Crazy News Stories


A thread where we can post crazy news stories.

I’ll start; this one’s rather heartwarming (and kinda scary too):

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How can someone forget their baby…


It can happen. I have 8 kids, and this has never happened to us (forgetting a kid somewhere), thank God, but as someone who has kids I can assure you this could happen to anyone, as crazy as it may sound.

Probably they had to rush to catch the plane and maybe she thought her husband was carrying the baby and he though she was, for example…




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Two words: Florida Man.



Uncanny how we posted our respective replies within a second of each other.


I’m not buying it. There’s no excuse for forgetting a baby. And if i had been a passenger on that plane, i would have been furious beyond belief.


An extremely tired, overworked, neglected woman. I’d say getting on a plane returning to Malaysia from a place like Saudi is even more stressful, too. Imagine adding that to your plate as an overworked parent.


let’s just hope it never happens to neither u nor me; i just happen to realize it is not impossible


Still not buying it. No matter how hard life gets, there’s no excuse for forgetting your baby. Your luggage? Sure, but not a baby.


Can I ask if you are a parent? Have you ever been stressed out before that you have an anxiety attack? So tired that your head hurts so bad that you can’t open your eyes? So tired that you’re falling asleep on your feet? So distracted that you wouldn’t noticed your house on fire? If not, I guess you wouldn’t.

That happens all the time to to a lot of parents. You can not buy it all you want, but it is common enough for some parents (especially poor single mothers) to forget children due to stress and life. They have no ill intentions, it just happens.





My thoughts as well.


I never said it’s excusable btw, i merely said it could happen to anyone, that doesn’t mean there’s any excuse for it to happen.



Also, apparently this story wasn’t correctly reported:

I think the fact that they were given permission to “head back to the gate” and not “to land” also proves this flight hadn’t taken off, as was erroneously reported.


I think this qualifies…