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the problem is also that some vaccines are also harmful, but that is sometimes only discovered years or decades later (there are plenty of doctors who don’t take vaccines and dont give them to their kids too btw), but if in the meantime you forced everyone to take them, then you took that decision for them, but i guess dictatorship suddenly is not so bad after all then…

the trials will only show immediate effects, not what the effect might be long term

there’s a reason vaccine manufacturers can’t be legally held responsible for damages caused by vaccines in many countries; in the meantime, they make tons of money


It’s a bit weird that they don’t go into the “why” of the matter. Why did this employee do this? Simply to hold up the vaccination process, or was their intention actually to harm 500 people?

in any case, that person is nuts

OMG, as if things weren’t bad enough already as they are in Belgium

this guy :joy: fake video, fake background during meetings … :joy:

“As we all make sacrifices this #Christmas, remember that some of our fellow citizens won’t even be home for Christmas dinner over Zoom,” he also tweeted that night. (from the Caribbean :joy:)

@Fraggles it kinda makes sense for a country which started out with a foreign king (who was offered to be king of Greece too before but refused that), has 6 different governments or so, and is clearly divided into 2 separate mini states who hate each other, with a 3rd in the middle that also wants nothing to do with the rest, in the sense that nothing about that country makes that much sense :joy:


Belgium: Only allowed to have outdoor parties and no one gets to use the bathroom. Also, lets have Santa actors travel around to visit care homes where we keep the people most likely to die from diseases.

Edit: Also the why of that vaccination incident is what the investigation is meant to find out, the guardian doesn’t know.


so people who had the first dose of pfizer vaccine here in UK (mostly older ppl) had their second dose postponed for 3 months. You’re meant to get the dose in 21 days, it hasn’t been tested so far apart :0


oh yeah, that reminds me, in Belgium, apparently, they are thinking about taking the brilliant decision to double the number of ppl who can immediately receive the vaccine by only giving the first dose to twice the number of people who are supposed to get both doses instead (and then have the second dose months later, when more become available)

maybe i should change the title to crazy Belgian corona news:


Swatting, one of the many things that need to stay in 2020.


So just creating a false sense of security without adequately protecting anyone making sure people will stop adhering to safety precautions and start spreading the virus even more?


dude, i honestly have no idea wtf is even going on there or why :joy:

i only know cuz my mom does follow what happens there

i’ve always felt Belgium wasn’t a real country (and so also never had a feeling of “national belonging”) cuz of the reasons explained a few posts above (different peoples with different languages with a king that isn’t related to either for whatever political reasons not even 200 years ago). It’s just all so weird. I don’t even know how it’s still one country with half the country having wanted to disassociate and gain independence from the other for decades or longer (Flanders, which is way better off economically now had always been poorer than the French-speaking part cuz the French-speaking had mining and heavy industries, but then when that all ended, it was followed by poverty there, and there’s still a subtle difference in lower living standards there to this day; officers who only spoke French used to command soldiers who only spoke Dutch etc. etc. you can imagine how that all went down and how both sides feel about the other etc., especially that the richer half are ofc paying more taxes in general, which then benefit the other half more cuz they need it more, etc. etc.)


not rly that crazy at all, but kinda ironic i guess


Eh but could have done earlier if it was that important lol
Not sure why anyone wants to be french :wink: jk


A few weeks old now but might be interesting to some people



france always be like



i would have been an awful 2019 “mister”, and i’m glad i’m not social enough for such 2020 troubles - because i have terrible grip strength :grin:


Britain is considering doing the same, and apparently there are some arguments for that:

edit: and now my mom told me Belgium finally decided against it


oh, yes, of course, give them the right to force entry into your house because of a “suspicion”

that way they can enter any house they want and claim they had a “suspicion” lockdown was being broken, or there was an “anonymous tip”

that’s past insanity


ah, yes, ofc

let the puns roll in boys, can’t think of anything myself atm :joy: except for something about it being a bulging success leading to standing ovations or something, but that’s pretty weak

was expecting better from u, u crazy gnome :joy:


An even more giant penis?
This is pretty on par for Denmark really. They were really not ever afflicted with puritanism neither from the English nor the Vatican.


i can’t say Fraggles is lying. And it’s not because i’m a puritan or some other high morale virtue person, remotely, it’s just that… even if i still find it absurd… the sad truth it’s not even close to more absurd things we’ve done :confounded:

… what is the saying, some road is paved with good intentions somethingsomething :flushed:

we mean well okay, it’s just… sometimes we don’t think everything through… or the way we execute things @_@ :confounded: :man_facepalming: