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OMG, lol, that is rly creepy, but come on, if that was rly true, they’d just actually bite the humans for the bones, no?

slow news day, i guess


who hurt you?



Not shopped. actually happened.


The obvious sidekick for Florida Man,

Florida Dog!!


Mrs. M00 probably got one for @M00 to make him happy.


Mad cow science.


Brazil’s president blames Leonardo DiCaprio amid Amazon fires


@Silk @Enki @Agetime




What is amazing is he did it without matches…


Unfortunately, the video of the SHEER NUMBER of bullet holes in the truck got pulled before I got back to it :frowning:





Sounds like a good call on Boris Johnson’s part, I’d rather hide in a fridge than be interviewed by Piers Morgan too.


I bet they hid in the fridge to make sure his hair was mussed up enough.

The photo they have up is proof that he wasn’t adequately prepared, His hair looks almost normal.



i just realized i’ve been counting my decades wrong :rofl:


The moon is a gorgeous site all year round - I often say hello to the full one - just know, in case any wolves are listening. They know I respect her. :stuck_out_tongue: