Corona virus memes and images


It would lead to more people learning the spirit bomb, causing more damage to the economy in the long run.


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I just realized…Seeing the Chinese clothes and hair buns and everything else that makes her Chinese…but she is called corona -chan. Which is one of the Japanese honorific titles that I have little knowledge of.:thinking:


It’s a meme, in the truest sense of that word, the “chanification” of events, concepts and planetary bodies as opposed to merely personification. You’ll see another example of it in this very video, Ebola-chan, who for all intents and purposes is African even if she doesn’t hold many design elements that betrays that origin.

It’s just creating themed anime girls as representations and simply tagging -chan onto their names. It’s not really worth too much deep thought.


I feel this belongs here more than Crazy News Stories.


That is interesting!

The average U.S. household - 2.6 people - uses about 409 rolls a year, according to Georgia Pacific, maker of Angel Soft and Quilted Northern.

What?! Let me think…52 weeks a year…so 2.6 people are using 8 rolls a week!? Are people wrapping their hands in 10 layers of TP for each wipe? I haven’t counted but I think I use 1 or 2 rolls a week. Maybe? I’ll start to keep personal track of this for self-reflection.


A wife killed her husband and blamed the president. Under investigation, it will take years before the government decides she is innocent or guilty.

Wanda Lenius told NBC News last month that she and her husband Gary consumed fish tank cleaner because it contained a chemical that Trump suggested … Wanda was a “prolific” Democratic donor and that she had a troubling relationship with her husband.

“What bothers me about this is that Gary was a very intelligent man, a retired [mechanical] engineer who designed systems for John Deere in Waterloo, Iowa, and I really can’t see the scenario where Gary would say, ‘Yes, please, I would love to drink some of that Koi fish tank cleaner,’”


Well she’s going to be found guilty regardless for sure. The question is, will it be a charge of murder or manslaughter. In the end she killed someone, so there isn’t going to be an innocent verdict here.


Nurse dance meme went a new level.

Oh my. Real body? Probably not. Bad taste? Oh yea. The idea of dancing with a dead human is pretty gross. The nurse dance is real. The body is definitely fake. Hence why I posted it in the memes.

This people dying meme is literally too soon.


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Oh my goodness!


I can’t quit laughing…

Click on the second video…I am trying to get the download from twitter and for some reason I can’t


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"Fashion" masks ranging from 120 to 350 BRL over here :rofl:



I need to cut Mr. Delenn’s hair soon…


Wow, that mask must be the much coveted N-0.95, huh?


Sorry for the terrible artifacting and background colour. Could have just typed it out myself but that’d make it look like I had thought it up, which I didn’t.



Yeah, I don’t think that was a good idea. Now there’s also this:


OMG, what insects are those? Too many T_T