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Dead Cells Daily runs breakdowns - with VIDEOS


08.02.2019 Daily Run Breakdown - One of the Hardest I’ve Ever Played

@Enki Touché and that’s why this is pretty late today, but damn how fun it was, because it’s so tough! I feel the need to post it regardless and here we have plenty of synergies and stupid gear on top of everything!

Do notice it’s Phase 1 Slumbering Sanctuary… No Golems, but got my ass handed to me. At least I had to use strange gear left and right including the Sinew Slicer for almost the whole run. There’s also Assault Shield segments, so hopefully someone will enjoy the misery :stuck_out_tongue:

Leaderboards 2019-08-02 And try to guess who’s back!!! and guess my real ranked place :rofl:

Extra Stuff:

For the Spelunky fans I did managed to get myself to #12 in the Daily Challenge yesterday and only if I haven’t made that stupid mistake… I had enough points to go to rank #1! Again pretty tough run.

Dead Cells - Casual Run new save file - Part 4 should be coming tomorrow as well… where hopefully I will tackle in the slumbering sanctuary again or at least that’s the plan so far.

Have a great… whatever you are having and cheers!


a hat in time smug smile in HC dead cells thread
noice :ok_hand:



11.02.2019 Daily Run Breakdown - only top 5 this time

You really need to check what awful side gear we have today! Swarm Grenade FTW! Of course there’s no other option.

It’s High Peak Castle biome, but it’s pretty easy with the weapons at least. There’s good main weapons and pretty good shields to pick from, so it’s nothing that troublesome. Don’t forget to parry or mess the parries like I did though and you should be fine.

Leaderboards 2019-11-02 Kinda suck today and can’t be arsed for more.

I called the meme police on him, but they didn’t even apprehended him… said something like “it took him forever to throw that meme and he can’t be dangerous”… Lawlessness!
I have only one option now - call the Try Harders’ guild on him to ambush him! The whole street will turn black from their black BMWs and black Golf 2s of course. They will teach him a lesson!

Have a great… whatever you are having and cheers!


12.02.2019 Daily Run Breakdown - Golem Fiesta again!

I kinda uploaded this to youtube like 7 hours ago and I’m still in the same spot #6 and didn’t had time to do post here, 'cuz my better half had birthday, but in her honor I dodged plenty of golems :smiley:

There’s plenty of great fire synergies someone can enjoy … there are still few hours left when you see this :smiley:. It’s pretty hard though - I was sober when I did it - just saying! I rocked the Pyrotechnics… you can go with even the torch and the impaler if you want… plenty of options.

Leaderboards 2019-12-02 Well, I’m actually number 2, but whatever…

It seems I’m so drunk tonight that I will probably go own some unsuspecting online new players (noobs) in dark souls. Hopefully this will turn out to be great video :stuck_out_tongue:.

Have a great… whatever you are having and cheers!


12.02.2019 Daily Run Breakdown - Cursed Sword Fun - One hit = death!

I’m pretty happy this daily happened, because I had the chance to rock the Cursed Sword during the entirety of today’s Daily Run! If you have the will and time to try it out, you won’t regret it and probably place in the top spots! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

It’s Prisoners’ Quarters, so of course it’s really easy! Took me only few attempts and that’s why I bet is new players friendly as well! There’s ok gear all over the place and you can go only 1/3rd of the run with the Cursed Sword if you wish, by replacing it with the Wrenching Whip and than right after - the Lightning Bolt. Don’t forget that Twin Daggers suck! :smiley:

If you happen to try it out, please do let me know if you find a secret and where it is, because either there isn’t one or I totally missed it. If I get deranked any further I will probably try to push for better score before it’s over with better Star Management.

Leaderboards 2019-02-13 - so far I’m rank #3 by the time of posting.

Have a great… whatever you are having and cheers!