Cyberpunk 2077

Since this year we didn’t have a Chrono E3 2019 thread and I’m not savvy enough to create one, here’s another one for a game I’ve been hyped about for years but will likely not play any time soon:

:small_blue_diamond: Cyberpunk 2077 :small_blue_diamond:

Here's the new E3 2019 cinematic trailer, for those who missed it:

So, what are your thoughts on the game so far, from what you’ve seen/heard/read/hoped?

  • I’m hyped and I’m pre-ordering!
  • I’m hyped and I’ll buy it when it gets released.
  • Looks good, but I’ll wait for the first batch of reviews.
  • Honestly? Not that excited.
  • Not my kind of game at all.
  • CDPR can go die in a dumpster fire for all I care.
  • I just think Keanu Reeves is hot.
  • Something else because I’m a special snowflake who doesn’t fit in polls.

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:snowflake: : please comment bellow what’s in that intricate head of yours – and how you can possibly not love Keanu Reeves.

Jokes aside: let’s discuss.

@s: @NICK9X9 and @Enki who I know are looking forward to this one! :blush:

@s 2: Electric Boogaloo as I remember more chronies: @Rhyagelle @GeekInUndies @dusty


Haven’t kept up on it honestly. And not somewhere where I can do so.

As for pre-ordering…



you forgot an option, buy it as soon as they add co-op :slight_smile:


Thanks for commenting, guys!

@Pylinaer never pre-ordered and won’t start now, but CDPR is a reputable company with many fans. In our experience, they promise and they deliver. With that said, I’m sure there will be many who will pre-order, and I hope they don’t feel discouraged if they have the budget and want to support a company they love early on!

So if anyone around here pre-ordered, let us know your thoughts! What are you looking forward to the most?

@Tencore you think they’ll add it? Sorry I’ve been out of the loop! I’ve just been going by their previous work and assuming it wasn’t part of their strategy for the game.

Anyone got a source on co-op mode? :blush:


The poll option missing for me is:
I don’t want to be spoiled or have any information about it until it is running in front of my face.
I actually don’t know what to think of it and that’s exactly how I want it to be :smiley:

for context

I’m a huge Witcher fan and it will be hard for me not to compare it to Witcher 3 the whole time, which is probably unfair or not a good approach. I actually followed the same strategy when the Witcher 3 was announced and I didn’t even buy it until both expansions were released. That worked great as I could enjoy the game when it was in a much better state and I could only hold back for so long because I wasn’t fully aware of how great it really was/is.

So have fun discussing the game, I’m out :wave:
For good measure I might also delete my account here, block forever and throw my PC in the dumpster.


Haha! Your approach is the same as @Fraggles. The reason I didn’t put that option in is because I assumed y’all wouldn’t even want to click in the first place. :woman_shrugging:

That’s fair and square! I’ll talk to you again in April 2020, man. Take care until then and don’t forget to match your recommended daily water intake. :droplet:


Yeah that’s exactly my position as well. No hype, but I AM looking forward to it.
CDPR have undoubtedly earned my full support but even with that I’m unlikely to pre-order. I did pre-order Witcher 3 in the last month because they gave a great offer to people who owned the other games and I think I got it for about half price. If they do something similar for this game I might do it.

Otherwise this might just be the first game in decades I’m willing to pay 60€ for.


But I will only be able to play in 2077!


I’m not making another thread, last year’s was to much of a bother for me to handle and I’m quite short on time as well, that said, this was about the only game I was waiting for this year, I don’t wanna get to much info on it either, but one of the things that I do hope they give you a choice on is the camera, the game is first person, nothing bad with that, but when they give you customization I kinda like to see that on my character on screen as well.


Kinda why I gave up on Computex. AMD went first and I was like… Well there’s all the stuff I was looking for.

Definitely excited to see more news on that front at E3


I’ve been so disappointed in AAA games lately. Anthem, Star Wars Battlefront, Destiny, The Division, Mass Effect Andromeda, Elder Scrolls Online, Fallout 76, Aliens Colonial Marines, Sonic games…, No Mans Sky, Evolve, so many!

Never ever pre-order. Then when the game comes out, visit 3+ trusted game review channels to find out if the game is actually finished.

I’ve been following Cyberpunk for a long time too. Mostly because of how annoyed everyone was that lots of games couldn’t call their games Cyberpunk because of copyright.

So, what are your thoughts on the game so far, from what you’ve seen/heard/read/hoped?

I kept up with the news a bit and from what I read about what their game will be…I’m ready to be disappointed. And that’s if the game wasn’t released before being finished.

Although Keanu Reves is a good bonus now.

I don’t know the /text for making a spoilers button. And I’ll also have to look it all up again to make sure I remember correctly. So I’ll just skip that part and leave what I think I know out of this.


I’ll take my time. Here’s my list of reasons to be cautious about the title:

  1. I’m not a big fan of Cyberpunk 2077 tabletop and I want to know how they implement it before I go in.
  2. Witcher 3 was good but far from perfect
  3. If the game is really long and expansive I won’t have time to dive in for quite a while - so no reason to hurry
  4. I’d rather wait for GOTY edition with all DLCs included
  5. System requirements may be an issue and if it’s as demanding as Witcher 2 and 3 were on release I might as well wait a few years since I don’t plan to upgrade my rig anytime soon.
  6. Pre-ordering is bad.
  1. I think tabletop was called Cyberpunk 2020 , not 2077.
  2. I’m sorry but it’s perfect :smiley:
  3. For you that might be downside but for majority of players it’s what they expect from CD PROJEKT RED :slight_smile: Massive , amazing games with hundreds of hours of content.
  4. There’s is logic in that, cant deny it.
  5. Yes, i’m notsure my PC will be ableto handle it as well. Though Witcher 3 ran like a cake so i have hope that game is going to be very well optimized.
  6. Yes it is :>

I greatly love all the Witcher games, they deliver a unique experience and great enjoyment. But no not even #3 is perfect. Turning a blind eye from criticism and pretending something we love is perfect is how the rot that infested Bethesda happens. They just got worse and worse and everyone just kept telling them they were amazing, they got away with so much shit and that’s how they ended up releasing 76 in a state ANY other developer would have looked at for 5s and scrapped the whole project.

We should criticize the things we love because things can always be better and we should want the people who create the things we love to strive towards that.

Witcher 3 has a number of issues, the primary one that I felt weighed heavily was the loot system. Once you get your witcher gear there’s rarely going to be a point where anything else is worth even looking at. This also makes the game fall into the dumb arse hole where the story tries to give you some old mythological super treasure and it’s 10 levels below yours and worse than the shit you pick up from bandits.

The game might have been far better if instead of innumerable swords and armour suits you only used witcher gear and made the resources needed for those rare and worth hunting for. That way the game could have scaled your gear to the story line by controlling availability of key ingredients rather than scaling equipment drops with enemy levels.

Anyway that’s just one of many little problems with Witcher 3 that I think could be improved in any number of ways. I still absolutely love the game, but I wont let my love for it blind me to it’s flaws and we can certainly still love it in spite of those.

I recently watched this video critiquing Witcher 3 and while I don’t agree with everything he has to say, I found it an interesting video. He has videos on the previous 2 games as well that I would greatly recommend. Spoiler warnings though, of course, don’t watch if you haven’t played the games.


Well i cant say i disagree with you :slight_smile: I could , as well , make a list of things which i found annoying , mainly combat. There was no point in playing on any difficultu except death march because of how easy and frankly lack luster combat was in general.

That said i tend to take games as a whole. Witcher 3 is way more than some of it’s parts and taken as a whole, as a experience , it was perfect to me :slight_smile: I guess that’s what i was trying to convey.


Haha well THERE we disagree then because I really enjoyed the combat. That’s something the video talks about too and I don’t get it. I loved the combat system in both W2 and 3. First game I can take or leave really, it didn’t bother me much once I figured it out.

Though I do wish the crossbow was put to better use.


Well i didint hate it or anything but i dunno , i found it a bit on a weak side. I think what did it for me was Deathmarch which forced me to use potions,oils and bombs because on easier difficulties you could just spam sword attacks and be okay. Having to use other witcher tools adds to whole experience.


I think it is still hard to say if they will add it or not. They said it for sure wouldn’t be included at launch but possible after that. They also hired a team that works with multiplayer so it is possible. I generally do not buy single player only games, still haven’t played Witcher 3 :smile: , so yeah I really hope they add it one day. Would be an insta buy for me if they did.


GOG just announced their RED Package on their site, where you can buy all their hottest games in one bundle.

For $80 you get The Witcher series + Cyberpunk 2077.:ok_hand:


That’s a pretty good deal if you don’t have any of those games and want them. But I have a hard time imagine someone who wants them and don’t already have at least most of them.