Cyberpunk 2077

You guys do know that a debate doesn’t work like that, right? If you make a claim, you back it up. You don’t tell the other person to do your work for you, or to “use google”. Lord. :sweat_smile: Thank you regardless for the link, I will read over it now.

No, what it was is an ad hominem in order to reduce the other person’s argument without actually arguing against it. You know the terms fanboys and fanboyism comes from a “taboo” stance, so you use it to dismiss me.

Lastly, acknowledging that 13m copies being sold despite its issues as proof that gamers don’t mind bugs is not an admission of fanboyism, nor should you have assumed it was. It was a statement of what is obviously true.

Because I don’t believe in a fanatical statement that they did this all deliberately?

Fanboyism would be me denying every ounce of what was said against Cyberpunk, and refusing to acknowledge they had issues, or pretending its all perfect. Fanboyism is an extreme stance, of someone unwilling to acknowledge issues with something they adore. I think I’ve shown clearly that I don’t approve of the state of the game and that I am not trying to excuse away the state in which it was released, only that the garbage we have was not out of intention to scam people. But sure… let’s stick with “I’m a fanboy!”, it rolls easier. :roll_eyes:

Do you mean between PS4s, or different consoles entirely, like PS4 vs Xbox One? If the later, no…they aren’t identical. :neutral_face:



I never had the intention to be hostile, sorry, hopefully they know that and I’ll just leave it at that. :sweat_smile:


ahh i see what’s going on, we have different definitions of “fanboi” and fanboi’ism
someone accepting of bugs isn’t necessarily a fanboi, but someone defending “this”/what’s going on, what you are/attempting, is indeed (imo) fanboying.

we aren’t making the initial claims you did, you said there were no deception/CDPR didn’t “know”/merely being neglectful, then you have to prove it(according to your debate rules), we then countered the part you used as proof(because it wasn’t).
You then wanting us to direct you to sources, of something that has been widespread in (games) media the past almost 2 weeks, then just shows that you A either had complete blinders on, or B are stanning CDPR and you need something “big” as counter to shatter that belief
I have no dog in this fight, i’m not a PS4/X1 CP77 user, but the way and what you are defending CDPR/this launch is indeed, imo, fanboy levels, because you are not just ignoring obvious things, you are straight up refusing the reality/“what everyone says”(not just me and fraggles)
^the devs themselves saying the game wasn’t ready, should be all you needed as “proof” something was wrong with this launch/deception was at play.
You accepting/not caring about that is another matter, but you are going hard to fend off criticism of CDPR/the launch, when it’s so glaringly obvious valid criticism.
You liking the game/enjoying it doesn’t even play in here. We aren’t saying it’s a bad game, we aren’t even saying there is something wrong with the game, we are saying there is something wrong with the launch, and specially CDPR management for doing this, (even against advice from dev team).
But somehow it seems like you are taking, the factual sht show of PS4/X1, and everything leading up to it, as an attack, on either your game/or something connected to you. CDPR is just a company, they aren’t your friend you need to shield in a fight, so ignoring what’s going on doesn’t counter the criticism, nor does it serve you any benefit. - the game working fine for you on PC/being enjoyable is fine, but you should not just go ignore what’s going on despite that, because then it might just be you it bites next time.

except i did argue against it?, repeatedly?? and the “fanboy” can the (imo) appropriately be used to display absurdity of the repeated “flaws” happening - and i used that quote, about “you”/gamers forgiving bugs, because it was completely apt in the context; that is what publishers bank on. - and to me is an element of fanboyism when someone is willing to “forgive” a certain level of borkedness. Because srs… why? how? if sht is objectively broken, how “fan” do you have to be to not just accept it, but forgive it… it’ baffles me, it’s like customers pandering to corporations “we should be grateful just because they gave us these scraps of something we liked before” - it’s a mindset i don’t understand, and it’s only accepted with games for some reason, so yes, fanboyism (imo)

how is that counter proof for fanboism?, what does it state is “true”? that hype and marketing works?, that people are ridiculously accepting of issues and willing to continuously lowering their launch standards? - like i said before, CB77 selling well, and continuing to do so, is not a “good thing”; it will only serve to incentivize this crap more and more, even from CDPR again
^when you can release a product that is more borked than AC unity, ME Andromeda, and FO76, and not only make a profit, but make the game cost+profit, despite refunds - you can betcha this will become more and more prevalent in the industry, and possibly wont even be the last time we see this launch acceptance from CDPR management either

i didn’t say that did it?
but you still only have to QA/playtest 6 different systems, that’s not hard to spot how borked your sht is(console QA will always be “simple” compared to PC).
Yes development/responding to that would be different and indeed require time etc, but that’s not what’s being said or going on; they ran it by QA, someone, at QA informed the team it was performing like ass on PS4/X1 - dev team even tells management about it, management still goes ahead with launch. it wasn’t “missed” it was, deliberately ignored, by management - to the point the CEO lied about it


I would say that the investors gearing up for a class action lawsuit against CDPR management for misleading information on consoles is pretty good proof that they lied. I love the game but I am also on PC so not many bugs. They really should have delayed or cancelled the PS4/XB1 launch.


this game is rly frikkin huge; a google search tells me a completionist playthrough is 69 hours, but i just dont see how that’s possible

I’m 75 hours in as it stands. I’m only maybe 1/3 into the main storyline cuz i only now and then dip into that, but i’ve been doing side missions left and right all the time, and also taking care of gangs etc., but regardless, the game keeps on adding new missions (not randomly generated; they are limited) and the map is frikkin lit up with side missions to do still

i still stand by that this will probably end up being my favorite game ever; i rly think it is at this point; especially the consistent quality of the story and the side missions blow games like GTA V, for example, (I know that’s not the best example :joy: but i used it cuz at this point this is what this game is often being compared to) completely out of the water


Please folks let’s keep it civil as humanly as possible, and if you have something against someone I suggest solving it through private messages.

Meanwhile CD Projekt’s personal hell continues…

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I really really want to play this game, but my goodness I’m not sure I’m ready to hop in or heaven forbid actually pay full price for a game when it’s still got so many issues


yeah, i think it depends on each person and their system; for me, although there are some bugs, it’s pretty smooth sailing and tons of fun being thrown in that crazy world


OMG, just acquired this car, the best one i’ve seen in this game, for free, totally by accident by running into a hidden Batman easter egg; i now have Batman’s cybermobile :grin:


inside view:


I didn’t think to take a screenshot yesterday when I scanned a guy and this popped up :joy: but then I remembered it today and looked for it online:

Pizza Desecration Act :joy::joy::joy:


i see, so Cyberpunk continues its deliberate hated and bigotry controversy by now being racist to Hawaii :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
for shame CDPR, for shame :pensive:

The Glorious Pineapple Pizza Shall Rule Eternal !!! :metal:




Cool’io! I didint think that you can drive a porsche in this game .


wait, does that (potentially?) mean that CP77 is subject to licensing and might get removed from stores in X years?? :thinking:


wouldn’t be surprised if Porsche asked them to do it like product placement; Cyberpunk is a pretty big deal, and if you’re the only licensed car in it…

not rly spoiler but kinda hinting towards a mini-spoiler

especially since there’s actually only 1 porsche in the game and it has “sentimental value”, though it can also be easily missed, depending, and it’s found in a side mission too


This is super exciting for me, I am definitely a 3rd person perspective guy… looking forward to seeing this a bit more polished and I think I will have a lot of fun with it. :slight_smile:


wait wait wait… there wasn’t third person mode in CP77 to begin with ?!? @_@
wth …


Should there been ? It seems like game was tailor made around first-person viewpoint .

I think you only get third person perspective while driving ze car.


whats the point of character customization then ? :thinking:


There was only 1st person to start, but I always prefer to play in 3rd person. I get a bit dizzy playing 1st person for a while. I try, but am terrible at it.