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my bad, dude, didn’t get where you were coming from, fair enough

feel sad for gamers over there though :disappointed:

i hope it’ll pass soon, pretty sure it won’t be indefinite



i saw this a while ago, and must admit it seems fairly extreme, "even for china"
made me kinda ponder the question: how much more will the people take ? :thinking:
i get that the main ban is online interaction with people outside of china, but given how they are now steadily encroaching on a social hobby with such popularity in the region, i just wondered if one day ccp will actually start taking all this nonsense “too far” -or if they will just continue readily accepting every (silly) restriction handed down on them

as far as western consequences, i saw a tweet, (sidalpha i think?) sorta mention that probably some gamers will be pleased about the “cheating online population” likely dwindling now in some games :rofl:
personally i don’t think it’s gonna make a lick of difference in actual game making, publishers will still find ways to monetize the market and conform, the Chinese sector is just too huge to pass up to not keep licking that Pooh Bear was not censored by the CCP boot with all their vigor.


I have no idea where to post this. This topic looks most related because it’s crazy.

I never heard of this game. How is it possible to miss the release of an X-COM game? That’s crazy. It’s X-COM 3. It’s very different. It releases today. And it’s 50% off. On sale on date of release is crazy. How could Firaxis allow this to happen?

Even seeing the trailer…the gameplay looks very different and I’m a little disappointed that they went the path of MenInBlack+Door Kickers in X-COM. Literally 0 reviews at the moment. Who knows. Maybe it will be good.

I would have liked the idea if Human+alien military needed to travel to different worlds to carry out raids and attacks to pacify rebel planets. Instead they are a police force. :expressionless:

I think the mods will be needed to make this better. But you can’t get better than saving the world from an invasion.


It’s not X-com 3, it’s kind of like what Farcry blood dragon was to the farcry franchise. A side title by another studio allowed to do something a little different with the IP. Yeah it’s still Firaxis but from what I’ve read it’s not by the main team who worked on the other games.

Also the mutons look dopey as hell.


What @Fraggles said. Just a wackier take on XCOM 2 with funky color pallet.


on Humble:


honestly struggling not to buy it (cuz backlog and I’ll probably get it from Choice in a year or so)


“Someone” is insinuating you could cure coronavirus “with heat and light” or by “injecting a disinfectant”.

That’s certainly crazy news. I’m not going to say more cuz then it gets political.

but WHAT THE PHOQUE (it’s ok, it’s French for seal)

(some not-too-smart ppl already died when they tried using a drug ingredient advertised by the same person - to be fair, that person’s was talking about drugs containing that ingredient (as ppl understand), not the frikkin unadulterated ingredient by itself, but nonetheless, he’s doing it again, and someone is gonna inject himself with Clorox, you’ll see)


tbh, and might be mean, but i have absolute 0 sympathy for someone that follows that moron’s “ideas”/"suggestions -you get what you deserve,
who’s the bigger idiot, the jester that leads or the one that follows suit? willful stupidity i can’t feel sorry about, “desperation” or not
natural selection at work, Darwin Award candidates usually take care of things even regardless of sound reason inputs

^let me just gargle fn boiling water,
for real, this pandemic has seriously made me question how the fck we ever got so long as a species, with all the ridiculous outrageously stupid stuff people attempt
-the bible 6000 year span seems more and more plausible by the idiot

but yea, 4 more years of increased ignorance :+1: :trophy:


this one is crazy one 2 levels, not only did 150 ppl gather here though it’s forbidden, but apparently exceptions are made for criminals cuz the police are scared of them:

(which wasnt the case in the first one; that just sorta “happened”; police say they only knew about it the night before and so “couldnt do anything about it” ???)

the rly crazy thing is this 17-year old dude who died HAD 3 KIDS

what? 3? wow!


“Laughs in 3rd world country”

Only 3? Amateur.


2020 is lit :fire:


i wonder if this is routine declassification, or if it has something to do with recent “unfortunate” remarks cheetoh made, to sorta toss some distraction in the pool
-or just light a bigger fire under the already existing area51 nutjobs :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :rofl:


Maybe. They didn’t declassify it when some of it supposedly got leaked to the NY Times in 2017. It would put it at 5/15 years I think, which may be a review period.



But individuals with gas stoves can also open windows, cook on their back burners, use an exhaust hood, run an air purifier with a HEPA filter and install a carbon monoxide detector

Today on: people who have no idea how apartments work.


This is hilarious on so many levels :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

just so weird, they claim they were hired by the opposition guy and at the very least insinuated that Trump was aware (or at least they tweeted their raid to him, lol), and I’m 100% sure both claims are total BS

no one in their right mind would go for a half-assed retard attempt like this, lol

there are just no words to describe everything that’s just wrong and funny about this one :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I wouldn’t be surprised if Maduro hired them himself in the name of the opposition guy cuz this is exactly the type of thing he needs :joy:

a team of 13 omg :rofl::rofl::rofl: (or 60, whatever)

Honestly, this seems so unbelievable to me, that I’m thinking Maduro (someone working for him) flew them in, telling them they were going to train Venezuelan soldiers or run private security for some rich guy, and then promptly arrested them and put up a whole show for the cameras. That seems way more plausible.

I just don’t think anyone, however dumb they may be, would set up a coup in a real country (however bad in shape, they still do have an army) with only 13 guys. There’s plenty of ppl dumb enough to try and do a coup for money and power, yes, but not with 13 guys. This is like straight from the Expendables or something.

And what is up with this guy claiming responsibility for this? What kind of dumbassery is this? Doesn’t he know that he’ll probably go to jail for that? lol It’s not exactly legal to invade another country wtf.


Someone did an analysis on this:



Son: Mom, I’m off overthrowing a foreign government.

Mom: ok, son, make sure you wear your mask against corona.

Son: I’ll just wear it on my neck cuz I’m 2kool4skool.


Apparently, this guy thought he was gonna overthrow a foreign government with his swimming trunks :joy::joy::joy:

this story is just too much for me; it’s the funniest thing ever; i just cant stop laughing at the idiocy of it all

the guy saying a raid was launched "deep into the heart of Caracas :joy: they didnt get further than the frikkin beach :joy: and they were intercepted even before they reached the beach :joy:


It’s not a horrible article really, the title is just really funny to me.