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Does anyone know what game I'm remembering?


Let’s see…I’m guessing it can’t be Mizzurna Falls. What about Germs or Shadowman or its PS2 sequel Shadow Man: 2econd Coming?


Why cracked…? not the game itself…?


The cracked version will rain almost the entire time and the people will also disappear


Cool, once again pirates gets the optimal experience over legitimate customers.
Constant rain and no people? Sounds lovely.


More like my ideal home town :joy:


There are also some ways to crack a game to play on another system. If I remember correctly, there were ways to crack GTA onto Dreamcast with specific options enabled and disabled. The game ran a lot better on it afterward. That’s not counting the various other emulating methods the Dreamcast became known for, but yea. It really shows what kind of performance differences can exist between a pirate’s version of a game and a legitimate person’s copy.


I love how we switched the topic to cracked gta.


The thread had a good run, it was well overdue for a derailment.


Don’t look the cover art for this one at work kids :grimacing:


That’s not where the weirdness ends with the game either.


I don’t think that’s it. It seems too well lit, I remember the games city being overwhelmingly dark and brown like to the point of overkill.


Well not Germs I looked it up and my game definitely wasn’t first person. Also checked both shadow man games and the first looks closer than the second but I don’t think this game had any platforming.


Interesting, do you have a video of the cracked game?


Also an interesting topic hahaha


Too true…we had a good run haha


i think this sums it up


Don’t think that’s it but the gloomy atmosphere caused by the rain resembles the city I’m thinking of pretty well. I really hope it’s not a crack…then I’ll never find it.


Could it be Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction?


I don’t think so, I looked at the whole series not too long ago. Seems interesting but I never played it as a kid.


The only other open world games that exist for PS1 are limited. I’d say Driver, but that was suggested already. Otherwise, maybe it wasn’t open world and it just seemed like it.

It could have been PS2 otherwise. Take a look at Mercenaries OR Sony attempt to clone GTA with The Getaway via PS2. It was unsuccessful but maybe it was it. There’s hardly any NPCs (or people) walking around and whatnot, so it was pretty empty looking.

If that’s not it, try taking a look through this list of sandbox and open world PS2 games. I couldn’t find a similar list for PS1 but maybe this’ll help.