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Dead Cells - Daily Run Breakdowns



are we ready to turn Elmo in hell into a drinking game now?

Your commentary was pretty helpful, especially things like you saying you oiled the ground before attacking the elite at 3:40.

All in all, thanks for the commentary! I hope you can get a better mic one day, though, as you sound a lil muffled and sometimes it’s a bit hard to make out what you say :slightly_smiling_face:


I will try to set it up a bit more and actually remember to mention a lot more about the mechanics, but brain freezing during this gameplay is an actual thing :smiley:. Talking about obvious stuff is far easier and not helpful at all I bet :smiley:.

Thank you very much!


Every time I watch your video, my jaw’s on the ground. Not to mention that this is a live commentary #1 video!!!

Congrats man! I do enjoy your commentary. Too bad the video had some chopping sections in the middle, but once again, I am watching, not playing, so I don’t really mind.


04.12.2018 Daily Run Breakdown with VIDEO + live commentary

Only #2 in the live version unfortunately, but I don’t find this daily to be really amusing to push for #1

Toxic Sewers biome with a twist - the scrolls are really spread out so you gotta go grab the Cursed chests before the last 2 Scrolls.


Frantic Sword - Our starting weapon of choice and you can use it to finish the run perfectly fine!

Torch - Went for this for main while still keeping the Frantic Sword available, because it kills a bit faster and it’s hit and forget, especially after picking few scrolls to increase your damage. If you don’t get it on the Cells active you are playing in keep the sword and you will be fine.

Root Grenade - Not the best… actually not really useful, but it has to do for more than a half of the run! Kills the Kamikaze bats (like everything does) in one toss and you can make some use of it locking a cluster of enemies together before they spread around - for easier kills.

Powerful Grenade - Now that’s worth it if you manage to get it in your Cells active, because it kills almost everything in one toss in this biome. If you don’t get it, there’s an alternative soon enough.

Heavy Turret - Far better than the Root 'Nade especially if it has pierce the first target modifier.

Extra Options

Quick Bow - I didn’t picked it up, but if you don’t have the Torch in your run it’s viable option to second your Frantic Sword - it kills Kamikaze bats from a distance with ease of course.

Barnacle - It’s your replacement for the Powerful Grenade if you don’t encounter it in your run. By now you should know it can be really good and useful.

Wrenching Whip - If you don’t want to drop below 50% HP it’s viable alternative compared to the other starter choice - Hayabusa Boots which have far shorter range and in my opinion they are pretty bad for this biome.


Area #1 - Apart from the Root Grenade and the Skill Scroll you have to build your speed boost and get damaged below 50% of your HP if you are gonna use the Frantic Sword.

Area #2 - 2 Stars unfortunately right off the bat, but there’s no other way around delaying this area much. You will get 2 Skill Scrolls - one for free after the teleporter and 1 from the Cursed Chest.

Area #3 - If you don’t feel like getting cursed for a second time in a row you can always first go to Area #4, but here you can double on the stars for a second at least and I really wanted that 'nade.

Area #4 - the 3rd free Skill Scroll right before the boss and the Heavy Turret for sure can be useful for the remaining parts of the run.

Area #5 - Last Skill Scroll here so now you will have maximum damage. You can opt for the Barnacle if you didn’t came across the Powerful 'Nade from the second Cursed chest.

Area #6 - This can be your Area #2 if you don’t feel like dropping down to less than 50% HP and use the Wrenching Whip as your weapon of choice.

Area #7 - There’s Elite for sure here in every difficulty, so for some this might be the only amulet available, so it’s possible you will want to go through this zone earlier than me.

Boss Fight - LOL

Upcoming stuff

CasUl runs… or actually not so casual. I would like to summon this time @Enki because he showed some interested in me playing and commentating over the regular playthrough of the game.

My idea is to try to make it a bit fun for me as well with a little challenge, so it will be far off from like tutorial or in depth explanation thing (there’s plenty of those in youtube already). The plan is to do a full playthrough from zero Cells to beating 4 Cells in less runs as possible in new save file - from the very start in the current live version of the game. Almost forgot to mention - when I beat a difficulty I’m not allowed to play on it anymore.

This in general leads to few main gameplay points:

  1. I can’t restart a run at all, which means I can’t just go gather all the runes one by one and than go to the Hand of the King for the first time - I have to carry my ass there and beat him with the vine rune if I don’t die in the first encounter.
  2. My expectations for 0 Cells is more than 60% to finish it in the first run and 1 Cell - about 50%, which means it will be different route every time so I can unlock the runes and to collect blueprints and necessary things. Things get more interesting in 2,3,4 Cells of course when I get there.
  3. Tied to points 1 and 2 I won’t have much Cells available to upgrade everything I actually want. Which will handicap my runs significantly. Almost no weapon upgrades at the Forge and it’s pretty possible I won’t get the 4th Flask before 4 Cells active.
  4. I have to spent a bit extra time trying to get necessary blueprints, which includes killing more enemies than I usually do and go out of my way to pick up the ones that are permanent in particular biomes.
  5. Despite point 4 - timed doors will always be a priority for me, but expected times for 1 run is a tad bit longer - around 35 mins in game clock ~ 50 ~ 60 mins per video.
  6. Gradual increase in the difficulty like that will eventually work ok for me, because as you probably know I don’t do regular runs pretty often now.
  7. Perfect possible outcome will be to be over with this in 10 videos :smiley:… the possibility is really low though, because when I attempted this like few months ago I had 15 deaths/runs and I was at 3 Cells when I decided that I failed. The worst possible scenario is if this takes me more than 40 runs, which is possible with all the RNG going on :smiley:.

If someone is interested in something like this - please do let me know. All modification suggestions are welcomed!

I hope you will enjoy the today’s video and even try it yourself! Have a great… whatever you are having and cheers!


That’s quite the challenge! Just to never go back to the previous difficulty is a big oof for me, I feel the need to farm a bit the lower difficulties in order to progress in the higher. Crazy man!

I don’t mind long videos as well, I know I’m one of the few. I’ll be eagerly waiting!


I’m really glad to hear that and hopefully tomorrow I can put up the first video and I will be able to not die at hand of the king on 0 cells :smiley:


Hail to the King!


I will watch every minute… (slowly over time of course).

I look forward to it!


06.12.2018 Daily Run Breakdown with VIDEO

Nothing impressive for today… just #3, but you can see how to get higher score if you want to try it out.

Slumbering Sanctuary phase 1 again, so nothing spectacular - just annoying as it can be.


Oiled Sword - The starting weapon of choice, because the other alternative is Cursed Sword LOL. Both can work to finish the run, but I didn’t wanted to do 100 attempts with the meme blade :stuck_out_tongue:.

Balanced Blade - This one is pretty OP and it dropped from the first Elite, but if you don’t have it in your cells active you can always go all the way with the Oiled Sword - no problems.

Phaser - Saves a lot of time if you use it properly… especially good for this biome where things tend to run away from you ;].

Ice Bow - One of the few occasions I can make it work in a Daily Run and if you watch the video you will probably get a good grasp of why. It barely does damage but locking those enemies in a single place can be pretty valuable here.

Heavy Turret - Way better than the alternatives, but still the Flamethrower Turret and the Infantry Grenade can replace it just fine, but won’t be that effective though.

Extra Options

Flamethrower Turret - It can get the job done, but it’s close range and longer cool down is not really the best option.

Infantry Grenade - If you don’t have the Heavy Turret in you attempts I recommend using this instead - it won’t have enough damage to kill Catchers, but it will interrupt everything with it’s small to nothing cool down.


Area #1 - 2 Skill Scrolls and the first Elite from whom I hope you will get decent drops. Don’t forget the Phaser - it’s probably the most valuable gear piece in this run.

Area #2 - +2 to your stats - once from free Skill Scroll and the second from Cursed Chest. If you don’t get the Heavy Turret from it you can go really soon for the Flamethrower or the Infantry 'nade. The Ice Bow should help you out a lot, even if it doesn’t have “pierce the first target” status effect.
Here you will encounter 2 stars and for me the second Gem and the only Secret.

Area #3 - That’s a long drop down with barely anything in it, but I decided that the last Skill Scroll is worth it and so should be the gear fillers for the ppl that play on lesser cell difficulty.

Area #4 - Nothing much to it - as a matter of fact you can use this star for the previous area #3 and that’s how I got a lot more score in my earlier attempts it seems.

Area #5 - 2 Stars, so this is really the place you should get the most score possible from today’s run.

Area #6 - If you have more than 40-50 seconds on the clock before reaching this area you will be golden - use the last start to circle around and clear the enemies. That’s something I didn’t had time to do in my video.

Boss Fight - theresnoboss

Upcoming stuff

The regular run first video should be coming really shortly… I just have to start it all over again LOL, because it got ruined at about 40 mins of live recording time, somewhere in the castle and me not using video editing software is equal to RIP. Should I make new topic for it to post it when I’m done or just post it here? I’m getting confused!

Don’t forget to cross your fingers for Motion Twin to win some awards in the annual gaming awards shit tonight :smiley:
Have a great… whatever you are having and cheers!


11.12.2018 Daily Run Breakdown with VIDEO + Spelunky bonus

Number 3 again, though doesn’t matter - there’s cursed sword starter weapon!

Starter biome with Cursed Sword - it’s not that scary actually, so go try it out.


Cursed Sword - Just amazing… there’s nothing more I need to mention.

Grappling Hook - Unfortunately I had to drag this all the way through. It’s not that good, but it was better than the alternatives for sure.

Spiked Shield - Really great, especially when you know if you will get touched - you will die. I bet this run would have been really different if there wasn’t a good shield around. It’s pretty good against the boss as well.

Crusher - Kinda useless for a daily run, because it’s too slow and it didn’t even managed to net me more than 1 kill.

Death Orb - The Crusher just had to go as soon as possible - so this is a must pick.

Oiled Sword - Your weapon of choice + the Spiked Shield when you want to replace the Cursed Sword as soon as possible. It’s pretty decent at finishing the run on it’s own too.

Frantic Sword - The fact it dropped from Elite might suggest it won’t drop on lower cell difficulties, but the other choices aren’t bad at all when we are talking about the easiest biome there.

Extra Options

Hayabusa Boots - not bad at all for this job. The only problem I can think off is the short range, but pretty viable alternative to everything in general.


Area #1 - 3 Skill Scrolls and 2 valuable gear pieces right from the start.

Area #2 - You can go here instead of going to #1 if you aren’t that confident using the Cursed Sword - no problems, but don’t forget you will still need to reach the Spiked Shield as well to get rid off it.

Area #3 - I just had to replace the Crusher

Area #4 - It’s pretty long way to there, but it’s probably the best route you can do considering you will have plenty more damage for areas with more stars and what not after you get the last free *Skill Scroll.

Area #5 - The only Elite and Cursed Chest combined in one area + 3 Stars - I tried to use the Cursed sword up to this point, but the elite being an archer (for me) made me give up.

Area #6 - The best Curse breaker area from what’s left.

Area #7 - Except for the chest - just keep your speed boost on that’s pretty much it.

Area #8 - Second secret I was able to find on 4 Cells and the last Star, but don’t forget that if you like the Hayabusa Boots this can be area #2 or even 1 for you.

Boss Fight - What?

Bonus Video - Spelunky casual run!

I wanted to test my ability to live commentate for longer than the daily runs in Dead Cells and I didn’t took into consideration that Spelunky is probably a tiny bit harder. I’m not pleased with the overall result at all, but I suppose it could have been way worse. For whoever is playing or played Spelunky … I hope you will enjoy this as well :slight_smile:

Have a great… whatever you are having and cheers!


Ok cursed sword runthrough, that’s worth watching.


You make me pick between 2 videos that I want to watch… lol… I will just watch them both, when I get a chance. :slight_smile:
I agree with @Fraggles, definitely worth watching a cursed sword run…


It’s just cursed sword START… I tried to keep it for longer, but I got damaged :stuck_out_tongue:


WOW…I am tired!!!


Well have a nap.
Then FIRE ze missiles!


I call this compilation - the DISASTER :smiley:

So after a really crappy day that totally continued to go like disaster after disaster… Rip the daily run for now, so I finally decided to started my Casual Dead Cells runs, because the game was unplayable for hours and I don’t even want to explain the reasons… you can hear me out in my WASTED video down below intro if you care about dev issues. And yeah I have to warn you in front that my WASTED run is the only thing that worked … I totally destroyed the run even being angry as much as possible… Be selective here on what you want to watch :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately I was so tilted that I do crappy job at hiding it in the video and you might see why… Well hopefully you will watch it and at least it’s as a start for sure… I won’t give up on this series and hopefully you enjoy it even though this start was a total surprise to me.

The only thing that went properly was my WASTED run despite the fact I had to mute my mic like 10-15 mins before the run ended, but unfortunately it is what it is:

And if you want to see crap from yesterday Spelunky recording you are free to do so as well… compared to @YQMaoski I raged about the lack of a shop at 1-2, so why not post my perspective as well :stuck_out_tongue::

Have a great… whatever you are having and cheers!


19.12.2018 Daily Run Breakdown - the common shit

No breakdown is needed though … it’s fucking Prisoner’s quarters - you will see if you watch the video… it’s EZ as it can get.

Though, that’s not the most interesting thing… today in Spelunky I managed to die horribly in top 10 while I was trying to explain crap and didn’t payed attention at what’s going on … it’s good lesson though, but don’t worry, because if I start to talk even less I won’t be talking at all, so that’s out of the question :slight_smile:
It’s kinda shame, because I could have ended in top 3 without any problems with what I was going for… Welp, anyway… this is kinda moral fight for me - The daily in Spelunky requires one attempt and posting it now should be total BS, so whoever is following my channel might find it amusing when it goes live like 2 hours from now. It was a long struggle though, but I finally think I’m at a decent level again at the game to start going for the daily challenges.

Anyway here it is :stuck_out_tongue: Finished #10 unfortunately :slight_smile:

I tried to do some mic settings improvements so hopefully it has a bit better high frequencies now compared to previous recordings :slight_smile:

Anyway… GL HF, have a great… whatever you are having and cheers! :slight_smile:


04.01.2019 Daily Run VIDEO and 1.1 patch - Even Grounds

Happy New Year… I didn’t had much time to record recently especially with the holidays, but whatever. The patch rolled in like right before them, so now we have completely different game on our hands :stuck_out_tongue:

Now it doesn’t matter what cells you are on … the gear is always the same in the Daily except for it’s extra modifier/s and having the same level means it will be the same number of modifiers. What they are is up to your upgrade percentages at the forge according to my testings, so don’t quote me for this :stuck_out_tongue:. Number of enemies and their types - all seems the same now, so this means Even Grounds for everybody. Plenty of gear is revamped and made useful from crap and vice versa - a lot of stuff is nerfed for balancing reasons as expected - I will address few changes in the video.

I won’t be doing real breakdown, because you can see what’s up in my video and I even did 2 runs - pretty different from each other, so here you go >

Meat Scewer - Firebrands run

Spartan Sandals run

Have a great… whatever you are having and cheers!


Audio is a lot clearer now, did you upgrade your mic? Happy new year! :smiley:


Now I know how girls feel when someone notices their new haircut :smiley:. Indeed I did kinda upgraded, but it’s nothing fancy - my headset died few months ago so after I checked plenty of mics and stuff… I decided to go cheap again and tried HyperX Cloud Alpha … and this is what you are hearing with 0 % boost on windows and OBS, so it’s pretty responsive. I hope it gets the job done for now :slight_smile: