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Dead Cells - Daily Run Breakdowns


#5 (#2 Legit, or I think so… you never know - … Can’t find the secret and too tired to search for it. 2 Cursed chests which aren’t really problematic so it’s meh in general for slumbering sanctuary. Total disaster today and good thing I can’t be arsed to record.

It’s good, but I’m used to this dark thing here in comparison >

You do the puzzle only once… so that’s more like personal crying compared to whatever information about the biome :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t like it 'cuz it can waste a lot of time and I’m not huge fan of the Cannibals on whatever difficulty. On top of them you have bombardiers while climbing… At least now they fixed a bit their 'nades, but still the combination is really brutal.


A puzzle which required me to basically walk through the whole biome 3 times with my phone on record fucking sucks tho


Or you know… do a simple scetch on piece of paper where are the bells and rate them on their tone and use the portals :slight_smile:


Why do you think did I RECORD the SOUNDS? I ran past every bell twice before I gave up rating the tone without being able to hear the others in quick succession. Felt like work lol

Just earlier today I found out wtf the Ossuary was for lmao I been there once and totally forgot about it until I looked up where to find that fkn rune.


Puzzle? I never thought the Clock Tower as a puzzle. I just run through and kill everything, and eventually I am ready to progress when I am able to go through. :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah, those portals are super useful. :smiley:


I don’t really know if you are serious at all… It took me probably like 30 minutes to think how to respond to this without sounding like an ass and I’m confident I can’t avoid it at all :smiley:

It seems you checked how to get the punishment shield blueprint in a biome you aren’t feeling comfortable to go in even on 0 cells difficulty… Ok that’s not unheard of, but when you consider the fact that you have probably less than 80% of all the gear unlocked - my opinion is that you kinda overextended for a bit and yet it’s not even close to being one of the hardest blueprints to get. You are complaining it wasn’t handed out to you without any effort or something, cuz it’s the only one that uses such mechanics to bring some minor extra interest to the biome in the first place.

It’s an alternative biome to the Ramparts when you go through the Promenade of the Condemned… or natural extension to the Prison Depths and my place to go through, 'cuz I find the enemies there to be far more suitable for my play style. It’s an option you aren’t forced to do when you get what you need from it anyway. Same situation with the Clock Tower, where I prefer the Forgotten Sepulcher instead. This is where the metroidvania aspects comes in the game. Gear choices can dictate your biome preferences as well, but I think that’s too advanced planning for now.

I try to see how you can have some complains about any of those things and yet I don’t see any justification. Try to stick to the game if you enjoy it … if you don’t, you are pretty much forcing yourself to something you will probably never like and get good at.

I’ve seen plenty of complains, but not a single one about those things. Try to have fun and adjust to the situations presented to you. There’s plenty of things to learn in this game … especially how to play in certain biomes.


I enjoy the game, I just am not good at telling if a tone is slightly higher or lower than another one I can’t hear for another 30 seconds which makes the puzzle (also due to the background music) horribly boring to me.

the biome is no problem, I just hate the permanent climb in it

I’m pretty sure I hardly even unlocked 33% of the gear

just btw *complainTs :slight_smile: