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Crazy News Stories


It’s not the whole thing but it is enough


yea i saw that, made me laugh as heck, “you can’t do that”(- it makes me look bad) :rofl:




OMG, what a dumb-ass cheater; Twitch banned him

good for him :joy:

the rly funny thing is when he apparently realizes he has his cheat program open on his stream :joy:





I guess this one only qualifies as crazy if you’re not from Australia, but if you are then it’s just another regular Tuesday or something


I mean snakes are a thing, I personally don’t see them overly often, but they are common in many (espcially more rural) areas. You just have to be careful. This story about snakes is more concerning to me though, I just don’t get how it happens without you noticing.




it’s the people that made surströmming:no_mouth:


Too funny…

"“Why did God put noses so high up on the face.”
“On what day did the lord create this mess.” "


this is beyond stupid; it’s like being dumb for the sake of being dumb

you know what? they should force the players to play with 30 fps as well while they’re at it


“The following content was captured on PC emulating the PS5 experience”

:man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:


Tbh when I play an FPS I much prefer playing with mouse and keyboard; that is likely because I don’t own a console growing up but in my experience it took me forever just to clear the opening mission in the new Modern Warfare campaign on normal using a PS4 controller.


that’s a hell of a human error; how is it possible that absolutely no one there noticed something like that?

I think this is BS; it is coming to PC later, but they don’t want ppl to know cuz they need to sell their console


gonna take a stab and guess we will see many more Sony first party titles on PC years after console release to finally double dip, specially now they raised the price to 70 lol


I agree fo sho


Was it just me that felt the animations looked like an MMO trailer or something? I don’t know, it just feels off, but I never played the original anyway.


I think you are right. One thing to accidentally mention it or reference it in an article, but to show a trailer announcing it for PC and saying that was a mistake…how? Do they have absolutely no one looking through this content? xD