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Dead Cells - Daily Run Breakdowns


All right, your voice does sound clearer, but I had no trouble understanding you at all in your older videos either. :slight_smile:

That second run was a pretty close call there, I was looking at the clock toward the end.

Anyway, good job as always, Spartan Sandals is something I don’t know how to use, so it’s good to see your run with it. :slight_smile:



They are pretty viable now. Plenty of things that weren’t usable feel pretty good now, but that’s nothing compared to me jumping like idiot from lower platform trying to break a secret with the firebrands in the first run - I have never ever did something that idiotic before :smiley: Even the run that got me the most score during my practice I didn’t bothered with this shit :smiley:. Thank you guys like always :stuck_out_tongue:


06.01.2019 Daily Run Breakdown

Only top 10 this time, but this thing for sure was a nice challenge! The new patch makes everything so much harder to kill and I just have to learn to love it eventually :stuck_out_tongue:

Leaderboards 2019-06-01

Prison Depths and the lowered gear level is something I need to get used to, especially when you have so much high health enemies :stuck_out_tongue:. This is not an easy run by any means, but it’s fun for sure!

Because the gear is such a low level from the current / latest patch I think I need to change my approach towards the daily a lot, but that’s a good thing. New challenge … new things to learn :slight_smile:

I don’t think gear breakdown and area breakdown is required anymore when I will be doing videos? What you guys think?

If you are subbed and interested to try harding I will be uploading Devil Daggers overview later today and hopefully Spelunky Daily (I upload those when the day is over, because there you have only one chance and showing what’s up is me enabling someone to cheat :slight_smile:)

Have a great… whatever you are having and cheers!


08.01.2019 Daily Run Breakdown

Top 5 this time and I literally played with fire this time and I don’t feel like it’s nerfed enough from the 1.1 patch :stuck_out_tongue: Could have been far worse. I need to mention that the Ossuary is real fun like always!

Leaderboards 2019-08-01

Nothing complicated today. You can try your luck with the Cursed Sword though if you dare :slight_smile: Don’t mind me venting at the end of the video… It had to be done eventually. I’m really getting tired of cheaters recently!

Extra Stuff:

Spelunky Casual Run involving breaking up vaults and accessing the Worm and the Mother Ship levels:

Spelunky Daily Fail from 2019-07-01 for whoever might be interested as well:

I was really salty while I recorded this, so sorry in advance :stuck_out_tongue:
I yet have to play the today’s Daily though and at least I’m in a better mood (for now!)

Have a great… whatever you are having and cheers!


09.01.2019 Daily Run Breakdown

#2 spot this time (for now) in only few attempts, but I love this biome so much and thank Motion Twin that the Assault Shield didn’t got nerfed so far :stuck_out_tongue:. Don’t forget to fly with it with the parry + dodge combo if you press those buttons in that order in parts of the second!

Leaderboards 2019-09-01

Pure smooth fun in the Ancient Sewers! Take advantage of it while it’s on! Yet again fire gear, but seems it’s our luck recently and I feel in the next patch it might get nerfed even more, but won’t blame the devs if they decide to do so :slight_smile:. Fire still feels more powerful than bleed and poison for damage over time.

Extra Stuff:

The Devil Daggers first impressions video is finally out… with all my gripes towards the game in the 2 hours I’ve played so far, so hopefully you will enjoy this one. I will be playing the game from time to time, because I grew up with old school FPS games in general and if you are familiar with the game and you can address some of my issues I describe in the video - I will really appreciate some feedback :slight_smile:

Have a great… whatever you are having and cheers!


10.01.2019 Daily Run Breakdown

It’s the Dead Cells AGDQ race right now… which I wish to destroy one day (just mentioning it if you are watching the stream)
AGDQ - Twitch Channel

It’s a bit late unfortunately I know, but I didn’t had much time to record earlier. So this at least can help you out if you have problems with this area in general, because I use what not gear and I never heal :stuck_out_tongue:.
#3 today, but it’s the castle with 2 Cursed Chests = fun :stuck_out_tongue:.

Leaderboards 2019-10-01

A bit more challenging than I anticipated, even for the High Peak Castle biome. I even missed one one of the secrets, so I lost exactly the same amount of points that would have gotten me to number 2 spot :smiley:. I really had fun with the Curses … died at least 20 times, but this stuff is expected!

Extra Stuff:

Another casual win at Spelunky, because I’m really tired of dying in the mines during the daily runs :smiley:. Hope you will enjoy it, because I finally got a Jetpack … I never get one of those - thanks Derek!

Have a great… whatever you are having and cheers!


11.01.2019 Daily Run Breakdown

Yesterday the AGDQ Dead Cells Race was so bad… that I had to mention it :slight_smile:

This run is a literal killer and you will see why in the video! Unfortunately I went only to #2 spot from the first run in the video and than sucked trying to get the first place, by being down only with 2 points :stuck_out_tongue:. I don’t have whole day to push for it so I’m happy with the result.

Leaderboards 2019-11-01 in 9 attempts and the 9th is the first run you get to see.

Slumberin Sanctuary 2 is for sure my nemesis and my most challenging Daily that can be. I wasn’t able to even get into top 100 before this run, so you will see why I stuck around for a bit more attempts and probably see the grind process behind the scenes before I do record. Hope you enjoy it.

13:40 timestamp is something that shouldn’t happen at all… he was having the laser ability all the attempts I did and he somehow decided to get even one more ability (The ELITE Golem) - duplicate himself… That was hilarious to say the least :smiley:

Extra Stuff:

Spelunky Speed Runs! I even managed to top my personal best… which wasn’t that great to start with, but it’s possible you can learn something from this video - mainly what not to do of course, because I still suck :smiley:

Dead Cells Casual Runs Reboot, because of 1.1 patch

Yeah those will be starting hopefully tonight - after few hours! I have to start fresh though, because the regular game is so changed… wouldn’t make any sense for me keeping the old save file now! It will be a bit long videos, but I hope without much mistakes I can get to 4 cells from scrap in 15-20 runs. Hope you will enjoy those as well!

Have a great… whatever you are having and cheers!


Just wanted to say that I can sleep properly tonight… fixed my mistake >

Leaderboards 2019-11-01 - #1 Baby


Congrats! :slight_smile:


13.01.2019 Daily Run Breakdown

It seems I’m missing something to be off by the whooping 85 points, so probably it’s just my bad routing, but still #3 non the less. Hope you enjoy it!

Leaderboards 2019-13-01 in 10 attempts.

It’s only the Toxic Sewers biome, which is a cake walk!

Extra Stuff:

I will be trying to record part 2 of my Dead Cells 1.1 Run at 1 cell difficulty, because managed to not die on the first 0 cell run in the new save file and I hope you enjoyed that video :stuck_out_tongue:. It will be few hours though, because first it’s Spelunky Daily challenge if nothing goes wrong in the mines!

Have a great… whatever you are having and cheers!


14.01.2019 Daily Run Breakdown

This is pretty interesting run for sure, especially in this biome, so I hope whoever plays it had fun with it :stuck_out_tongue:. Unfortunately I’m not even in top 5, but I doubt I will be pushing today anymore - I actually was thinking to get a bit of a rest in general, but there we go!

Leaderboards 2019-14-01

It’s Prison Depths biome - plenty of 'nades and a bit of a gear swap for the right situations! I used the starting Oiled Sword for the entirety of the run, but grabbing the Frantic Sword might not be a bad idea if you are below 50% HP.
I hope you enjoy it and it’s useful for you!

Extra Stuff:

Dead Cells Casual Run Part 2 is out and Motion Twin kinda messed up… Before the 1.1 update it was possible to activate 1 Cell difficulty after you finished the game from the first run in a slave slot (like I did in the previous video), but this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore… I had to play another 0 cells one and sorry @Enki - I will be recording the 1 Cells active pretty soon!
In general you were able to finish the game from 0 to 4 cells in 5 runs before the patch and now it requires 6! This for me is a bug which I kinda reported, but I doubt someone will care about it… I don’t want to die in game and that’s why my rule still applies - the only restart possible = me dying.

And here’s a link to the Bug report if someone is interested:

It was good run though, because I ended up with OP Gear and destroyed the last 2 bosses :smiley:. So far 2 wins out of 2 runs!

Have a great… whatever you are having and cheers!


17.01.2019 - CHEATERS RANT!

I’m sorry… I got tired of this shit. I love doing some naming and shaming though! Hope you enjoy that! If a chinese person want’s to say something to prove me wrong… I would love a video ;]

Who cares… it’s some daily biome after all :smiley:

Extra Stuff:

I will continue my casual runs in dead cells… that’s for sure (I got few hiccups while recording those) and probably will switch to an more competitive friendly game in general, because I can’t cope with this BS when Motion Twin isn’t doing anything for like year + to address this issue.

Have a great… whatever you are having and cheers!


Yeah, that really sucks, and I don’t think MotionTwin cares that much about this issue right now. They are probably focusing on other stuff for the game.

You seem like someone who enjoy daily run competitions a lot, do you know if it’s common thing that happens? Specially for indie titles, it must be some more challenge for the devs to deal with that.


I love to be competitive as much as possible and it kinda is a common thing (cheating) unfortunately. :frowning:

Some games handle it pretty well when they add replay function and what not, so you can at least see how obviously one is cheating (something I wish Motion Twin will do)… Some remove the cheaters from the leaderboards on timely fashion. And the best ones are those that of course took measures to prevent as much of injectors possible in their games - this should be the standard when you go with Challenging gameplay and leadrboards in general.

Most indies have modding in mind which opens up plenty of doors and opportunities for cheaters, but it’s half of the selling point I guess. I have never modded Dead Cells and I don’t care to, but there are such mods that just are made to make the game easier than COD campaigns.

There’s also the problem that If the not so popular indie titles had the popularity of Dead Cells they can’t handle cheating at all… for instance Spelunky (we can call it old game by now and the todays standarts) - the player base is so dedicated and sticking to it that I doubt anyone even will bother to cheat and most of the indies with leaderboards have like up to 100 ppl playing during the day (mostly like 10 ppl). Even if the seemingly protected games hit 1000-2000 players a day they will get wrecked by cheaters. Small indie companies don’t have the resources to protect themselves from this unfortunately.

Me wanting to show skill and hopefully prove that skill, is kinda tied to Dead Cells at the moment. I will try to switch the game, because I agree with you totally that they won’t be fixing the cheater problems anytime soon. This will require me getting tons of experience in another semi popular title from like 0 experience … The pain will be real :stuck_out_tongue:. And the worst part is when you go to a game that no one plays anymore, nor knows it exists in the first place or just deemed “too hard” while you try to build a small youtube channel and try to have fun at the same time :smiley:

Me seeing the AGDQ Dead Cells run made me facepalm at least 20 times for 10 minutes, so I can’t just give up this game so easily, but for fucking sake… I want one particular world continent excluded from the rankings now!


That’s what I thought, I’ve browsed and I’ve seen such easy mode mods. I particularly love mods, but mostly for aesthetics changes. Only tried the corrupted looks one and Castlevania music replacer.

I’m not on the competitive side of things, but I totally understand your decision. I’ll be keeping up with your channel content nonetheless, mate.



02.02.2019 Daily Run Breakdown - #2 and Back!

Good thing the cheaters toned down themselves a bit, because I was missing the daily runs! There’s a beta branch update and the official ranking Leaderboards page shows only beta branch patch users, so maybe that’s the reason there aren’t much cheaters in the standard game branch :stuck_out_tongue:. It’s time to show a bit of a struggle as well.

Ancient Sewers Biome - fun like always … you can see me die from the cursed chest 2 times before the final run :stuck_out_tongue:

Extra Stuff:

I have no idea where I am at the casual part of the game … I forgot, so this will be coming hopefully later today + some Spelunky challenge run for those who are interested.

Have a great… whatever you are having and cheers!


04.02.2019 Daily Run Breakdown - top 3 again and again…

Yep… Slumbering Sanctuary and on top of that disgusting phase 2 with all the Golems and what not :stuck_out_tongue:. It’s fun though and it wasn’t much of a hassle if you survive the Cursed chests and get the Heavy Turret before the Elite Golem! I can’t stress this enough - you need the turret before the Golem! EZ!

Have a great… whatever you are having and cheers!


06.02.2019 Daily Run Breakdown - Surprise… this time top 3 Again!

I need to force myself to grind for #1 one of these days, but not having adequate leaderboards (they still show the beta branch patch) is a bit of a problem when it’s hard to evaluate who is cheating and who is not!

Pretty easy run, because it’s Toxic Sewers and it’s really hard to die even with the Cursed Chest with this routing. Better give it a try as long as it’s up for the next hours!

You can go Oiled Sword and Fire Brands, even a Fire Grenade combo if you wish … I felt better using the good old Shovel and burying my enemies :smiley:, at least before I swap it at the very end with the Wrenching Whip. Double Crossb-o-Matick is there as well, but I preferred the Infantry Grenade. Ah yeah… don’t forget there’s insane Hokuto’s Bow drop - this version of it is insanely OP.

Have a great… whatever you are having and cheers!


07.02.2019 Daily Run Breakdown - Not even top 5 this time :smiley:

Great news though! The official daily Leaderboards are back online (not for the beta branch today!) so anti obvious cheater info is always appreciated :stuck_out_tongue:.

It’s pretty fun run… plenty of main gear to chose from, but I went the old fashioned way - almost killing myself with the Frantic Sword. Had to lose 50% of my health, but messed up and lost like 80% of it - It’s way more flashy to watch I bet!
Slahsers, Hammers, Thornies and Maskers - The Prison Depths has it covered for all kinds of fun! Oh… I forgot the Kamikaze bats of course :smiley:

Leaderboards 2019-07-02

Extra Stuff:

The casual runs are back on track with part 3 on 1 Cell Difficulty (FINALLY!) and it’s not the breeze I had before the 1.1 patch for sure. The struggle will be real, but hopefully in less than 15-20 attempts I will beat 4 Cells. So far died 2 times off camera and it was pretty quick deaths, so no point uploading those :smiley:

Dead Cells - Casual Run new save file - Part 3 - 1 Cell Active

@Enki - Please… you are a God … and the RNG isn’t giving me any blueprints, so I’m stuck with crap and now I need to go kill the Conjunctivious for the next episode with grenades and blunt swords!

Second thing that might be semi interesting is that I started a Spelunky Challenge, because of @YQMaoski of course. Well… I forced it on myself - he just inspired me to do it, but he needs to share half of the blame at least.

Spelunky - No Bombs Challenge - Part 01

The rules are simple - No Bombs for anything except for progression! Has to be through Hell and Back! That’s for sure a tough one, considering I will always kill the first shopkeeper no matter what he is having for sale.

Have a great… whatever you are having and cheers!


Wouldn’t be fun if it were easy, am I right?