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Does anyone know what game I'm remembering?


I remember playing an early open world type game on my PS2 as kid and I believe it was a PS1 game playing on a PS2. I haven’t been able to find it after a long time waiting and assuming how closely I follow gaming that I would inevitably come across it sooner or later. The game kind of resembled an early and crude GTA type game in a dark and brown city that takes place at night. This might just be the beginning of the game and I just never progressed past the intro. I’m almost positive you can drive cars but both traffic and pedestrians were very scarce. I mainly remember traveling the almost barren city on foot. As far as actual gameplay i can’t say. I’m ashamed to say as a child I was a filthy casual! Haha

Thanks to everyone in advance!

PS. Sorry for any bad grammar or punctuation they have never been my strong suit.


GTA type… do you mean GTA 1/2 (top-down driving) or GTA 3+ (third person)? It’s an important distinction.

Anyway, could it be Driver?

It would help if you gave as much detail as possible, even if you think it’s unimportant. First/third person or top-down? Graphics (sprites, 3d polygons, etc.)? Any distinguishable things about it?

Did you have a goal, or was it 100% no-story and open-world?

Unfortunately PS1 isn’t my forté, and my experience is pretty limited… if it isn’t Twisted Metal 2 or Soul Blade, you may want to talk to somebody else.


3rd person camera, the edges were jaggy and it was very clearly an early 3d game that was trying to look ‘Realistic’. I’m not even sure if I ever started a mission or if there was a combat system. I just remember traversing the city and being infatuated by the freedom to go anywhere I wanted even if it was almost empty. I can see how this probably isn’t very helpful, I’m sorry


Bullet time? Mexican?


Silent Hill?

I really doubt I’m right but there was a cinematic of driving in the beginning and a barren town until the scary stuff starts jumping out. It is also kind of colorless.

Was it sci-fi? Horror? Remember the CD art?


Some searches pointed me to an Eidos game for PS1 called Urban Chaos… it may be worth a look. 3D, gritty open-ish freedom, and… melee combat?


It’s not silent hill but thank you for the suggestion. It was mundane and down to earth at least in its portrayal of the city. It didn’t seem like a horror game and I never saw the cover art because I bought it when my local game rental store was going under and the name didn’t stick with me and I’ve lost the original since.


The old Batman & Robin PS1 game featured nighttime levels, a realistic (they tried anyways) looking city, and the ability to drive vehicles around the city, if that was it?


That could be it. It’s hard to say without playing it but even if it’s not the right game it’s one of the closest comparisons on the system for sure. It just seemed like the traffic was a little more heavy than I was thinking but then again I was a dumb kid. Haha I’ll keep looking though.


I couldn’t find pictures or videos of either of those games :disappointed:


No but it’s also a very good comparison to give someone an idea of what kind of game I’m talking about. Thank you :smiley:


Do you happen to remember when you played it?
Anything about the main character or other npc? appearance, name, etc
Any minuscule detail about the mayor gameplay gimmick of the game?
What were you able to do while free roaming?
UI elements?
How about the intro? Driver had an awful one

Seriously, @CptMold ain’t joking here, any minuscule detail may trigger something on someone to identify the game. We used to have a game thread based on that :thinking:


I played it in the early 2000s when it was an outdated game. The main character was a unremarkable man and I think he had a brown or black jacket on. I never got to any real gameplay I would just spend all my time exploring without any objective or goal. I think I remember the game having fairly slow cars probably due to the hardware limitations. I don’t think it had an intrusive UI if any because I don’t remember any. I can only assume that if it had an intro that’s what I played or it had none because if I never started a mission I doubt my past selfs ability to get through even a simple tutorial. I just remember 3D being enough of a curve ball by itself.


Going on nothing but a very early openish world where you can quickly end up just aimlessly roam about, was it possibly Omikron: The nomad soul?


Oh ive heard of that one! I don’t think that’s it but the nighttime pictures in the city definitely do resemble it. Also the name doesn’t ring a bell from back then but thank you for the suggestion!





Oh my god that’s a legendary burn!!!


Mizzurna Falls?
PS1 game from 1998


Im pretty sure it’s not that one but honestly I think that is the closest resembling game mentioned so far at least conceptually speaking. I’m blown away by how many games fit this basic description that I’ve never even heard of!


Could i add to this thread with my own ’ game i cant remember ’ ?

As a kid i’ve played this game on PS1 ( i think ) there you could start with one of two characters . Somekind of dude with black trench coat and a gun outside somekind of spooky mansion or a girl without any weapon inside one of the manson’s room… i think i never been able to get past first screen beeing little moron back then .

It should be one of the resident evil games or maybe some iteration of alone in the dark?