.


@xist, I think a lot people would have been happier to have choice of platforms for those exclusive games, instead of needing to switch to Epic. What they are doing is certainly the best option from their perspective in securing a wider player base. It was probably a bit difficult in drawing over the Fork Knife crowd to the other games at first, but now they have a decent number of games. So going after popular titles and companies is also a reasonable thing, in my opinion. My biggest issue with them I think is probably the way they mishandled private information and data. This is one of the reasons why I haven’t even installed the launcher yet after claiming those games. I think making big and bold moves is usually the right thing to do, but in a world where so many people are comfortable with one large platform that is Steam, so many people feel uncomfortable with making a jump to something that is fundamentally the same, just operating under different hands (and of course, with different policies.) It’s odd that that when the world is usually so against monopolies that the lengthy Steam/Valve monopoly has become accepted as the norm for so many people. People should welcome competition, and I think Epic is doing their best to bring the competition as well. It’s the other details that are making people angry and against it. Plus just the general fad to object to anything Epic is actually really amusing to me.

Just in case anyone’s interested, Epic is selling some third party keys through Humble, so I do think there’s progress:

Although I do have to say, if an Epic game comes through the Humble Monthly early reveals, I am probably going to pause my sub…


Yup they pretty much had 2 options, exclusives or wait for their launcher to have more features. Obviously they went with the option that many disagree with. On the other hand I never understand why people argue that Steam treats it’s customers any better, they created a market where you don’t own anything. They can take away everything you “buy” on their platform for any reason and they have. They paved the way for Games as Service and Cloud Gaming where you basically have no rights to content that you “buy.” Like most others I do love Steam and love having all my games in one place, but that is the exact thinking that has lead to their de facto monopoly where they have been allowed to strip us of our consumer rights.


I think there are some EU laws that I am not familiar with that makes digital rights as a purchase to be defined by ownership. Here in the US, there’s no such thing as far as I know. So yeah, Valve could just decide to delete all of my games and my account, and I wouldn’t be able to do much about it… I doubt they will do such a thing, but it’s always possible. I think in Europe, it’s a little bit more strict in that regard.


well, if they did it in EU, it would be upon the customer to go demand their rights from the publishers themselves (courtesy of @Fraggles that i even know this, lol), so good luck claiming Telltale’s games, for example.

or even existing publishers and whatnot, good luck taking them to court and spending tons of money in lawyers just to claim a $15 game or whatever

baseline is, imo that law doesn’t do shit for us if Steam were to do that


Yeah I highly doubt they just delete your account for no reason but the fact that they can is slightly scary. There are many reasons you could lose your account though, like if there is a change in their TOS that you don’t agree with. Example would be years ago when they added that you couldn’t have a class action lawsuit against them. Your choices were to sign your rights away or delete your account. That just isn’t right. I am not very familiar on EU law so don’t really have input on that.