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Yeaaaaaaaah… right :rofl: It doesn’t count when you are born that way!






In USA and Canada, a bunch of mystery seeds were sent to random locations.

Bad timing to boost reviewer scores.


This is a break from the more out there and near vitriolic stuff that permeates this thread and instead give something more wholesome and lighthearted. Its honestly heartwarming to see someone still willing to learn even after they retired to go as far as a degree.


Thanks for this. I’m officially learning new stuff right now too. It’s daunting as I’m sure lots of the people learning with me are way younger. It really is never a better time than the present to pursue a dream. Helps a lot to see this man continue to beat the odds. I hope he gets to write that book - would love to read it. History and Philosophy: good stuff.


:man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:



I’m 99.99% sure there is some written warning similar to “do not ingest” on the bottle. After that, you really can’t stop people from making bad decisions.

For some reason people seem really willing to put bad ideas in their mouths, right? Tide pods, cinnamon challenge, chubby bunny, fish tank cleaner.


Are not hand sanitizers and medical alcohol supposed to have emetics mixed in them for this very reason? Stop people using it for cocktails.


I’m not sure. The article says they had a seizure and died but they could have vomited too.

I do remember that was for hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol. Probably for the same reason you mentioned. People see alcohol and put it in a drink.


Natural selection at its best.



America: We have (some of)inserted by european the best universities in the world

also America: imma gonna drink these :skull::skull_and_crossbones: (because instructions unclear)

edit lol, no idea why it somehow replied to you when it was meant for GeekI’s post


It’s probably done before in other businesses more frequently before but its pretty neat they do so regardless idk





This might seem shocking to the general public, but it won’t surprise anyone working in defense or defense-adjacent industries (particularly aerospace, propulsion, etc.). It’s an entire sector that really bloomed during the Cold War and -outside of the office- most of it still runs in facilities built during the Cold War and with equipment bought during the Cold War.

It’s not without reason, either. Those ancient machines have been so thoroughly debugged you can run them for a decade without rebooting. Compare to modern computers that are black boxes even to computer science grads.


So…IOW if it’s not broke…Don’t fix it. LIke they TRY to improve everything else and break it in the long term or add things that are crazy…