Crazy News Stories


I mean, MS had no problem skipping Windows 9, I don’t see why they couldn’t just skip ahead if that was the rationale.


Windows 8.1 = Windows 9.

Skipping 9 fits into the Windows Good / Trash cycle though.


iPhone also skipped 9


someone at MS probably predicted this during last gen release and was exactly why they went with this naming scheme :laughing:


Xbox 360
Xbox 720
Xbox 1080
Xbox 1440

Isn’t the best, but still better than what they went with.


Still think they could’ve pulled a Nintendo by putting in a name inside. The Nintendo Wii wasn’t numbered, but look at how well it sold. Of course its mostly the motion controls being neat and all, but the name is super easy to understand too.


Yup, Wii - pronounced - from piss-poor graphics.



apple pen


a 100$ stylus ? … this exists ?!? :thinking: are you freaking kidding me!?!?! :exploding_head: :man_facepalming:
fuck people defending apple products… srs 100 fn $ for a touch-pen, oh my god i wanna strangle some consumerism right now :triumph: :man_facepalming:


dude what the hell :joy: I had no frikkin idea :joy:

no, the above meme just reminded me of pineapple pen guy (I have a pen; I have a apple) :joy: so it was just a low-key reference to that

I don’t know why i take pleasure in saying something like that that might maybe lead 1 or 2 ppl, maybe, to get what i meant, while most ppl would just be confused or think i must be :joy:



Oh boy, wait 'til you see their one THOUSAND dollar monitor stand.


nono i saw it, and dived my head straight into the desk when i noticed the articles/tweets - apple truly is the pits


Do they include 6pack of kombucha with it? To bolster your inner hispter , you know.


Reuters link included since the first AP News link appears opinionated.


is it bad of me that i actually want this to be fake?
like it would be a mad brilliant strategy to divert attention after the debate, before Nov 3, but not “too close” - like i can just feel he walks out on the WH lawn holding a press briefing after exactly 14days on the dot, that he is “cleared and overcome and stronger than ever has the best vitality and more stamina than every other men his age, fabulous health doctors said they’ve not seen health like mine”

^boy that’s gonna age like fine milk if the situations takes a nosedive :no_mouth:


Yep. Reading all this “news” lately, my eyes feel like that…


Looks like Organization XIII just got a new member.


in some room somewhere this was celebrated by someone … :man_facepalming: