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Crazy News Stories


Sweet! The real island of doctor moreau.


I used to buy The Guardian. Then I visited their website every day for years. Given up on them now.


“Not the E3 leak I expected,” - someone probably


Welcome to McDonald’s 10,376th PR stunt for the masses! Please continue to enjoy your burger. :hamburger:


ha ha

I’m so sorry

ha ha

cry with me


stop that.

I don’t need to be feeling those emotions again



The minute I looked up the image I remembered why I had to stop watching… agh! the feels! T_T



Eh? Should we still plan to play BL2?



The story doesn’t really change my opinion on BL3. I already was planning on forgetting about it for a really long while.

I also can’t verify how the guy was obtaining his information. But effectively shutting him down over it since he’s a high profile YouTuber may not work in Take Twos favor.

In any case, it’s the publisher potentially being a bag of dildos, not the developer (Gearbox)


Sending investigators though - to someone’s private property - instead of inviting him to a meeting, or sending a cease-or-desist letter or something, well, a bit less hostile. That doesn’t look good at all.

Also, if you’ve got info for a game not yet released, why on earth would you talk about it on Youtube anyway? Excitement aside, that doesn’t seem smart.


“The news comes following a similar move by retailer Walmart, which has pulled in-store advertising and displays for games that contain “violent themes or aggressive behavior” following this weekend’s shooting near a store in El Paso, Texas. The stores will still sell guns.” ~Joshua Rivera


Some casual hush hush and brush under the table gone on there…


Somehow Epic games must be held responsible for this…



Since @Danacscott likes to “pet” things, I wanted to post this for her safety.


Ha ha. No worries on me petting anything size. If I was HP’s Hagrid I might try, but nope! I’m a short shortie, lol.

Still, I wonder if they’re shaggy or soft…? <3


Both, depends on which part of the animal and what season.


They grow like thicker fuzz in Winter for instance?