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Dead Cells - Daily Run Breakdowns


Japan knows that Y/M/D is the best format because of sorting.

It has been discussed before guys, but like everything in this world, even if everyone switch to the best formats, we know US will still be the annoying kid that won’t. :wink:


2019.04.11 Daily Run Breakdown - #1 Again (Finally!)

Well… have to actually share it even though I was bit faster with the same score 1040. Good job from my opponent who was a thorn in my side for months now, but that’s why I’m doing this - will love plenty more competition :slight_smile:.

I came across a serious bug from the Hayabusa Boots allowing you to kill enemies through floors and walls and I wasn’t aware of this thing 'till now. I hope me not knowing about it didn’t hindered previous runs of mine, but for sure this will be really useful in high cell runs :rofl:.
Motion Twin… PLEASE FIX!

It’s the Toxic Sewers so no much need to talk a lot about it. Be careful of the Kamikaze Bats and scorpion ambushes. Apart from that… try not to get killed by the poison/acid pools especially when running around with active curse.
It was a lot of free routing like yesterday, but for me to get to the top places I had to loop around with the stars themselves and try to kill EVERY enemy out there, because it’s totally doable today.
Unfortunately I was pretty busy and there are only few hours left, but at least probably can be a bit gameplay informative :slight_smile:. I even had to drag an Elite again to kill him with a star active, so there’s some epileptic action going on.

In the video I switched areas #5 and 6 because the Spite Sword felt a lot better when there weren’t much enemies left.

P.S. I’ve never ever seen a single portal to connect 4 junctions in a Daily Run like the one between the start and 3,5,6. No idea how the RNG machine made that :smiley:

Leaderboards 2019-04-11 - Was about time for a Chronie to place where it matters!

Have a great… whatever you are having and cheers!


I know this has nothing to do with the breakdowns, but some of you might be interested in this:

Dead Cells is coming to mobile!

The Motion Twin development studio and publisher Playdigious announced today that Dead Cells would hit iPhone and iPad this summer, with plans to come to Android later on.
It’ll cost $9 (€10) — it won’t be an ad- or microtransaction-supported free-to-play game.


I doubt this will be a proper version of the game without external means, but hell… I can control my phone with my Dual Shock 4 controller so everything is possible :smiley:

Jokes aside… It will be for sure bare bone version of the game, but I’m not judging - Motion Twin were mobile game company. It will be cool for mobile users for sure because they know how to make it a good experience.


Yeah, we’ll have to see how the controls will feel. By the way in an article they wrote this about it:

Motion Twin and Playdigious are revamping the interface to work on touchscreens. It’ll have an auto-hit game mode along with the original, which should help with the more touchy, less precise controls on iOS as opposed to console and PC gamepads. It’ll have support for MFi controllers for iPads and iPhones as well.


Can one of you guys here please convince me to spend 19.99€ on Dead Cells? I’ve seen that it was half the price before, but I’d really love to play this game lol


I mean if you’ve read/watched even a fraction of the content in this thread and you’re not sure whether or not the game is worth 20e then there’s nothing I can say that will sway you. If you have not done so then all you need to do is start scrolling up and you should be given an ample view of what this game has to offer.

In case you had missed it, here’s @onLooSe least said exhaustive review on it:


no, I didn’t read/watch all 180+ posts and I am afraid doing so would spoil a lot, thus I thought asking would be the best choice. I will read that review tho, thank you



I’ve beaten this question to it’s death by now, but I want to say that this gameplay wasn’t done so far in this genre combination. If you love blinding fast action based and responsive 2D side scroller that’s procedurally generated with tons of replayability, you shouldn’t pass on this game. There’s nothing out there that can go close to this and the 2018 game award of being the best action game is totally deserved.
If you aren’t such kind of a player though… maybe the mobile version will be easier to grasp when it comes out.

Thank you very much and I can only add a bit of info about the DLC (because my review was before it got released) - The DLC added plenty to the game and it being free… damn - one of the best updates games ever got: new biomes; bosses; gear; weapons; even introduced costumes and what not.

The Daily Runs I’m doing won’t spoil much and it’s probably the best glimpse of unspoiled high level of gameplay you can get for this. Unlocking the daily runs is one of the first things you get in this game and you are incentivized to do them right away - earning new gear and weapons, even though you can go to biomes (areas) you never discovered yet.
I mainly discussed advanced in-game mechanics and weapons here in their current state throughout the development of the game, so I doubt there are spoilers present :slight_smile:

And btw yesterday a new patch hit the Alpha branch again with plenty of changes >

The development is still going strong.


I know I’m not posting those here anymore, but I think this kinda deserves a watch, so here we go:

2019.05.28 Daily Run Breakdown - #1 - Full Cursed Sword Run

Unfortunately failed yesterday to record a successful run with the same concept (full cursed sword run) in the Slumbering Sanctuary Phase 2 with all the Golems and things, but I shouldn’t drink that much before recording, so lessons learned :smiley: At least I ranked number 3 there, but no proof I haven’t cheated without the video it seems :smiley:

I know it’s the first biome, but I’m happy with the result… somehow managed to get extra 50-60 points more than previously what I had from the recording :slight_smile:

Have a great… whatever you are having and cheers!