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Crazy News Stories


This is actually a good idea Hahah why don’t you go ahead and create they thread to farm some sweet “karma”? :+1:


Maybe we should ban geese buying games :thinking:


The Nottingham Goose Fair started this week, happens every year for over a hundred years, probably going to that!


Ye must take pictures. ^^ Must see.


I always wondered and just assumed they had some logical standard for ratings…


I’m not going this year, presume the goose was trying to get a lift there. Its a large travelling fair which has been going since the 13th Century apparently.



You know what they say! You can’t hack a typewriter!


Happy Mole Day! :fireworks::dizzy:




One question: Does what constitutes ‘derogatory’ fall to the listener, the speaker or a third party?



Just in case you didn’t realize, it’s a satire site, military sort of the onion.



HM :thinking:

We’re doomed!


I was curious, but then they hit me with the turn off your adblock, so bye bye.


Really? doesn’t show up for me :thinking:

Will check when I’m on the PC.

And you know them already dude, “Vaza-Jato”!


I read the article on the phone and the warning didnt come up for me



Those first 2 paragraphs were so very promising, then I read the 3rd.


It’s like an inverse The Purge