Crazy News Stories


Speaking of which…

Never meet your heroes.



funny how 'murican events is automatically in the twilight zone between “news”, and “memes” :joy:


I think UK and europe is different hmm



aww, :disappointed:



guess the hospital just got a new therapeutic pool :thinking:


And this seems to be the replacement, I dunno what to say




it’s okay, Trump will pardon them image


I dunno man; i think he’s done pardoning ppl image


If these people are just arrested and not yet charged or indicted through the court of law, does any Pol Sci people here know if the POTUS can issue a pardon? I am confused…


Well, it looks okay at least. :neutral_face:


yes, he can:



I appreciate the info, I don’t like the response though…


It appears to change on a daily basis, kinda weird, dunno if the popularity of the emote will be intact. Anyway, I prefer the pepe variants that comes with FFZ and BTTV extensions, so that did not affect me, but they say PogChamp was one of most used emotes. RIP


Yeah, that emote was quite popular, specially on Twitch. I didn’t know he support Trump.
I also almost didn’t use that emote either, since I usually use the good old yellow emotes.



while they did “ask for this”, i do find it highlights some of the ridiculousness of “border” regulations
-that swine fever suddenly met its match one day to the other, the invisible wall of customs regulations, and no longer will rogue british oranges threaten the fragile EU ecosystem