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maybe it’s an effect of “jumping” from 30fps to 60?
i remember a mod for DS1 that sped up and slowed down animations to make them look wonky af (intentionally ofc)

reminds me, i own demon souls/bought it on the playstation store, never played it (stop me if you notice a pattern with me), and my ps3 is packed away literally to avoid gathering dust :rofl:


Yes and no, maybe, DS3 doesn’t feel that way and it’s 60fps. It just looks weird. I guess dark souls has slower and more dramatic animations, and it delivers a lot of impact. This one doesn’t feel like that :rofl:

smol comparison


sooo… Microsoft is just buying eeeverything now …? :no_mouth: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

^the title is a little misleading, they aren’t “just” buying bethesda, but entire dang ZeniMax Media @_@



i wonder why bloomberg doesn’t onebox and techspot link does :thinking:


Considering the absolute trash fire bethesda has been recently this can only be a good thing. Will they keep Todd Howard?


if they get rid of Todd Howard wouldn’t they lose 16x detail in the process? :rofl: :joy:


From one dumpster fire to the next. Microsoft’s Store isn’t anything less. Microsoft Flight Sim isn’t doing too well either, missing key simulation items.


isn’t that a common “simulator” approach these days, leave out much wanted features, then repackage them as dlc to gouge fans as much as possible?


So Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo, two Bethesda games made by Arkane and Tango Games respectively, were recently announced as PS5 console exclusive games.

With Microsoft announcing the Bethesda acquisition, these two IPs now belong to the former. So that technically means that Sony payed Microsoft to have two of their IPs exclusive to their console :smile:


inb4 you now need both a bethesda net account and an xbox live account at the same time to play bethesda games on pc (and if they then come on steam that means 3 sign-ins to play your game :laughing:)


We see these figures and they’re unbelievable numbers, they just paid $7.5 billion for Zenimax, an entire holding company bought up with everything they own. However it gets even more insane, turns out Microsoft has about $71 billion in net cash just sitting around, not investments, valuable IPs or infrastructure worth, actual liquid assets. They could have bought almost 10 companies the size of Zenimax if they wished to. They also have over $40 billion cash flow yearly.

The amount of money flowing around these companies are terrifying. What could they actually accomplish if they really put their spare pocket money behind it. Not make a reasonable OS apparently.

info according to

Also regarding a previous posts around here somewhere about sony fanboys and their unhealthy hangup on exclusives. Turns out they’re losing their minds now grinding their teeth about TES 6 potentially being Xbox/PC exclusive, no one has even claimed it will be but that’s where they jumped it seems and now they’re suffering all by their own hand. Good.


I think once more admin can move the Zenimax Microsoft merger as a seperate topic. I don’t have anything important to say this time, unlike the Epic vs Apple ordeal. It’s just that I find it a little bit timely that after talks of buying Tiktok’s global (or at least US owned) operation fell through they announced they successfully got Zenimax Media.

I knows its super obvious but it’s probably to get young people to click on their article. Traditional media companies are struggling supposedly idk

I agree with this take, though.


Microsft’s Xbox series X went on preorder sale yesterday and the Xbox one X sales soar amidst obvious name confusions.

A the verge article, but not.





Well microsoft has sold an awful lot of consoles so I bet they’re nothing but pleased with the situation. Gotta wonder how many poorly programmed scalper bots bought the wrong console though, here’s hoping those were the most of those purchases and they get to sit on a bunch of last gen consoles they can’t turn for profit.


Can’t Microsoft have sensible names for Xbox? At least Sony names the Playstation through numbered iterations and Nintendo (as bad as the Wii U and handheld names were) still have names that are distinct from one another.


I think the problem stems from the launch of the Xbox 360. Since the first Xbox was launched to compete with the playstation 2 sony was already a “generation ahead” and microsoft couldn’t simple make an “Xbox 2” to compete with Playstation 3. Parents and stupid people will look at the two products and just assume the one with a 3 is the better product. They had to figure something out to deal with that and I have no idea why opted for 360, but since they at this point broke the naming scheme of simple advancing numbers everything just kept getting weirder and dumber.


They just should have named it Xbox 4 then. Playstation 3 would’ve been history then.