Crazy News Stories

Parody, but funny and probably not too far from the truth.

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This is too good to be put on the “Cool Videos” section.


It’s Australia, the brain was the deepest part the worm would be able to dug down


Just wow. What were they thinking.


That the battlement looked weak and unmanned, rally the Huns it’s time to invade china!


I don’t know any more than what the article says, but I doubt they’d have done this for a shortcut that only shaved off some minutes’ travel or was useful only occasionally. I’m guessing the wall had a significant impact on relatively frequent travel. In the photo in the article, you can see a pretty well-worn footpath over the top of the wall.
Their thinking may have been that yes, the wall is an important piece of history, but also that such remnants of the past should not be making their present lives worse.
Any “decent” option, such as a bridge, tunnel, or dismantling part of the wall to replace with a gate and rebuild it elsewhere would be very pricy (not to mention also potentially destructive), and thus extremely unlikely to be approved by the state.
I’d love to hear from the perpetrators about this, who knows, maybe they did do this just to save a grand total of five minutes over five years xP Unfortunately I suspect that since they were arrested, we probably won’t, and that anyone else who finds the shortcut useful will probably not speak out in its defence.


Good points. I never thought of the Wall as something smack dab on the way of the everyday guy. If they literally had to take a bulldozer to it, them maybe an alternative is really needed.

Or just do the “disrespectful” thing, make a valid path. Amazing it still so solid.


This here is a wt actual f. Who is coming up with this utter idek.


PS. Not knocking the significance of clothing. Civilian folks aren’t supposed to wear camouflage here, for instance. Reasoning obvious.

However, I don’t understand how wearing a Kimono in the streets of China “hurts the nation’s feelings”. :person_shrugging:


It hurts the “nations feelings” because the nation is the party and one of the kind of big aspects of communism, particularly the Chinese variety, is cultural uniformity. That’s why one of the first things they did when first seizing power was the erasure of history and stifling of many of the disparate cultures of the many minority groups within their borders. This is still ongoing today.

These days they’re mostly using this as a weapon to galvanize their people against pretty much anything outside the party itself to protect themselves against criticism or distracting from the party’s failures. Recent floods, looming famine, yet another massive real estate business about to default and collapse.

Hey why don’t you all go hate on Japanese cultural expressions like wearing kimono, don’t pay attention to all the ways in which your leaders are failing you.

Also panic because Japan are now going to start slowly releasing the water used and stored for cooling the destroyed Fukushima nuclear power plant into the Atlantic. As they were scheduled and cleared by international agencies overseeing the whole affair to do . Everyone here is doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing, but China one of the primary polluters in the world decides to completely ban all fish imports from Japan and induce panic in their population about irradiated Japanese fish imports. While their own food production is projecting massive failures.

It’s all about deflecting and obscuring dissatisfaction with the party, and stirring up hate against the Japanese in particular is just very easy.


Standard politician behaviour. Our ruling party is supposed to have an Opposition. We don’t. It’s a democracy system here. (Yeah right).

Our PM is very good at talking and skirting over their actions. Still without an Opposition in cabinet, whatever she decides, gets done.


And 2023 never stops surprising us…for the worse.

There’s some clarification below I found on Reddit:

So this is not the full story. If you read the actual article from unity the reality is quite different.

Let’s run thru stuff:

Unity will charge IF you have over 200k installs AND 200k revenue WITHIN THE LAST 12 MONTHS.

This means if you as a developer are not making 200k over 12 months you don’t need to pay.

You would also only cross the threshold if you were selling your games for $1

  1. If you’re an indie dev selling your game for 20 bucks on steam. You would need to sell 10,000 units over 12 months to meet the financial threshold, and over 4million USD

  2. By this point you have the option to upgrade to unity pro which is a 2000 usd/yr license/company.

Under unity pro the dev is paying 15 cents per install for the first 100k installs. .075c for installs from 100k-500k and 3 cents from 500k - 1m and 2c per install for 1m+ installs.

Also the threshold for install fees only kicks in after 1million lifetime installs AND 1 million usd in the last 12 months.

Enterprise gets even cheaper.

Honestly if you look at the full plan and crunch some numbers I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. And older games that don’t break the 200k / year threshold don’t have to worry, and any devs that are ok unity pro, have to worry even less

Source: Unity plan pricing and packaging updates | Unity Blog

Edit - additional context:

Just to give some context. A developer that sold 200k usd of a 20 usd game. The number of customers would be 10k users. Each user would need to install the game 20 times before the developer gets charged.

At which point, I don’t see how as a developer yoy wouldn’t just pay the 2k unity pro license fee, rather than get stuck paying 40k for the 200k installs.

If anything this seems like a ploy to get devs to sign up to unity pro, rather than getting them to pay per downloads at the unity personal rate.

Kind of like those situations where a seller gives you crap at the basic level to get you to pay a bit more for the real product in the mid tier.

From: I am concerned that Steam (and other platforms) is about to lose a lot of games

Despite this I’ll be getting Cult of The Lamb just in case.



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