Epic Games Exclusives Discussion Thread


Gaming is slowly coming full circle with consoles getting better hardware to become budget gaming pcs and pcs getting the console war shit thru steam/epic. :rofl:


In case someone sees this flying around the internet, IT’S VERY LIKELY FAKE:

it hits every single confirmation bias note. it’s exactly what you’d expect to hear. minority reports “orgy of evidence” except no evidence.

Basically, it’s telling the audience what they want to hear.


You don’t say? Anonymous, unverifiable rant without a single shred of evidence no I’m sure this is entirely true and legitimate!

I do agree with the writer on his take on Randy Pitchford though.

Also wasn’t multiplayer kind of a central thing from the very first game?


if Randy screams and bullies every single one of his 300something employees i’d say it almost shows he cares :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

it might be fake, first real clue is "i’m on mobile"apology, since anything worthwhile leaking is also worth the effort of at least a preformated text to copy paste when ready to “spill the beans”

but i’m also willing to take any negatives about this “ordeal” at face value just to get my gears proper grinding :smile: “gah muh epic str bad -Randy sucks, Alien Colonial marines never forget, rrr :v: :triumph:



This is just a rumor but it looks like Red Dead Redemption 2 on pc might end up being an epic exclusive if it ever comes.


this would legit make massive sense if epic snatches this, even for “aaall the dollahs”, -it would sorta be an instant/guaranteed sale for a ton of people,
remember how plenty of people re-bought gtaV on PC after getting it on console?, i see that happening here easily as well
and to choose to get that as a permanent exclusive, would be genious

then again, 4chan has stirred up aaaalot of sht before, so wont take it as gospel yet, but could definitely see it as a smart possibility (for epic), especially since they do their own launcher anyway.
juuuuust :crossed_fingers: it’s not what’s exactly gonna happen tho :sweat_smile:


I’m sure Epic would absolutely love to do it, no question there. At this point though I’d imagine Rockstar would be looking for a pretty hefty truckload of cash for the deal. They know what they have, as you said regarding GTAV. They’d be crazy to sell the exclusive PC rights to RDR2 for nothing short of an incomprehensible number.


not necessarily, they know they’ll get the sales no matter what, and almost 20% extra on each sales is also worth millions upon millions of dollars; in addition to that, they get to keep 100% of dlc sales, again raising their profits millions and millions

AND then there’s also the possibility that there’s personal feelings at stakes in this as well, it might very well be that some higher ups in certain studios have been praying for a situation like this to arise and are willing to sacrifice some things to tip the scales as well, this is turning into a full-blown war now, and it could be that certain ppl have had issues with Steam/Gaben for years and finally have their opportunity to do something about that as well…

In any case, this is THE game which will indeed make THE difference for possibly millions of ppl in this whole issue, if it happens, in addition to BL3; I, for one, would definitely buy RDR2 on Epic if i could and if it’s the only place i can get it, even though i’d never think about doing that otherwise

wouldn’t be surprised if soon some of those huge playstation franchises follow suit, as someone suggested here already, and that would rly get things going…


thing is, all way back from gta4, they sorta partially ditched steam,
now while it didn’t make as much sense 3rd party sales-cut wise, it was sorta a nudge in uplay"we are not beholden to steam" direction at least (also fck gfwl now it can be mentioned):smile:
then when you combine the fact they already have their own launcher/not tied enough to steam drm to not bother doing that
it then just actually makes the prospect of the move even easier
since unless 3rd party sales were near non existent where it might have made them reconsider their own keys for gta5 and steam sales so massive it would them not think about an epic exclusive
so combine that with only having to pay 12% cut, clearly good enough sales off steam to not ditch their own “platform”, needing 20% more sales on steam than epic (and if this is happening they are probably likely (rightfully) banking on only losing "couple of hundred/few k "zealot"sales) to just break even,
i could easily see this being a potential and very real thing -even before epic decides to toss any bonus exclusivity money at them


I mean if that’s what they’re banking on then wouldn’t it make even more sense to just simply sell the game themselves without going through any 3rd party?

Rockstar has both a larger established customer base and greater community good will than Epic. They could arguably lose out by going that route compared to striking out on their own, at which point they get ALL the money.


There’s also that “personal” edge that might be part of it, some ppl here might want Epic to succeed heavily and damage Steam/Gaben as much as possible

im not saying there is that, i dont know, but there very well could be is what im saying. Every industry has its part of personal/professional jealousy/vendettas and whatnot which can play a role in certain decisions now and then


totally, but even Ubisoft did it too, and they’ve been far longer well established as their platform than Rockstar club(whatever it was called), and even if not always well spoken off, probably still better reputation than epic atm i guess
i’m thinking it might be the added userbase
since in order to “find” RDR2 if not going Epic/store platform, you’d have to want it/go looking(which i could totally see working with this game too btw), where as Epic(or steam ofc) can serve it up for you as a daily ad sorta type thing, grabbing people that might not be on the fully decided edge yet
so if they “had” to chose something to sell their game on X with already existing connection to a crowd, i can see them then picking epic for that over steam on the basis of cut alone then, since epic supposedly has gotten a larg pc userbase using their client already


and let’s not forget that huge, huge, huge Fortnite player base where there’s millions of casuals still who’ve never even bought a game ever in the first place… those constitute a huge number of potential future customers

and i dont mean to use “casuals” in a demeaning manner, i mean literally ppl who just weren’t gamers before the Fortnite craze came around and who still might not be, but now they’re on that Epic email list…


If I were managing the Epic Games Store I’d be tempted to take on exclusivity for Rockstar’s games for only around a 5% share of their sales, perhaps covering bandwidth costs but little else. Having those games on the EGS would draw people in, which in itself would be a huge boon.



As much as I dislike epic, this is a good thing. Better support for Linux with major game companies will really boost the appeal for the platform and make it more viable.


I’m not even sure if Steam would be able to survive doing something like this, just think of all the sales that happen on third party sites like this one. And even still how long can a 12% cut actually be profitable? Epic is making a fuck-ton of money on Fortnite alone, and all Valve’s only true source of income is their selling of games on Steam.


valve could, they might not be so super incentivized anymore to be tossing money at the various things they have, linux development etc, but they could definitely survive, +you underestimate the their revenue from the marketplace

what i’m curious about is how 3rd party stores would feel about it, say places like Chrono, Humble, Fanatical, if 12% would remain profitable, if even viable at all to them.
-that is if Valve would/could even permit keys for 3rd party sale after such an increased cut.


Welp time to add Rocket League to the Exclusively on Epic games store list.

so if you haven’t bought it already make sure you do it soon if you want it on steam.


I don’t know if they made the purchase to make sure they get the exclusive on the subsequent game or to take this game away from Steam.

nevermind, I just read the article… yeah, this is crazy… They will stop sales on Steam after opening it on Epic.