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Does anyone know what game I'm remembering?


It’s possible, I was a clueless child at the time. Thank you for the suggestions.


Urban Chaos tho gotta mention it again tho but with a video


And check this.


What about Die Hard Trilogy tho…


I did check that one out but the movement didn’t seem right to me as well as the character design.


I kinda enjoy this witch hunt but we nearly gonna run out of games… :joy:


I’m just going to assume this is it until I’m convinced otherwise. Even if it’s not it’s close and either way I’m closer to finding it now than ever before.


Yeah, watch it just be some low quality bootleg that no one’s ever heard of haha!


Thank you to everyone for your great suggestions!


Started to look for it yesterday but I got bored real quick lol :joy:


I tried to watch those too because I was sure I would come across the game and even my eyes glazed over! Lmao


What if wasn’t like GTA at all and the cars were there just to wreck you.

I’m sorry, this is probably the worst case since you don’t quite remember it :rofl:
I know the feeling of spending years trying to find a childhood game. You’re not alone, and fellow chronies have also requested help here in the forum before. Hopefully someone can bring a light to this case.


Anything is possible haha but I think the cars were slow, unresponsive and sluggish and followed the road like a GTA game, but thank you for the suggestion!


well you mean any of the 3d gta games
all of them had pretty sluggish cars


That’s true I just meant it was more leisurely rather than a chaotic action game like for example what a twisted metal game from a pedestrians perspective might be like haha. Mainly in reference to an earlier comment.


I really want you to find out what this game was


The Chronies, I know, are NOT quitters :heavy_heart_exclamation:


There is NO Game.


I’m pretty convinced it is Sony’s The Getaway. Did you ever look at that one @CreatureFeet? It had scarce amount of civilians walking about, so it seemed pretty dead.


Yeah I did and I’m almost positive it’s not. I’d say it’s more likely to be Driver on ps1 because it looks and seems more similar and I’m pretty sure it’s not Driver either. I’m at least 90% sure that it was a ps1 game because i did buy ps2 games later but they were a fraction of the amount of games I got for ps1 and I remember them pretty well and not to mention that to me ps2 games look way too high quality to match my memory. Then again memories can lie so take what I say with a heap of salt haha.