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Pro-Trump protesters force US Capitol into lockdown as Congress meets to certify 2020 election results
Pro-Trump protesters entered the Capitol building and engaged with riot police as Congress held a joint session to count the Electoral College votes which would clear the path to President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration later this month. One person was shot amid the melee, according to The Associated Press and NBC News. The Senate recessed its Electoral College debate on Wednesday afternoon after protesters outside of the Capitol building forced a lockdown. Vice President Mike Pence was evacuated from the building.

@delenn13 will you adopt me, please?


Well it looks like it’s wearing clothes so I guess that’s okay? :sweat_smile::rofl:
But wow


I think I need to leave the country…


@GeekInUndies @YQMaoski it’s fiiiiiiiiiiiine booooooooyyyyyys, no worries, they’re joking, just a prank bro


I just found out I have family on my wife’s side at this protest. Hoping for their safety but also irritated they’d actually join this mess


sry if this is making me an awful person, but i love ya 'muricans being so ridiculous :rofl:
nov2016-jan2021 :ok_hand: fn surreal entertainment gold
-i just feel bad for all the Political Science/Psychology/Sociology PhD Docs/candidates that has seen everything they thought they knew crumble before their eyes, and left only being able to throw their arms (and dissertation) up in the air in defeat off the boundless fringes of human absurdities :joy:


Seriously. No one ever heard of ‘letting it go’? I don’t understand.


The craziest part is that this event was announced in advance, and the only preventative measures were taken by a hotel:


:joy: i hope so much this is real :rofl:


Looks like uncle Mark is at it again.


am i terrible for hoping facepuke falls into some antitrust category and gets demolished in some fashion?


Ouch that’s bad
But we all knew Mr Zuckerberg was up to something with Whatsapp long term
Such as with the plans to merge it with messenger :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
He wants to Zucc it all
Too bad that so many people use and rely on it. I wonder if anyone here knows a way to archive previous messages from whatsapp to pc? In a readable format that is
(But knowing what it is i’ll probably end up staying on whatsapp anyway)


I would say that i’m surprised but after 4 years of “Tramp” i’m really not. All i’m hoping that this is a bottom reached for US and now you guys can spring back from that bottom and move only up.

Also i would like to see Trump getting trialed for all of this but i doubt it’s going to happen.


I weep for humanity. :cry:


much things happen in this planet oh men :sob:


Hopefully we can let this particular thread lie for a few days. I hope everyone is doing well & continuing to stay safe in these trying times.

Jeezus, I thought we had 2020 behind us.


they used to think Staring Ass was a wise man but then he went full retard :joy:



apparently there was also a dude in full batman getup outside :joy:


The Forsworn has invaded the government? Oh lawd :rofl: