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Corona virus memes and images


It upsets people here too. The heat is one factor. Personally switched from my cloth one to a disposal dental mask type, as the cloth one is close to my mouth and stiffing when it gets super hot outside.

Other people are just complaining: “Oh, we’re not used to it, it’s uncomfortable, you have to wash them so much when your face sweats in them, blah blah”. Solution: Find a comfy design for you face, and have more than one, maybe 2 if one gets very uncomfy in the day. Store used one in a Ziploc baggie or something, wash your face, put on the next. There are vendors selling very masks very cheaply, if you can stand the closer fitting kind too.

I dunno, wearing a mask isn’t the answer to all, it’s not always comfy, but it’s an extra caution and at least allows you to go outside. Perhaps it’s just that people are always anti-change (and many are bad mind when it’s more about protecting other people, and not themselves).


I will avoid people like the plague if I see no mask. My husband is autoimmune, and our two kids are 3 yr and 10 mo. None of them have full immunities, so if I get sick then we all get sick. Idc about hurt feelings, just my family being safe.


The unfortunate thing is that you feel like you need an excuse, or to explain yourself. Not wanting to contribute to the spread of a disease that can and does kill people should be all the reason anyone needs.