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Yep, then it comes off like birchbark.


You can really see the difference in the ‘fuzz’ there.


That is so very weird! It’s like somebody shaved the poor thing. T_T



That’s not crazy… that’s just plain sad. Human race being Human race , destroying everything around them.


Has it ever occurred to anyone that there’s been several ice ages and also several opposites of that and that all of this is a natural occurrence and revolution of the global climate (which revolves over thousands or millions of years in cycles)

I’m not saying humans don’t produce CO, but whether they do or not is practically irrelevant to global temperature; global warming and global cooling will take place regardless of what we do and regardless of whether we’re present or not and is actually determined by things far beyond our control, like the amount of light Earth receives from the Sun due to the gravitational pull of Jupiter etc.

Just as there’s been ice ages and periods where there was practically no ice (or none) at all on Earth, the same will occur in the future, regardless of what we do, regardless of whether we want it or not, and regardless of whether we’re even here or not.

call me crazy; i dont care

whoever does not understand these simple facts simply does not understand simple facts


I guess the point is that it is man accelerates climate change. And the issues that come with that (flooding, agriculture issues, loss of certain habitats). So its much harder for natural systems and humans to adapt.
Too much gas is pumped into the atmosphere that can be coped, some gas is ok it’s more the amount you put in. The fact there are less trees and vegetation to deal with things doesn’t help that.


While you are correct about there being cooling and warming cycles which are independent from human activity saying that humans do not influence them is just ignorant my dude. We do influence them strongly as we do influence everything else around us. In a negative way.

I understand that it’s easier to believe that ’ hey we just happen to live in a time of climate change ’ than to admit that we are changing that climate as much as it is changin itself.


all im saying is Earth will warm regardless and cool regardless, if a new Ice Age suddenly starts for example (and some scientists claim we are actually still in one, hence the poles still being covered in ice), then there would be nothing we could do about that, nor could we do anything about Earth warming


The thing is that earth’s climate do change on it’s own but that happens on geological time scales ( thousands if not tens of thousands of years ) , now look how climate changed in last 50 years . We are just keeping our foot on gas pedal pushed all the way down.

And we are supposed to be ‘smart’ specie on earth…


not that crazy but kinda funny


this is kinda nuts though


Realized I haven’t posted this here.

Igniting global outrage, Brazil’s Bolsonaro baselessly blames NGOs for Amazon fires

Also this and many more:

The Amazon has been burning steadily for 20 years and only now do 1st-world politicians and citizens care enough to make it a trending topic everywhere for two days. Please share and consider donating:

Thank you. :deciduous_tree:

Also feel free to ask me any outstanding questions about Brazilian politics, data, indigenous tribes and the Amazon here or privately via PM. I’m happy to answer whatever I can and redirect you to well-informed resources for further reading.

Context, for the unaware: this is what we call “época das queimadas” or “burning season.” It’s when lumberjacks that harvest the Amazon for natural resources or burn down its vegetation to turn it into cow pasture increase their burning. This has been the case for around 20 years.

This year, something different happened: my city, São Paulo, was overcast with a dark, yellow-ish smoke for the entirety of Wednesday, to the point in certain parts of the city the sun did not rise. For further context, São Paulo is the world’s 10th biggest city and Brazil’s industrial “powerhouse”.

The smoke caused people to, once in their lives, question their surroundings. In turn, rain water from Wednesday’s drizzle was sent to laboratories for inspection, and here is where you will hear/read divisive opinions depending on who you ask:

a) the smoke is from the burning Brazilian Amazon
b) the smoke is from Peru or other nearby Latin American countries.

Also worth noticing is the fact that the smoke reached São Paulo for a few reasons, such as wind patterns, rain and increased burning. However, there is an extra aggravating factor, which is the fact that said lumberjacks did “spice up” their burning this year to show our recently-elected president, Jair Bolsonaro, that they are “ready to get to work.”

In fear of turning this into a purely political discussion – which, by nature, it is, but I’m attempting to circumvent the root of the problem (pardon all the unintentional puns) – I’ll simply leave it at:

:deciduous_tree: Help us if you can by donating and raising awareness. :deciduous_tree:

(IMHO Getting stuck with discussing whether or not this has been happening at this same rate for the past X years or whether the recent elections are an aggravating factor or not is a worn-out discussion that doesn’t help reforestation.)

Thanks. Also @ing some of my Brazilian comrades to add to the discussion if they please! :brazil: :yellow_heart:

@Enki @Agetime @Silk


Think of the Ants!!


They are, that’s why no one is doing anything.


Can I thumbs down a post?


I do in fact have a serious question though.

What reputable and responsible charities are there that are involved with protecting the rain forest and more urgently involved in fighting these fires?

I don’t mean to monopolize your time and energy to do research on the topic on my behalf, I can do that myself if necessary. Only if you have any on the top of your head.


I get that u can’t obviously like it, but that was pretty funny.


I linked one above, love. The Rainforest Trust. :yellow_heart:

Thanks for your interest.


I mean, if we don’t get this clown out of his position, it’s just going to get worse. People need to wake the fuck up and stop bitching like they’re fighting over their football team.

I am disgusted and ashamed.


Sometimes i’m really happy that i’m living in Europe. We have our share of absolutely retarded morons and set of man-made problems but looking at situations like this one… just unbelievable how short-sighted and egoistic some people can be.

Not only are they fucking up everything for everone else, they are also fcuking everything up for themselves. But to be fair you can point this stick to basically any nation/region.