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Cool, funny, weird, etc. (non-game-related) YouTube Videos you recommend


Also Jontron is back with the highly anticipated sequel to his hit Youtube video, Flex Tape. :heart_eyes:


Sorry guys but I crack up at musical jokes and, as a violin player, these two are part of my daily life :joy:

Check out “Beethoven” at 00:59

EDIT: shared a funnier video haha


"teach me your ways senpai"


:joy: :joy: :joy:


Oh my lord :joy: I almost died choking on the yoghurt I was eating… what a find!


that really needed some classical or ballerina music of some kind


starts at most relevant part

@mysticlloyd try this: start concrete buffer at 1:15, then immediately go and start Waltz of the Flowers at 1:45


Youtube Rewind 2018. The way it was meant to be. Thank you Indiemaus for this.


the music had me crying at fallout 76 and then well…no spoilers


animal compilations ftw :hugs:


Ahhh, the simple things in life.

I’d recommend watching this whole fandubbed video,(it’s that hilarious) but 12:56 to 14:15 is definitely the best part

WARNING VULGAR LANGUAGE :exclamation::exclamation::exclamation:


let the hate flow through you :joy:

can’t wait for next years movie, dis gon be good :laughing:


That Throne Room analysis…oh, boy!


Those who are familiar with…

There has been an update (Well, multiple updates actually). The latest…

*Prelude to Axanar is a short Star Trek fan film (unofficial) that is arguably better than the shit-show that is Star Trek: Discovery. The TL;DR version of Axanar; It has a high production value, 95% of the cast were actors/actresses with storied filmographies and a significant portion of the crew were professionally licensed and/or well qualified personnel with real-world experience in various fields, all throughout the departments. Oh and then there was that little teeny-tiny lawsuit with CBS/Paramount too. Anyways, more information can be found here at…


Just for a quick smile, tee hee


Baby Shark is not funny, its the devil incarnate, it makes me want to delete the internet.
Also sidenote: I find the song highly inconsistent, it changes perspective right at the end from the shark perspective to the fish perspective, like get your story straight songwriter, i know it only took you 30 seconds to write this drivell, but c’mon. Also 5 sharks and not a single fish caught, lets be real here at least some fish are gonners in that situation. I feel I could write a thesis on this song but I think I should stop here.


"Someone must fight this evil…



Whoa! Lol.

I posted the original. The one I saw was a Japanese guy doing the actions in front a green screen.


Doesn’t baby shark predate the internet?? I remember it from when I was a kid… Or did the internet just make it way worse.


i dont get what’s wrong with baby shark; has it become a meme or something? i only know it cuz my 2-year-old watches it every single day