Crazy News Stories


When you think about it some more this is most likely a deliberate choice. I mean , yeah , new and graphically intense games does require a lot of space for textures and shit but at this point it doesnt really seem like they are even trying to compress anything or save the space. Add the fact that these live-service games are fighting each other to be the ONLY GAME PEOPLE PLAY making your game so large starts to make a certain sense. Larger games = Less games can be fitted in your storage = Less games can be played = Profit.

I understand that this is a bit far fetched but it’s not entirely unrealistic approach .


Murptx? Xumptr? Prumxt? None of these sound very good sadly.


OMGADH!!! He’s not even released yet… Was all this a ploy to get sympathy and money???


i mean, was there something going on in the news cycle, and did that change rather quickly ?:thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


eh, probably them just trying to be positive that he’ll beat it? I unno


Sorry! I was wrong. That “White House Gift Shop” Is NOT part of “The Real White House”. “The shop is actually a private, for-profit company that is not connected to the federal government.” However, "20% of the proceeds from the coin will go to COVID-19 prevention and cancer treatment. "


he’s not even close to out of the woods yet. Even his doctors alluded to that with them saying if he’s is continuing well on Monday (the 12th), it will be a sigh of relief.

It is very possible it goes south still. Only time will tell.


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so the president (not naming the country) just casually cites The Babylon Bee as a news source… :man_shrugging:


agent orange, it’s deadly :joy:


I think we can all confidently assume which president it is.



“anthem innovates video games by introducing brand new concept”:

^the “crazy news” part here being that Anthem is still apparently a thing ? :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :man_shrugging:


Wanna bet the Gaming Journalist over there never heard of ARPGs and such?


Khan said he later realised the “genie” was actually just one of the men in disguise.

wtf :joy:


best thing about it, the thing is actually called “Saved by the Whale’s Tail”



somehow this feels like “bicyclist almost run over by truck on highway” to me :laughing:


While they were certainly in risk of great harm and obviously drowning, a humpback whale is not capable of swallowing a human, much less a kayak. Their throats just are not wide enough for it, not sure if they have the ability to spit you out though or if you’d just be stuck in their mouth for a while.


Using sloths as a troll???