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Dead Cells - Daily Run Breakdowns


Good job! I have yet to beat the concierge… Hehe…


Aw I wanted SO BAD to share screenshots but DC on Linux doesn’t have Steam overlay… :broken_heart: :cry:

Thanks everyone for the congratses haha :yellow_heart:


04.09.2018 Daily Run Breakdown

No need of description here 'cuz it’s the castle and this one is really tough. All hail the cheaters that can kill everything with paused clocks.
The map isn’t that big and doesn’t contain a lot of stuff but it’s impossible to kill everything.
Only thing you need to know is I started with Hayabusa Gauntlets and I exchanged the Fire Grenade for the turret as soon as possible and kept the Knife Dance until the end.

At time of posting #23 in the scoreboard in 26 tries > Leaderboards 4th of September 2018

Keep on going for it… you have pretty nice competition going on :stuck_out_tongue:


OMG thank youuuuu :sob: :sob: :sob:

I couldn’t play today because I had to run three errands (one of which was actually fun), got rained on for two hours (this is not a joke and I am now sick), had several work things to sort and overall felt very damp from my toes to my mood.


I’ll keep trying it, though. Reading your insightful posts gives me inspiration and helpful advice, so thanks so much for all the effort you put into these! It’s super appreciated. :butterfly:


07.09.2018 Daily Run Breakdown

Pretty simple run because of the easy enemies, but I doubt it’s possible to kill everything in 04:30


Balanced Blade - Decent attack rate and you are for sure familiar with this one. Pretty common and overall good sword for the start until we get to the Torch.

Spiked Shield - It was pretty useful not only for the boss fight because it kills almost everything with only one parry after you get few scrolls.

Cluster Grenade - Simply amazing. Grab it as early as possible and make tons of easy kills in this area. Just spam it as soon the cooldown resets.

Torch - Mostly hit and forget, especially after picking few scrolls to increase your damage. Yet again it’s your best option today.

Sinew Slicer - Usually it’s not a spectacular turret but in this case (low enemy health bars) it helps a lot by managing to kill everything on a particular platform on it’s own.


Area #1 - 2 Scrolls - great damage addition for the start and the spiked shield - have fun with it. It can be really helpful.

Area #2 - Getting the Cluster Grenade as early as possible of course. You can rack up a lot of score here because it contains total of 3 stars and leads to another 2 areas with stars on their own as well.

Area #3 - Don’t kill anything before you grab the star and after clearing it out - get cursed ;]

Area #4 - Good for clearing the curse and some extra score before the last piece of today’s gear - the Sinew Slicer.

Area #5 - Nothing here except for some extra kills… it’s rare to encounter such empty big zone in the daily runs but there it is.

Area #6 and #7 - Probably from where the most of your score will come in this run because you already gathered all the necessary equipment and you maxed out the possible damage so you need to ensure you have about 1 minute on the clock for this one.

Boss Fight - With the bleeding turret, the shield and the cluster grenade spam this fight should be a piece of cake and not more than 10-15 (on Zero Cells) seconds.

At time of posting #5 in the scoreboard in 6 tries > Leaderboards 7th of September 2018

GL HF and see you tomorrow! :stuck_out_tongue:

PS. @coralinecastell I really hope you are better already because you are the future tryhard and the game needs you :smiley:
I really want to thank @Gnuffi here especially, because 2 nights ago there was awful Slumbering Sanctuary run which I couldn’t upload because it took me like 50+ tries before he made the pathing for me only by looking a partially finished map :smiley: It took me only 3 tries after that to get to rank #8 and before that I couldn’t even reach the boss in time and I was stuck at ranking 100+. That’s what I call a team effort which we might see more of hopefully!


@onLooSe I’m currently on a trip to the country, chilling. Trying to get a hold of my nerves. Won’t be playing for a little while.

Thanks for keeping up with these breakdowns!


I finally managed to beat the final boss. On my third attempt of actually facing him, though countless runs ending well before I got even that far, 59h spent bumbling about. Now to do it another 4-5 times?


Beat today’s daily challenge! Second try, first-time win. :blush:


Congratulations, is that the cursed sword? I’m not sure I could do that unless it’s the start level biome, even then I tend to get hit by the boss at least once.


I don’t think it is, F! And I got hit by the boss a couple of times too, but knowing where to get the traps after that first run was super helpful to ace it on the second. Just wished I had taken more time to grab more points haha

At this point I’m not entirely sure if it’s better to finish quickly with more extra time or to take my time and kill more minions. Probably the latter, right? :butterfly:


You gain nothing by finishing quickly as far as I’m aware, no points for the time left over. Spending it finding more chests and killing more enemies is better for your score total.


I think I might be running the next daily from you, today it seems to be the ancient sewers level and I’m not finding any traps at all. Managed to get a finishing score after about 5 tries though.

Starting out with Sadist Dagger or Warspear.
The sadist dagger is good if you can combo it with something that triggers it’s crits which you can’t at the start. The warspear is slow on the first strike but crits if you hits many enemies at once, it also only strikes in a line so hitting flyers is near impossible unless they come down to ground level. I chose to go with the spear either way and switch it out for the twin daggers fairly close by.


Have fun guys… I miss this game so much, but either windows 10 update shitted on me or my HDD decided to retire (still uncertain). No top charts for the next days on my side of things unless you guys tryhard a bit more :stuck_out_tongue:
Hopefully soon as possible i can get back to it.

@coralinecastell I’m really glad you are back in gaming and hopefully you feel better!
@Fraggles keep that top 50 buddy! I would have went with the spear as well.


Yeah, I tried today’s daily… lol… finally unlocked it last night… I died with a score of 15… (mind you I have gone to the sewers once, and got demolished there, so I haven’t been back there, and this loads a OP version of the sewers…)

(I am sure I am in the negative top 10… lol)


We all have to start somewhere. Congrats on unlocking the dailies! Hopefully I’ll be able to try today’s as well! :slight_smile:


Well, the dailies reset at 9 PM my time and that’s exactly when I can finally have 30 minutes to play before going to sleep… (so this is the daily challenge for Sep. 12th, I’m guessing. It’s in a palace of sorts.)

So this just happened at 9:40 PM my time.

1 second left… the struggle was real. :tired_face: Never seen most of those enemies before!

I started with the sword, because the other option (gloves or whatever) had a 100% damage taken debuff. Beat the boss with a smoke cloud trap, a shield and a fire bomb. :blush:

Beat it on the 4th try after much struggle and running out of time in the boss room every. sigle. time. :roll_eyes:


Knowing your self-advertisement as a casual gamer, I need to redefine some terms about myself. Seeing as I play a bit of action games and can’t seem to progress as far as you here… :roll_eyes:

Anyway, good job! :clap:


12.09.2018 Intermittent run breakdown.

Since @onLooSe has not been able to supply us with his usual helpful guides recently and this map is hard I went and collected the information for myself so I might as well share it with you all as well.

We’re back in the castle, refer to my previous ‘guide’ here if you want to know more about it.


We do have some good stuff this time around though and it’s not too hard to get it either. We get to start out with Hayabusa gauntlets or a Balanced Blade. The gauntlets are possibly ever so slightly better, but I prefer the blade and how it handles and the blade does get more range if not by a great deal. An early stun grenade helps deal with the big whirlwind knights. There’s also an early Frantic Sword to pick up, but it’s DPS is a negligible upgrade to the balanced blade unless you want to run around at under half health, which can be a rather scary prospect in this place. I’ll be picking up the Wrenching whip anyway so I’d skip the Frantic sword. Further along we get a choice between Twin Blades and the Punisher shield, the shield is very useful on this map if you can parry with it as it means you not only avoid a lot of damage but you get to stun enemies long enough to finish most of them off, very useful if you’re going for the elite circuit.


  1. Since you’re climbing most of the way up for the 2nd scroll you might just as well go the rest of the way and open the chest for the points rather than just turning around. It contains the one use skill Vampirism which is kind of pointless, but might as well use it once before you get to the fire grenade.
  2. Going down the left side of the portal for the wrenching whip, port back up and go down the right side to continue.
  3. Elites and very little else. The secret area only contains a bonus point star and a secret wall square with a small food item. The first two elites will drop you necklaces all depending on your upgrade and cell level, the third one is a ‘free roaming’ one that will drop gear, for me it dropped Pyrotechnics, it’s also accompanied by a whirlwind knight which makes the fight very tough if you can’t kill it quickly. The cursed chest dropped the symmetrical lance which I’m pretty certain will only happen on at least 1 cell active.
  4. Slight waste of time. You could get a few points for a chest here which drops a phaser. Could be good for speed running and if you’re looking to clear everything this might be a spot to go early.
  5. Moderate waste of time. Another chest path that drops a rapier, fiddly weapon that wont be of any use here.


Mostly went with the pathing I described previously, except I went for the chests in area 4 and 5 while ignoring area 3 entirely. Resulted in a pretty decent score I think, with 30s left over so I could probably have killed a few more of the enemies that I rolled past in the beginning. Might go for an attempt at clearing area 3 later and compare the resulting scores.


14.09.2018 Daily Run Breakdown

I’m back bitc… boys and girls or at least for a while because I managed to stabilize my HDD until my new one arrives. Lets get on with it.

Prisoners’ Quarters so nothing spectacular… should be really easy on all difficulties.


Wrenching Whip - Our starting weapon of course and it delivers 'till the end with no problems. Shield Bearers?! No problems + the ability to pull enemies towards you is equal to easy kills.

Barnacle - Grab it before area #1 and never let go of it. Always use it when CD is available.

Toxic Cloud - It helps for faster kills until you replace it with the next gear available so why not take full advantage of it as long as you can.

Magnetic Grenade - It’s just a quick grab and you will Replace it with the Fire Grenade really soon but if timed correctly you might use it 2 times and save a bit of time on your clock.

Fire Grenade - This will be the second utility until the end of this run. After you get most of the scrolls it will start to kill enemies really fast so just toss it in a cluster and move along.

Fire Brands - It has it uses if you aren’t close to an archer or a zombie and you want to continue platforming on the way - toss it and hopefully it will take care of the enemy while you already moved further.


Area #1 - Grab the Barnacle Turret before going here. You can toss it under the first Skill Scroll or leave those enemies alive so you can refresh your speed buff after you return to the portal on the left. I didn’t felt any difference in time by testing those options so it’s up to you.

Area #2 - Pretty straight forward area with the only Elite available on this daily. It drops the only amulet for 4 cells, but it might be some nice piece of gear for you guys that are going on lower cells so let me know what’s the drop for you.

Area #3 - Swap the Toxic Cloud as soon as you hit the Magnetic Grenade. You can get multiple kill with one toss right after grabbing it and another one if you toss it below the star and you will have plenty of time to grab it before the enemies die from the nade. Of course replace it with the Fire Grenade after you grab the star.

Area #4 - Lots of enemies so make use of your stomping killing potential as well as all the arsenal you gathered so far. Don’t forget to grab the star before killing the enemies around it.

Area #5 - Here you can clear your first curse from Area #4 + 2 stars and get a second curse - this is lots of points. The last star is right at the curse chest door so of course you have to dodge the enemies before grabbing it for the extra score.

Area #6 - Again lots of enemies with 2 stars. Probably Area 4,5,6 are the most generous point wise ones so this explains my order so far - Grab the best gear as soon as possible and than you will get score way faster :slight_smile:

At time of posting #4 in the scoreboard in 8 tries > Leaderboards 14th of September 2018

GL HF and see you tomorrow! :stuck_out_tongue:

@Fraggles is doing amazing job and he clearly knows what he is talking about! Thanks for doing it buddy! Hope you guys are having fun as much as possible with Dead Cells :slight_smile: