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I think that’s called fraud protection. The difference being they just watch what you purchase on your account.


wait what? what are you talking about?
that’s even more unrelated to the concept of cookies/trackers, “stalking” digitally with my tacked on irl comparison

the stalkers in my comparison example has nothing to do with the concept of fraud protection, because that’s not what it was about with with the mentions of digital tracking; google, ms, apple, facebook etc to mention a few but big/common and easily understandable examples
these do not employ tracking or data collection “for your sake”, remotely, or fraud protection, (dana’s example for instance is just 1 that’s pretty on the nose)
and it’s that kind of digital “stalking” i’ve never quite understood how was so easily legal, when if done the same “irl”/“in person” by a company, with that lvl of “stalking” it would likely have been a whole other matter…
(and so the “tangible” example/comparison of a walmart employee following you around your life -outside of walmart, to help illustrate my bewilderment from that point)


I also use ad blocker.


if you think that’s all, or that setting fixes all, or that adblocker alone stops everything, then no…
my issues it not the tracking itself (otherwise i’d probably be using every filter, script killer and anti tracker or blocker known to man, different search engine etc, like others do),
i’m just merely perplexed how and why it was ever just so easily legal, “by default”
-since likely would have been less so “irl”

…kinda getting the feeling i’m unable to make my self “crystal” clear with some people who’s reading my initial reply :man_shrugging:


The same way Lootboxes are/were legal. Because the system was never future proofed and the law moves too slow to catch up. And since this particular thing has never garnered massive backlash, unlike lootboxes, lawmakers aren’t exactly inclined to care.

In the case of Google, you are agreeing to let them do it. So in your scenario, it would be like Walmart sending an employee to go from store to store behind you but only after you’ve said, “Yeah, sure, go ahead” and then never decide to tell him to go away (aka deleting said cookies).

Considering my ISP is literally Google, I personally don’t have to care because it’s all tracked.

But anyway:

I think I see a few options there about tracking.


no you are not, simply by using google search, you don’t even need an account for them to track, give “recommendations”(ads) or use various google analytics, it’s baked in to pretty much anything even stuff where you aren’t touching google products "directly"
and i use adblock myself, have that setting enabled ofc, (along with mozilla and ublock) and it still doesn’t block every tracker stuff (not that i personally mind, but don’t think that little switch catches all for you)

and it’s not so much about having had futureproof rules, but the slow pace of catching up/irl statutes not being directly transferred/applicable to the digital realm, and then when do attempt at catching up, it’s such halfarsed measures (in my mind)
and the loot box argument doesn’t really work well, since that’s a fairly new thing, and digital privacy has been a concern for “a while”(for some people anyway),
+there is a difference between 0 regulation existing, and something that is carefully crafted to fall just in the cracks or “under” existing regulation like with lootboxes

the fact microsoft, sony, apple, oracle, hell valve for that matter, or any software/“digital” product provider has ever been able to say "you bought our stuff, now we own yo ass if you want to use it, and no right of return after breaking seal(which was necessary to even find out)" -hell even with physical goods that contain digital parts, consoles, phones etc, has always appeared strange to me. Something as bs as a mandatory ToS, after the fact, can be a binding contract, that you get “forced” to agree to(or wave your money goodbye), just to be able to use a simple product. Perplexing how digital was not just slow, but so removed from physical standards ever to begin with

anyways, doesn’t really matter, not like you guys can “fix” any of those issues/change my bewilderment about the human/corporate nature of these things,
it was just my pop-in thought on the matter of Chrome/Big$ being allowed to (digitally) “stalk” on us flesh and blood creatures, with that article showing how many “:cookie:” they can stuff you full of in 7days (inb4 digital diabetus :smile:)


Rather than continuing to argue on…


Yes, you are. Using Google is agreeing to being tracked.

And as for your store analogy, I thought Id add more fuel to the fire:

Who do you think the info is being sent to? Just the store owners?

About India: @Pylinaer thanks for sharing this. I’m sick and tired of people saying “this is normal,” “it has nothing to do with climate change,” “it’s a warm country,” “they have too many people anyway,” “it’ll be fine soon.”

Bottom line is usually these people are so self-centered and lack so much perspective they don’t understand that the capital of India lacking water should be a big NOPE to all of us.

This inaugurates dark times for India, especially the poor, who are set aside for what the upper class believes to be culturally justifiable reasons.

I wouldn’t dare set foot into the religion debate, as I know very little and wouldn’t want to discuss it with anyone who doesn’t know India’s general reality first hand.

However, water will become scarce, and the rich will not part with it. How do you think they’ll manage?



CCP Games:


Well THAT sounds like a lot of fun. Eve online has always benefited from having it’s shit stirred up now and then, mostly that’s been done by players though. Setting up NPC invasions that actually pose a threat is an interesting idea, but also kind of dangerous as it rather goes against everything eve always tried to be, near exclusively player driven.

There’s a real risk that some alliances gets a raw deal here and that could easily be interpreted as CCP favoritism and the game no longer offering a ‘fair’ board for people to be unfair towards each other on.


I also can imagine some ppl must be pretty pissed if they suddenly lose a ship they’ve worked years for though. It’s one thing for that to happen cuz of player actions, but here some ppl might just feel like the devs screwed them


Heh, no they’re not going to care about ships when they’re losing STATIONS and constellation sovereignty. Those things takes years for several hundred people… or russian RMT bots to create, secure and defend.


i find it particular piquant that there is just total radio silence from CCP themselves, effectively just deliberately letting players panic while they scramble to pick up the pieces in such manner


it is pretty cool though, i have to admit, EVE online has always seemed like such a cool concept to me, and i’ve always enjoyed reading about some of the most crazy things and endeavors that took place in its universe, but it’s not something i would get into myself cuz i’d just fear it would possibly consume me if i did, though now i guess i’d be passed that, getting older and responsibilities and shit


"privacy bad, open internet bad"
mozilla = article 13 = bad, these XYZ industry trade organizations are always freakin nuts :joy:


A year old, but I don’t think the economic status has changed drastically over there.


i would have thought Ubisoft to be the first to cock up like this :confounded:

that one is extra hilarious because it even cuts off before the sentence is finished :joy:

this just keeps getting funnier

Bethesda Sofworks is just one giant bug at this point :smile:


The ESA leaks personal information of every press person who applied for a press pass to E3.


Here we go everyone, cat girls are finally on the horizon!