Corona virus memes and images


fair enough, but actually the same holds true regardless, as anything less than an N95 respirator will allow the virus to go out with your breath as well, thus not protecting others from breathing it in, so it doesnt rly change anything to the point.



Anyone else feel like this???


I would recommend against using Tiktok. It is a Chinese owned social media platform. To my knowledge it has a high potential for nefarious purposes, if it hasn’t been used that way already.


Good timing, this video just released today collecting many of the reasons and facts on why no one should be using tiktok.


I don’t use it…It was sent to me by one of RSS feeds…Digg…I think!


we all know that, cuz you’re old school, you know better than to get high on your own supply



Lol I don’t even use Tik Tok anyway because I don’t really care much for social media these days. With that said I still feel bad for those Tik Tok people who are made fun on YouTube just for being kids or stupid.


It’s legal here and I just ordered another 10 packets of gummies. My supply is fine :heart_eyes::sunglasses::star_struck:



Clarification on why they turn dark from the Daily Mail article if you are curious:

Dr Li suspected that the two medics’ skin turned dark due to a type of medicine they had received at the beginning of the treatment.
He added that one of the drug’s side effects is the darkening of the skin colour. He did not name the drug.
Dr Li expected both medics’ skin colour to return to normal after the function of their livers improves.


I just saw it was from the Daily Fail and moved on. Apparently the brits do not have a very high opinion of the Daily Mail.



My mullet is coming in nicely :laughing:, my bangs irritated the f out of me so i took care of those, my lower hair on the back of my head seems to be growing faster than the rest with a furor, and i can’t “see” round there to properly handle it myself, so overall


I managed to get a haircut on the last day before quarantine ( it started on March 16th here ) so i’m still good on that front , BUT i had to radically shorten my beard at home with machine razor instead of getting it shaped and stuff by a proffesional because well , i was starting to look like a caveman and it doesnt seems like quarantine is going to be lifted very soon here … there were tears .


I need to give myself a haircut soon and trim up the goatee. It’s to the point that the cowlicks standing up are starting to irritate me.


Anyone remember her? :smile:


Fake news. Am from Kuala Lumpur and can confirm that King Kai’s planet does not orbit around Malaysia.


But how cool would it be if it did?