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This kind of describes me:


And this is pretty accurate too:



This is true and in which case, I would not even consider them for comparing to each other. When I said dangerous I did mean its so good that the acronym alone makes you crave it. I have had to ask people not to mention the name just so I don’t crave it on an off week :smiley:


Since when does McShit taste good? It smells good when you are rly hungry, but that’s about it. It tastes mostly like ketchup and sweet bread.


i like their fries better than BK at least… and their pickles
-i’ve ordered their pathetic tiny cheeseburgers just so i can ask for a double up extra on pickles when i have that specific “pickle craving”… the rest of the “burger” is basically just pickle wrapping as far as i’m concerned :smile:


yeah, but you know, there are other places which sell fries :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
and most ppl don’t want the pickles afaik :rofl:


:thinking:… yea
-but most people are also bonkers… :crazy_face:



I echo most of y’all’s feelings about fast food, but here are my rundowns:

  • BK - I honestly can’t name one thing I like, is worth it (price), and doesn’t make me feel like garbage afterwards from Burger King. If the Western Bacon Cheeseburger wasn’t so expensive, maybe…
  • McD - I’ll vouch for their coffee (esp. iced) there. It’s much cheaper than Starbucks, with loads of sugar and caffeine and tastes fine. Oh, and their fries (in small quantities) are some of the best generic fries. And yes, Szechuan sauce is decent. Overhyped, but yes, I like it.
  • KFC - they used to have naked, grilled chicken (deliciously spiced) on their seasonal menu sometimes; all the fried, boned chicken they are known for makes me feel sluggish for hours, so that basically rules out 90% of their menu for me.
  • Wendy’s - tied with McD for fries, but with high variance by location (some are really good, some are dump-straight-into-toilet worthy). Best generic frosty+fries combo.
  • Subway - hey, I actually like most everything from Subway, as long as they aren’t out of 9-grain honey oat or spinach. Plus, due to popular demand (mostly me I swear) they kept the Sriracha Sauce which was going to only stay for a summer but I kept making them go hunt down a bottle in the back and constantly tweeting about it. :smiley: It’s now a stable nationwide, big fan.
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I heard food. I’m listening…


We don’t really have most of these fast food places in Sweden. Some of them have a store or two in the biggest cities but even McD took a long time to really spread here. So what we do have is:

McD - it’s alright.
BK - A little better than McD
MAX - Far and away the best fast food burger you’ll find in Sweden. Tremendously ugly interiors though.
Sibylla/every unfranchised kiosk and street kitchen everywhere - Better than McD and BK.

Subway - I’ve tried them once, exceptionally expensive mediocre sandwiches. Could get a proper meal at a real restaurant for the same money, around lunch time.

PIzza hut - Exists, in a few locations in the largest cities. Never tried because they’re also ridiculously expensive and there’s good pizza joints everywhere so why even bother? Probably the reason they’ve failed to establish themselves.

KFC - I’ve seen them, they’re a little more established than Pizza hut but not by much. Only time I’ve tried them was in Thailand and that was the driest, most bland boring and awful chicken I’ve ever had.

I got a bunch of pointless coupons but you can’t have them, I like watching them wilt away into nothing.


reminds me, i neeeever understood how pizza hut or dominos managed to get any clout whatsoever
i’ve had some trash fastfood/pizzas in my day.
From those types of small places that just dgaf, and barely stays alive passing health inspections etc, joints you sorta expect only exist to launder money or some other obscure weird reason that would make any sense as to why the place manages to stay in business…

and yet even their low effort barely consumption worthy “dishes” still somehow manages to be better than any pizza hut or dominos i’ve ever had… dang those 2 places sucks(ed) so hard it could give a black hole a run for its money…


and Egypt, believe it or not, rofl, u can just taste the freshness and cleanliness of the ingredients, it’s a completely different experience from any other chain

btw, r u upset meatballs turned out to be a Turkish dish instead of Swedish? Apparently that’s newsworthy…


uhu… yeah I’m sure the turks were the first to figure you could roll a bit of ground meat up and fry it. Who the hell really cares?

This whole insane fame of “Swedish meatballs” is ludicrous to us as that’s in no way how we think of them. They’re just meatballs and no Swede I’ve ever known have any sort of pride staked on them. Sweden was a great power once and even in ancient times we travelled far and wide stole and traded a lot of interesting things and ideas that we then made our own.

Most European countries, especially the eastern ones have some sort of variation of fried meat ball or other shaped patty. The main difference generally being the seasoning. The Swedish variant maybe stand out because they’re NOT especially seasoned with more than just salt and pepper.


and those from Ikea definitely didn’t even get that… :confused: (which is also the “meatballs” i’ve always suspected that became the “famous swedish” lol)
personally i still prefer frikadeller…
or if it has to be, “patty"shaped meat"balls”, better/easier to even/hard sear :yum:

now i’m curious tho, what is MAX, and i wonder if i’ve even heard of it/we have it here :thinking: ?


What have I done :scream::tired_face:
Once again I have derailed a topic :sunglasses:


pretty weird they went from the Northern countries straight to the Arab ones, lol, smart move though, way less competition and exploding [rly no pun intended there :see_no_evil:] market


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