Corona virus memes and images


There is a ton of memes and such about corona virus so I made a thread to post them in.


I think it would have been better to post this in the main meme thread since there aren’t exactly more coronavirus memes than any other type of meme. I still think the threads should be merged.

On topic:


This is a hotbed of disease+anime memes.


Ya I didn’t wanna spam the main thread with too much stuff and hide the other memes. But if there needs to be a merge that is cool.






These made me laugh so they seemed good enough to share






I saw a video of some guy playing piano and another guy playing saxophone outside their windows during quarantine.

and here I am:


I, of course, can’t say how prevalent it is. But it seems in Japan they have a creature that is supposed to protect against epidemics.

Interesting stuff.


More information here:

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I had not idea that editing my last reply would move the topic to the top. That’s interesting.


Nandos (chicken take out company) campaign:






Going to take this opportunity to remind you to help flatten the curve.


I am so surprised there haven’t been memes on “flatten the curve.” There are few opportunities, but they are there.


Turn bad publicity into good publicity.
Corona should make a 80% ethanol version for Corona and advertise it as “Fight Corona with Corona.”

Drink it or clean with it. We’re here to help you mentally and physically.

I should be paid for this.



This is it, gamers. This is what we have been training all of our lives. Society laughs at us for being losers sitting in basements, and look who’s laughing now.