Cyberpunk 2077

Well from what i understand of current Cyberkpunk 2077 situation it seems to perfectly encapsulate nature of PC gaming. Some people have good performance and good time and some people dont .

It’s like that with most of PC releases :slight_smile: it seems some people forgot about it and blows this bubble out of proportion. If your specific toaster setup cant handle biggest and shiniest triple AAA release on ultra settings it’s perfectly normal.


I’m honestly not upset or disappointed in the game itself. I’m a patient person, so the bugs and waiting for patches doesn’t bother me, though I understand how it could irritate others. I don’t think the bugs alone make it a bad game, or should reinforce the idea that you should not pre-order. I think it has its uses. I’m very glad I pre-ordered it, as I am glad I pre-ordered Valhalla and CK3. I wish I had pre-ordered Baldur’s Gate 3, but I just didn’t have the funds.

A better example to provide would be Mass Effect: Andromeda. A terrible game in many ways–story, mechanics, characters, writing, and many, many, many bugs. And games like that? Pretty common.

(I remember back in the day when we had bugs in our games. There was no such thing as a “patch”, we dealt with it. lol)

As for the graphics, I honestly feel like its just a problem needing to be patched. I noticed, even though I get near “perfect” performance, sometimes the game will load as if I have it on LOW and stay on there until I reboot. It will probably look better after a few patches.


If I can’t put my brain in my stomach to avoid headshots and add layers of armor to make my model appear fat and give my stomach-brain super protection, then this game is not as free and open as I thought.

Seriously though, I’m surprised of all the review videos I’ve seen complaining about errors and bugs. Honestly, my desktop definitely couldn’t handle this game. Maybe on minimum settings. But watching the videos, it looks playable to me.

I mean, at least it is not at the level of Mass Effect Andromeda.

If it is unplayable to someone, I’m sure that it will get patched and get better with a DLC or 2. Too much was invested in the game to be abandonware. Disappointing that it wasn’t bug-free at launch though.

Ok. I read an article and it clarified that there are a lot of crashes on last generation consoles. I didn’t know it was on last generation consoles and…that was probably a bad idea.


I wouldn’t be surprised if their hands were tied on that one. They likely had a deal before the delays with Sony/Microsoft to release it on XB1 and PS4.


i don’t get this line of though, what uses does pre-ordering have in a digital world??, heck in a world where even if you preorder a physical copy you aren’t guaranteed to get it arriving day 1/release if by online/delivery order?

you as a player gain absolutely nothing from it,
and no i don’t count digital pre-order bonuses of either limited or 0 worth, existing or getting stripped solely to fuel the contrived preorder frenzy


You get to piss money away - feel baller.
You get to fuel your zeal - feel righteous.
You get to herd - feel like you belong.

Various values, much gain.


I pre-order for a lot of reasons. The most important is that I have funds for it then, and I know I won’t later. Things always pop up. Other reasons include showing support and knowing I’ll have it there day of, and pre-order exclusives and if it is a physical release, knowing I got part of a limited stock and won’t have to deal with price increases by third party sellers. That matters to me, depending on the title.


that should be a non-issue
if you use 60$ in july, vs reserving those same funds for day 2-3 release, it changes nothing, those funds are still there - since either way the funds didn’t disappear, or you’ld be 60$ in debt from whatever forced you to use the reserved stash, meaning you technically didn’t have the money in july anyway

again, not something necessary, as it doesn’t benefit “you”/the customer, much less concerning AAA releases, worse is it enables companies to be fine with releasing day 1 trash “because there is plenty (blind) support for it”

granted i don’t buy many physical copies these days, much less for multiple platforms, like switch+playstation etc at the same time; but i can’t recall where/when physical stock of a AAA game(the games usually avail to preorder) was actually a problem in the past 10years+, at least not in the industrialized parts of the world.
Sole exception of limited stock being in elaborate collectors editions, since even the “Limited edition”(physical) isn’t really often “limited” and is only limited edition in the sense it comes with ex an extra bonus code for a generic skin (and that’s if the physical"limited edition" even has any extra features the digital doesn’t, which isn’t often)

^since i cant see “eye to eye” on those points, is why i don’t understand the line of thought and maintain it adds nothing for you as a customer or player


See…I’m in a very particular situation. I don’t need to spend it on these “events” (which do not involve me) but I’m forced to. It is a long story… :sweat:

Well, no, it isn’t necessary, but I like to show support for devs I like or for series I have very thoroughly enjoyed. Since their games often take me out of dark times of my life, I want them to know I appreciate their games and help support future endeavors.

I don’t pre-order standard physicals, they never run out. If I pre-order a physical, it’s some sort of deluxe, which do run out. For example, Kingdom Hearts III Deluxe edition. For months after it released, it was reselling for $150. I haven’t checked since, but its probably normalized if stock has returned.

I definitely understand why others don’t pre-order, especially if it doesn’t line up with my reasons, and it is why I don’t suggest they do it. It’s a “by person” sort of thing.

I’m fully aware of the risks on pre-ordering, but generally it has never been a problem for me (of all my preoders, Andromeda was the only regret) so I keep pre-ordering titles I am really excited for or know the development team from (such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, Witcher etc).


to pt1, well they can’t force money out of you if you hid them under the mattress or something :wink: that’s what i mean with if you reserved the funds, in whatever fashion available to you; the money would exist or equally not exist preorder or not

to pt2, i think it’s fine showing support for devs, heck i even do it by ex buying everything Crate creates. But you are still showing support if you buy day 2 or day 3 etc/“still buying full price”, you are in turn just for once not rewarding potential poor behavior, ex day 1 release patches, “sending a message” that pre release hype wasn’t bought into, and most importantly, potentially “saving” you in the case they didn’t live up to expectations and had a kink in their streak by releasing less than on par product.
^basically 0 downside to you while still supporting devs equally (and ofc in the case of AAA releases the actual dev support is minimal if even exists at all)

idono, just seems like a concept that’s hard for me to understand these days since people are basically volunteering for only potential downsides with 0 to gain. Basically like going into a casino, placing 60 bucks on black, with the only 2 possible payouts being even money or 0 @_@


this game is amazing, and the few bugs i encounter on pc can be a bit annoying but rly don’t affect how good this game already is right now

i think most issues are on console or something cuz i haven’t seen any “insane” bugs, just some items i cant pick up, some weird vehicle collision things, and getting physically stuck in a layer of staffolding i probably wasn’t supposed to try to get into in the first place

im 26 hours in now and if anything i just love it more and more; the amount of content is huge as well; from what i understood, i’m only 20% into the main story, and more sidemissions just keeping popping up everywhere, and i’ve not even gone to at least 75% of the map yet.

(i do feel bad for the ppl on console though [and if ppl do have insane issues on pc, then for those ppl as well], and there’s no excuses for what happened there)


i saw a gripe, similar to AC Odyssey i’ve mentioned, that Cyperpunk supposedly throws a ton of sidequest at you, many of which you “have” to do in order to progress the main story in some form of another (kinda assuming like ex lvl gating stuff from AC Odyssey) - not my words ofc, just what i read in a review
^have you noticed that, in any sense, or do you have the same sentiments towards it like you did with Odyssey that they are indeed optional and whatever the game throws at you is enough to progress and don’t feel like you have to “grind” through sidequests to get anywhere (or just enjoy them/do them willingly :joy:)


so far, i haven’t noticed that at all, not once, but then again, I usually go out of my way to do as much side quests as i can before going on with the main quest

though in this case i actually made an exception and started to move the main quest on a bit to see what would happen because it’s ez to keep on doing side quests cuz there’re so many, but lo and behold, side quests kept getting added cuz they apparently unlock based on your level, and then progressing main quest opened up the map for me (first 20% is played on one part of the map only) and then as soon as i started to drive around in a few other parts of town, i kept getting even more cuz they are also unlocked by going to their relevant neighbourhoods etc.

From what i’ve heard, u can finish main quest in 30 hours though, so i dont see how that leaves much room for lvl gating honestly


If anything, it compels you to do the quests because they’re interesting or because you got that over powered pistol at the beginning, and you’re blowing through everything. :rofl:

Also, I loved Odyssey. I don’t mind a bit of forced world exploration and thousands of quests. :star_struck:


in fact, that made me remember that the specific reason i pushed on with the main quest is that a side quest i wanted to do required me to open the map first

i heard something about a pistol (gamespot had a title saying it’s the most powerful weapon or something), but i dont want to know more cuz i prefer playing blind

though ofc, that all doesn’t mean it’s not there, but i certainly haven’t seen it; maybe there is some of that if you just try to do the main missions exclusively


yea though that might be your sentiment,
again it was from review, same thread where that CP77 graphics = Oblivion gold nugget was from, so i did not put much stock in it :wink:

and not like i have seen anything that makes me remotely consider taking it off wishlist, i’m just not gonna invest in it or dive into it anytime soon with the time i think it should be afforded (heck i’m still not even fully done in Witcher 3 @_@)


I also have to say the level design in this game is excellent, allowing for different entry points and paths to be taken depending on exploration and skill point unlocks, very reminiscent of the recent Deus Ex games (and i imagine the original ones, which i’ve never played) but in an actual open world instead of (quite restrained) closed maps

I often only discover different paths i could’ve taken after the fact, which has thought me to look up more to look out for those; verticality truly is a huge element in this game