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I bought the cards and obtained the respective badges, dunno if there’s any better way. Cards where like 0,05€ and I had some extra money on my steam wallet.


Especially since KF has been free recently with Humble Bundle!
Well I managed to give one away (well, to my brother) but I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of this other one x)


well, still have 25% off


people can idle free cards, then sell/trade/swap/upgrade them to other cards/sets to badges etc. Gotten cheap games (50games in a dollar bundle) just to get for cards. Or buys tf2/CSGO keys then trade for card sets to lvl up,
many many different ways to go about it (besides buying straight up ofc)
even free event cards too, like summer/winter sale

personally i’ve idled some cards from free games too(like from a game from indiegala “giveaway”, or humble freebie etc), then just crafted the badges when i got a set instead of selling them on the market.

i feel like i should point out, depending on price/how much you “value” what you get out of/for steam profile “lvl ups” -it’s totally a waste of money
unless you have so many games, and intend to farm/raise lvl to “enough” to get “a few” extra boosters from that big library; there is little to no reason to raise a profile lvl for most people, since it’s literally just throwing money out on profile customization “options” fluff. Unless you “desperately” want a certain/X amount of “profile showcases”…
either every card used to create a badge could have been sold to get you money to buy “real” stuff, or whatever money you spent on crate keys could have been spent on other stuff/sold on market to put in your wallet instead…


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superhot is a great game. Must play for someone who wants to try out something innovative


I got a 75% off Risk of Rain today if anyone wants it.


Shut up am already hungry without you adding salt to the chicken :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I think I said this somewhere before… this Steam Meta Non-Game Thingy has gotten me to waste way too much money already… I just buy up whatever cards I need after the drops are done and craft my badges. Clearly people who go for level 5 badges every time need to get whole sets of cards, since there’s practically no way, or probability is so low of getting enough booster drops…

I know there’s practically no good reason to buy cards and craft badges and level up, but I still do, it’s so bad…

If there’s a game that has 20 cards and each goes for 10 cents, and I have 10 of them, I am usually not going to spend a dollar for a badge, I will just sell those cards anyway, market them 1 cent cheaper than the current sellers, get a quick deal.

By the way, @GanbaRANGER, there’s Steam Trade Matcher that can scan your inventory and match up your card duplicates with other users/bots who have cards that you do not. I got this information from @onLooSe, who tells me that he learned from @Gnuffi, so there’s all of the credit for that, definitely not from me. It’s easy to trade with bots, they pretty much automatically accept any 1:1 trade same game instantly. I crafted some badges with remaining cards, then I learned about this, so now I use all of my card drops and when I am done crafting a level 1 badge, I move on…

My vice is those Steam emojis… seriously, who would be dumb enough to fall for the tricks of needing to craft badges to get emojis or having to buy them separately? Why are you all looking at me? And the backgrounds I guess… again… Steam’s got suckers like me to bite on their Meta Non-Game…


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boi KFC is about 2000% better tasting than MCshit or Burger King, they don’t need addictive chemicals, it’s natural that every human being craves chicken fornightly.


@YQMaoski I didn’t know about this utility thanks so much. I have so many cards in my inventory that I should use this with. Much appreciated


Glad to have been of help! :slight_smile:



New coupon arrived

33% OFF for Shoppe Keep 2
Valid until 17/May/2018

@JenixaBomKltz89 I see it in your wishlist, PM if you want the coupon :wink:


Is Wendys bad in comparison too :confused:


I can’t tell because we don’t have Wendys where I live, but am pretty sure nearly everything is better than McShit :slight_smile:


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Well, fast food is pretty bad in general… There’s pretty much no exceptions… But it’s simple, cheap, and taste good, so people keep going back…

What can you do?


So what your saying is people have no self control when it comes to food :thinking:

I 100% agree.