Coupon, Coupons, Come Dump or Claim Some Coupons



EDIT: Well, since most Steam Coupons go to waste anyway, why don’t we just find a common ground to dump some stuff that might be sitting there and someone else might want it.

I started this to display one coupon, but @DanosaurJr suggested that I edit this to make it a community thread instead, and that sounds like a good idea.


I am not interested in the game, but a coupon for 15% dumped into my Steam inventory that I can pass along to anyone if you are interested but did not receive a coupon. (Valid Until 5/10/18)

The game released earlier today.

Just let me know!

-90% Coupon on Steam game Shotgun Legend (CLOSED)
total war warhammer 2 50% off
Epic Battle Fantasy 5 ==COUPON== 20% off
2 20% coupons for monster sanctuary (pokemon/metroidvania)
steam 66% off coupon, ashes of the singularity escalation first to ask gets it
Expire soon

If we are talking cupons, then I have a few I am looking to get rid of too!

50% off Pizza Titan Ultra (valid until 5/4)


I have a few as well.

Anyone want a coupon for 66% off Optika - which brings the cost of the game down to $1.70? Valid until 5/3. Edit: Coupon claimed.

@YQMaoski: With a few edits you can change this to an official thread where we can dump all of our unwanted coupons :wink: :smile:


I have to say, the premise of delivering pizzas in giant mechs sounds pretty awesome. Is that 50% off in addition to the 15% off?

@YQMaoski :+1:


Done. :slight_smile:


50% off Deadbolt, comment here or PM me if you want it.


There’s a game called Pizza Titan Ultra? :laughing:

Oh, Steam…


is optika coupon still up for grabs?


I have a coupon for 20% off

valid until 5/5


Yes. Add me on Steam and I’ll send it to you.




Topic gets created, then I immediatelly receive a coupon on steam…

So, I also got a 50% off for Deadbolt like @PeteMcc, if more than one is interested, PM me.
Valid until 08/May/2018


I’ve got one for Super Mega Baseball 2, 15% off, expires May 11th.

Also if somebody’s interested, I have a Killing Floor guest pass. Allows you to play the game for free during a limited time.

If you’re interested, you can drop me a trade offer there :slight_smile:


why are you people getting all these weird coupons, :thinking: crafting many badges lately?

don’t know if intentional or not, or if it’s just “broken for me”(not that i was trying to trade, just an observation), but that link is dead on my browsers :man_shrugging:


I have a infinite amount of SuperHot discounts
Not sure how much the discount is and I don’t feel like checking :upside_down_face:


My coupons if you want them and plan on buying the games associated with them:


I have 2 of these, I’m not sure they actually go away


How are people getting so many badges? Do you just buy the cards you need? Is there a better way?


I’ve got a 66% off in this game, it’s valid until 7/5/2018

Also in this one, but 33% instead and 7/5/2018 as well.

If you want any of these, PM me or send me your ID in Steam and I’ll add you.


Oops, should work now, thanks for letting me know!