Corona virus memes and images


I thought they might be but in flight they looked white and weird.






Needs more



One bullet. That’s all it takes



And I say hey, what a wonderful kind of day



Haven’t seen this one here yet.

Btw @Pylinaer I have a bad Corona-related joke I told the hubby: “How do you know 2021 is going to be the best year ever? Because hindsight is 2020!” He just facepalmed.







On the one hand, the USA is a bigger country, probably more than the ASEAN countries like Malaysia. On the other hand, the fact that it is considered a developed, no even a super country yet has not been very good in handling the virus is kind of embarrassing.



I feel like it boils down a lo to mentality of people and actions of government . Developed medical infrastructure obviously helps a lot but if people act dumb and government is ran by potatoes you you eill have a problem.




But seriously though

Being fair, South Korea has a culture of face masks. I’m sure other Asian countries do too.

Smog outside? Face mask. At the hospital? Face mask. Sick employee? Work anyway+wear face mask.

Normal citizens have face masks easily available at home. Not the N95 kind. I mean cheap cotton or surgical masks. It’s more for politeness since you should be wearing it even though it’s not the most effective.

Also…South Korea has this huge cultural habit of coughing straight ahead. No covering their mouth or turning away. So wearing face masks became the natural solution.

What I’m curious about though is if they are still sticking their chopsticks into shared plates/pots/dishes of food.

And I could explain why mandating face masks in the USA is making people upset. But I don’t think anyone would be interested.